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Lipstick tips for thin lips

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Hello, all! I’ve got very thin lips and I’d like some tips on how to make them look more feminine (I.e. thicker). Short of just drawing them on with lip liner, is there any other tricks?
thanks in advance!

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@aprilj I’m months late to this conversation. What would it feel like if you embraced your thin lips? I Googled “gorgeous actresses with thin lips”. I’ve always been a lipstick and lip fan, and with thin lips I’ve seen that they look great when perfectly defined. One of the spotlighted people on here has lips like that and I love them! There are many versions of attractive and although I believe it’s cool to want to enhance our features, we can also learn to see “deficits” in a new light.

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I use a lip liner to draw out the lips along the outer edge of the lip line then lightly fill in with the same liner. A coat of lipstick over the top and dabbed with tissue followed by a lip gloss.

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I think you may want to reconsider the lip liner if you want thicker lips, although certainly see if any “lip plumpers” help. I know how frustrating it is trying to learn to get it right, but it is definitely worth the effort, as one generally wants to try to reduce the space between your nose and upper lip. I find stopping before you reach the outside corners of your lips is best: not trying to widen the mouth.

But if you do find a good “plumper” great, let me know!

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I love plump lips so I overdraw mine (not too much...) with liner and then fill in with my lipstick. I also like a little gloss in the middle to give my lips some dimension.

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You can apply lipstick or lip liner beyond the lip line but no more the an eighth of an inch at the center of the top and bottom of your lips. Keep it on the lip line in the corners. Otherwise you'll have what they call clown lips. It also help to you a dark color when doing this. The lip line tends to show with lighter colors.  

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I use lipliner to outline then fill in with a matched liptsick or lipgloss. It give some scope to increase lips, but don't go overboard 

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I have this problem too, sadly 🙁

I use lipliner just outside my lip line, using it to create a fuller shape. I then fill in with a slightly (or more, depending on my look) lighter shade of lipstick and then add a little lip-gloss for effect (and because I like it, frankly!).

I've tried several 'plumping glosses' which don't do anything noticeable.

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