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When to throw out makeup

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Hi all

I usually only get to dress 1-2 times a year.  The last time I fully glammed up with all new makeup was last January 2022.  I am going to Vegas in a few weeks and am excited to be alone and go out on the town.  I obviously am going to get some new makeup, but do you think I need to buy all new foundation etc?  Any advice would be appreciated.




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Hi Charlotte,

The makeup that is crucial to replace is all eye makeup, particularly eyeliner and mascara. They should be replaced every three months.
Lipstick is good for a couple years, everything else maybe eighteen months. Hope that helps 🙂


Ms. Lauren M.

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Agree with Lauren.  Makeup degrades with time and can become a breeding ground for bacteria.  Eye makeup is the biggest concern.  You definitely don't want to use old eye makeup.  Also never share your makeup or use someone else's.

Tossing expired makeup is maddening.  Buy drugstore brands to minimize the hit on your wallet.

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