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Hi I'm new to this and need a lot of help even what to buy please someone help me

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Hi Mikaela,

Any kind of specifics? Presuming you're looking online Amazon is probably the way to start. Use a soft measuring tape to get your measurements - bust, hips, waist - to give you an idea of sizing. Most items will have measurement-to-size info so you can get the best fit. Look for some simple dresses you like, maybe some high waisted jeans/jeggings, some flowy, floral tops are always solid.

For shoes there are mens-to-womens converters out there, but *mostly* just add a size or size-and-a-half to your mens size.

Happy hunting!

xo M

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Once you find your sizes eBay is an excellent option. I get my shoes and bras dresses top and pants pre-owned it's excellent saving

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The best way to figure out what to buy is to see what women are wearing and copy what appeals to you. I'm always observing women and finding new things that I want to wear. Social media like Pinterest can also help as well as traditionally feminine style magazines and websites. As you see things and build them into your wardrobe, you will develop your own unique style. Good luck and enjoy!

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Welcome to CDH, Michaela!

You are on a broad crossdressing site here at CDH, so take some time to research information that you need and see what solutions members may have found for problems that you want to resolve, too.

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