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Face makeup looks bumpy; too masculine?

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Hi. I’ve posted some videos on my Youtube channel called Samantha Bahar. Overall costume-wise, I think I look feminine enough. People have been complimenting me on my long blonde hair.

In my latest video with me wearing a pink sweater, my face looks very masculine, even though I contoured. It tends to look more feminine in iPhone photos. Perhaps it’s the lighting or angle. 

I exfoliated, but I haven’t changed electric blades in years. Perhaps I put on too much foundation.

Can you check out my videos and give an honest critique?

Thanks. I’ve marveled at the professional female impersonators out there. Just wanting to improve my routine by whatever it takes. 

Still on the fence about piercing my ears.

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Looking at your pictures on your profile I would say use lighter tones for eyeshadow and a softer colour for the lips. Also consider reshaping the eyebrows by plucking from below to thin and heighten the brow. The picture of you with the bob wig looks nice. Pictures do vary from the device with lighting and location. It all comes down to trial and error take lots of pictures using natural light, flash and inside and see what works best. 

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