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Disappointment at My Doctor Appointment Today

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I had a follow-up appointment with my cardiologist today after a procedure I had done 3 months ago. Nearly always my appointments begin with an EKG, and because I always wear a bra under my male clothes, the medical assistant sees my bra when placing the sensors on my chest, usually with my shirt off but bra on (I've written about that before). But today all the news was good from my cardiologist, my procedure had been successful, and he said an EKG wasn't necessary. Darn … I've come to like being seen in my bra! It's a small validation for me that my crossdressing (er, underdressing) is okay. 

Anyone else feel that way? 

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@fundle Same here! I have a Cardiologist appointment on the 5th. I always underdress. I suppose that more of “us” are not afraid of being judged. Medical staff are the most likely not to judge. 
Lace and Smiles, 


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@fundle Looks as though you're going to have to find other opportunities to expose your bra to the public 🙂

It's Saturday; take a blank notepad and a pen and spend a little time writing them all down.

Laugh Loud

It's so lovely hear that you have the all clear!


Ellie x

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I absolutely feel this way!

there have been a few times I have had to take my top off at the doctors and revealed my bra during an exam - and on a couple of occasions , take my leggings off to reveal my panties. It certainly does wonders for the self confidence !

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@fundle i have to admit, I had a reluctance to underdress for medical appointments before I decided to advise my provider that I was transgender.   

I feel as though wearing a bra to a medical exam may be its an imposition on the medical staff or perhaps even a form of exhibitionism.  

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I know what you mean.  I look forward to doctor checkups for that reason.  I dress in very femme things when I jog or walk the dog (sports bra bright pink, black leggings) and love getting positive (aka normal) reactions, chatting with women about my dog.  I always stuff my bra so I’m showing large breasts but I do not pass at all.  I’m sure I’m a weird person to encounter but I can’t wait for a woman to comment on my bra or leggings or breasts. Not really acceptable in society to ask like that even though I want them to so not sure it will ever happen.

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@fundle Congratulations on the good news.

I don't underdress going to Dr appointments. However, I have started undressing when leaving those appointments. Some may call that progress.

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Smoke and eat loys of fatty foods and you will need that EKG in no time😘

It is a good thing you didn't need the EKG, be thankful for it. I know the feeling, though, twice I had to drop my shirt for vaccines, once completely since I got one in each arm. I thought I could just roll up my sleeve, oh well.

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Glad to hear the news was good from your recent procedure.  I believe the medical people have seen it all, and not much phases them, Lol.  Don't worry, at some future appointment, they will do another ekg, all part of their routine periodic tests.

I too see a cardiologist occasionally, but am not as brave as you.  Maybe one day.. 


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Congrats on the good news about your health! As far as the disappointment, yeah I think I kind of understand. Nancy is is both begging for visibility, yet terrified of negativity at the same time…


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I have to go for an angiogram on Monday.... I'll be in male mode. I'm nervous enough as it is. I don't need any more complications 🙂



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