Crossdresser women find the right makeup for your skin tone

You ladies are in for a treat today! After a few months of cajoling my beautiful wife agreed to write an article for Crossdresser Heaven. Not only does she bring all the insights of gained growing up as a girl, she has an uncanny knack for choosing great colors! Perfect for today’s topic.

She’s chosen to write under a pseudonym, as you’ll see. I know she’d love to hear from you about her article. Perhaps if we get enough comments I can convince her to write another article 🙂 So please take a moment to comment after reading the article – and be beautiful!

Crossdresser Skin Tone

Have you ever seen someone wearing an amazing color blouse that made them look fantastic? This then led you to promptly go and buy something similar and the result was less than desirable. The problem could be your skin tone.


Skin tone is broadly classified into cool and warm tones. To determine what skin tone you are try these following tests:

Nature Day 3

The Vein Test

This is the most widely used test. Look at the underside of your arm in natural light. If your veins appear bluish you are cool toned, if they appear greenish you are warm toned. If you have a mixture of blue and green veins you are probably neutral. Consider yourself lucky.

The Gold/Silver Test

Stand in front of a mirror in natural light. Hold up a piece of silver and gold jewelry or fabric to your face one at a time and examine. If the silver makes your face light up, you are most likely cool toned. If the gold makes you look fresh and alive, you are probably warm toned.

While the above tests can act as guidelines, genetics are also important. Your skin, hair and eye color can assist you in determining whether you are warm or cool toned. It should be noted that there may be exceptions to this rule.

Warms tend to have a golden or apricot undertone. Their hair tends to have hints of orange, yellow, red or gold. Eye color tends to be amber, dark brown, hazel, or green.

Cool skin often has a pink or rosy undertone. Their hair often contains blue, blue-violet, silver, drab, and ash undertones. Eye color tends to be light blue, gray-green, blue green, turquoise, gray-blue, black or cool brown.

I am an exception to the genetic rule. My natural hair color is drab brown and I have green eyes with flecks of hazel. Yet my skin tone is definitely cool.

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Why is this Important?

Choosing the correct color based on your skin tone is an important part of looking your best. This applies to cosmetics, clothes and even hair color [if shopping for wigs or having highlights or tinting done]. Wearing the wrong hue can take your skin from looking radiant and glowing to appearing tired, drained and even unhealthy.

Warm tones

These will look their best in earthy hues either muted or crisp: Think yellows, oranges, bronzes, gold, peaches, brick reds, earthy greens, mocha browns and ivory. Yellow based colors makes your complexion sparkle. You also look better in ivory than pure white and black worn close to the face can make you appear washed out.

Makeup and hair color: Foundation is yellow based. Hair colors that have a warm overtone will look more natural on you. To complement your skin go for golden to dark browns, rich warm auburns as well as red and golden highlights. Avoid the following hair colors; ash, blues, purples and whites.

Cool tones

Both sexes will look stunning in rich jewel tones such as vibrant emerald green, royal or icy blues, rosy pinks, silvers, plums, magentas, blue-based reds and pure white. Blue based colors look best. You look better in pure white than ivory and you can easily wear black.

Makeup and hair color: Foundation is pink based. These people can wear shades of ash browns, cool blondes such as platinum, blue-blacks and unnatural colors like mahogany, burgundy and fire engine red can also be worn by this shade as well. Avoid tinting your hair in any of the following colors: orange, some reds, bronze, yellow or gold.

Neutral tones look amazing in any color though often they tend to pull towards cool or warm due to personal preferences.

Color Seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn are used to break down cool and warm colors further.  Summer and Winter are “cool” seasons; Spring and Autumn are “warm” seasons.

Now it’s time to play and compare different colors and tones against your skin. Some will look terrible, others okay and some will make you look as if you have just stepped out a fashion magazine. It is okay to wear some colors that don’t look 100% on you [since who of us can afford to totally revamp our closet?] Just keep these for bottoms and wear a top that complements your skin color.

Go and have some fun now that there is a change of seasons and fashions.


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13 years ago

I absolutly loved the article it was soooo helpful. Hope to read more.

13 years ago

thanks this article help me a lot.

11 years ago

my wife can allways tell when i try make up so i should try the gold yellow colors cuase my veins r green i got brown hairs and hazel eyes i will try it next time i buy mascara foundation

9 years ago

well… this wasn’t very helpful because. I have blue/green veins, golden brown hair, a light olive skin tone, and eyes that look exactly like wolf eyes. plus I dont like wearing with too much color, I wear my Black leather jaket everywhere… mostly black…. i like black and red, black and yellow, and black and gold… I cannot wear a bright color to save my life

8 years ago

I have had my colors done and agree with all the above. I am a cool.

Cynthia Elaine
7 years ago

wow, that is a lot of info to absorb. I will have to read it again. But I definitely need to go to a make up artist’s studio near me, and have them do a “make over" and check things out. I have never done my own make up. I have always had it done for me.

Trusted Member
7 years ago

It is a lot to absorb but for any CD a great reference. Now let’s practice, eventually it will be permanent not necessarily perfect.
Thanks again for taking the time.

7 years ago

Many thanks Vanessa, That was a very informative and helpful article. Although I have been cross dressing for many years now I still haven’t mastered the art of applying make up really well. I know we are told it’s practise practise Practise but it’s just not possible to do this if married and have family. Even tho we have individual bathrooms where you would expect to practise in private there’s always someone asking why have you been so long in the bathroom. Hopefully at this stage all traces of make-up has been removed. Looking forward to the next stage in… Read more »

Jenna Good
6 years ago

Vanessa, I love this article But there is more to it than what’s written here. Girls I want to try out some Revlon Color-Stay (RCS)foundation. To use on my cool undertone skin. But I have no idea of which shade to buy. Besides I have oily skin so do I need a primer first? There a 21 shades of RCS I can rule out about half as being to dark for my fair skin and I might rule out some for black and olive toned women. So that means I might have to buy 5 shades to find the one… Read more »

Joanna Knight
5 years ago

This has opened my eyes as to what colors I can wear and use ! I’m still learning makeup and have a nice 44 piece makeup kit coming in on Friday ! I know I have cool skin tones! Looking foreword to trying some new things!

Joanna K.

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