An open letter to an anonymous person:

August 5th, 2019

Dear man sitting in the booth in front of me,

Your furtive glances of recognition in my direction no longer embarrass me, they empower me to be an authentic person and remain true to myself. Your not-so-secretly whispered words and quiet laughter in your wife’s ear letting her know that you spotted a crossdresser no longer elicit feelings of shame or guilt in me, they remind me that I am a person wonderfully and beautifully made and my uniqueness is worthy of celebration. Just because I sometimes desire to express myself by wearing an elegant black cocktail dress and heels instead of a dress shirt, slacks, and a tie, it does not mean I am weird or deviant, it means that I have learned to recognize my worth and that I don’t need acceptance from outside of my own spirit to feel complete. My hope for you is that you recognize that your behavior and responses to seeing me are all about you and have nothing to do with me. I hope that deep down in your gut you were secretly feeling a little uncomfortable at your response to my presence because I believe that it is through our own personal discomfort that we tend to grow and learn the best. I thank you from the core of my being for recognizing my individuality and sharing it with those around you because we all deserve to be recognized from time to time for being real. You may never understand me and my desire to do what I do and that’s okay (Hell, sometimes I don’t understand it and have to laugh at the absurdity of my life at times.) and I may never have the opportunity to understand and appreciate your unique qualities too. I hope that if our paths ever cross again that instead of not-so-secretly whispered words and not-so-sly glances in my direction, you take the time to give me a nod of your head, or a silently worded “Thank you.” in recognition of the fact that we live in a world where human beings are meant to live in community, that we should honor each other’s value, and our differences and unique qualities should be celebrated and lifted up. I thank you from the core of my being for helping me to grow and be a better person.

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*This letter was written in response to a recent experience I had during a girl’s night out. The two cisgender women I was with were wonderful. One woman was a potential dating/love interest that I was meeting for the first time and had previous experience with crossdressers, the other was her friend that was meeting a crossdresser (me) for the first time in her life. She was curious and asked great questions so she could understand more about the lifestyle. By and large, most of the people I meet (mostly women) are very respectful and accepting of what we do. If you any of have yet to experience going out in public in your feminine persona, I encourage you to find those who will support you, kick your heels up and have a great time. It will do wonders for your soul. I wish you all comfort and peace of mind on your journey to be who you are.


By the way, have any of you girls experienced an awkward scene like the one described above with the man and his wife? If so, feel free to share your story in a response to mine.

Do you find, while you are out in public in full up girl mode, that certain types or groups of people are more accepting of us cross dressers than other people? If so, tell us which groups you find to be the most encouraging and accepting of those of us who love the thrill of cross dressing!

Warmest Regards,

Kendra Woods



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    Kendra Woods

    My name is Kendra and I have been crossdressing part-time in some form or another since puberty. In recent years I have finally been able to come to terms with this part of my life and have learned to accept and celebrate it. I have met many supporting friends in the last few years and it has made all the difference.

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    janedon' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
    4 years ago

    I have all the Freedom in the world to be “Dressed"–However–My job (working with the public & a few homophobic Co-Workers) severely limits me—My wife died a few months ago & struggling financially–doesn’t help either–I can’t afford to be unemployed -not even for a week at this point– I never learned Properly how to use makeup because she always did it for me– Does anyone have any practical advice on how to get back into Life for me_??

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