My need to dress and become physically and emotionally more feminine has been getting stronger lately.
I am convinced that my testosterone levels have dropped, ie moods are different, less stress/anger, etc. There are also physical changes in my genitals. I can completely tuck it away with total ease and comfort. Also the emotional feeling I have when it is literally inverted is sheer bliss and contentment, I feel this is how it SHOULD be!
I guess this is probably gender dysmorphia or dysphoria?
I recently started coming out to select members of my family, about the dressing and the fact it’s been with me all my life, but I can not honestly say if I am ever going to fully transition as I just don’t know yet! But I can’t rule it out as a possible destination on my journey.
So far my family have been really accepting and cool with my disclosure, and I had an amazing talk with my older sister that really made me think, what she told me about our mum and what she went through to have kids just might have influenced our fetal development.
My sister was born in 1950, but mum had been trying for years without success until she was given fertility treatment, which predates IVF, and I believe was still in its early days with no clear understanding of potential long term effects on the embryo.
The treatment consisted of multiple injections of hormones direct into the ovaries, this worked and my sister was born. The treatment was so arduous that she waited 7 years before trying again and then had my brother, he was to be the last, or at least that was the plan! Then 3 years later I came along unexpectedly!
No treatment required for me but I can’t help wondering what the previous treatments did to the eggs in the ovaries!
My sister also believes this as she is affected by too high a testosterone level and is more hirsute than most women!

So I have to ask, do we know if there is a link to fertility treatment in the 40’s and 50’s and incidences of transgender or other gender spectrum issues?
I have noticed that so many on the ‘trans’ spectrum are the same generation as me, so maybe there are also similar backgrounds?

After years of suppressing my feminine side I am coming to like the woman I want/need to be, and even though I still need to compromise and stay part time for the sake of one of my family I am never going to bury Georgie again!

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Darcy Bainsley

Ah the life in the 50’s/60’s. “Better living through modern chemistry”. I like your theory and certainly makes sense. However I think it goes even farther than that. If you look at children today, you’ll see an increase of gender issues, ADHD, food allergies; the list goes on and on. While I realize these things have been around since the beginning of time and the media has given us an increased awareness, I also believe the increase is due to our poisoned eco system as well as our food chain has been poisoned since the industrial age. I think “mutations”… Read more »

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member

Look up DES-which was a treatment given to women a synthetic estrogen that was developed to supplement a woman’s natural estrogen production. First prescribed by physicians in 1938 for women who experienced miscarriages or premature deliveries, DES was originally considered effective and safe for both the pregnant woman and the developing baby.In the United States, an estimated 5-10 million persons were exposed to DES during 1938-1971, including women who were prescribed DES while pregnant and the female and male children born of these pregnancies. Researchers are still following the health of persons exposed to DES to determine whether other health… Read more »

Dot (Donna B)

Interesting theory. There are studies also tracking genetically modified foods and the correlation with ADHD and I thought pressure and many other diseases which have risen in the last five decades another. I think a lot of people have exposed the general population does this without enough study.


I’ve wondered the same for years. This is my story except that I have two older sisters(1950 & 57) . Was teased about my hairless legs compaired to there’s ! The more I out myself and have had good results, has compelled me to keep outing myself more to the point where the boy side mite end up locked away like the girl was for. 50 years! The more she is out the harder it gets to lock her back up!


The food chain has definitely been compromised with hormones. A good example is beef in the US. Japan has banned the importation of beef from the United States because of a correlation of early onset puberty in girls and the consumption of US beef. But we just keep feeding hormone drenched food to our children and then we wonder why little Timmy looks like a linebacker for the Steelers at only 12 years of age. We also pump our livestock full of antibiotics. Just today it was stated on the news that the first case of bacteria resistant to all… Read more »

Active Member

So many of us ask Why ? For years I did the same. Then I realized after many years that it wouldn’t change anything if I knew. I then began to accept that part of me in my life. Life for me is about Balance. My family comes first, then Terri.

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