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Contouring need help

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Struggling with contouring

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Even though we can’t post pics from them here the app You MakeUp can do the contouring for you and you can use that pic for a reference. Contouring is a basic part of stage makeup. It’s pricey but Richard Corson’s book is the best on the topic.

eBay has earlier editions starting at $6.20

The main differences between street and stage makeup is materials and amount. You do bolder makeup on stage because of the strong lighting.

Hugs & kisses,


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Hello Joanne, contouring can be an advanced process for a beginner. My advice is gain enough courage to seek out a cosmetologist or beautician and have them do it or take lessons from them. If you feel uncomfortable with strangers; maybe you can ask a female relative or friend for assistance.

My first public outing with make-up in 2019; I went to an Ulta Beauty store and had a make-up lady do a full make-up application on me. I was quite pleased with the results.

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I would be happy to work with you on contouring! I am a Beauty Consultant with 40 years in the beauty business and love helping others look and feel more beautiful! Contouring is best applied with a light hand and a clear idea of where to apply which is based on your face shape. I even do virtual appointments so your location isn't an issue. Be-YOU-tiful!


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@lisa4mk would be interested in that x

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Hi Wanda,

Some excellent tips.  I'll check out the app and the book.

Thank you


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I would be very interested in getting some advice-training virtually

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I went looking for You Makeup on the Android Store. It is not there.

It is available as an APK file, though. Do you know if it is still being developed?

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