What dress size am I really?

Men and woman are built differently. (yup, you probably already knew that). This difference makes it harder for us to find woman’s clothes that fit well. It also doesn’t help that woman’s clothing sizes use a whole different size scale than men’s clothing. What is cross dresser to do?

Fortunately, as a reader of Cross Dresser Heaven you’re covered. There are a few important things to know about woman’s sizes. Firstly, the size is expressed with a (usually even) number, starting from 0. If your waist is around 36″ size 16 or 18 will probably fit you best. If you fit into a size 6 I’m envious, but will try not hold your good fortune against you.

Next, there are two “flavors” of women’s sizes. Misses and Women’s. You will usually see Women’s sizes with a W after the number (like 16W), or denoted by 1X, 2X or so on. Women’s sizes are normally larger at the waist and hips, think “fuller figure”. This is something to experiment with, I’ve found the Misses skirts and pants fit me best, but it depends on the clothing line whether a misses or women’s blouse fits best.

Within Misses and Women’s you can choose either a Tall or Petite. Tall is typically for women above 5’8″ while petite is for women shorter than 5’4″. Though the exact height also depends on the clothing line.

The final thing to consider is the difference between men and women’s body proportions. A women’s waist is higher, and their torso’s are longer than men’s. You can use this to your advantage, by wearing a pair of pants below your waist that were meant to be worn on the waist. This is helpful if you’re taller, and aren’t able to find a taller cut.

Here is a handy size table to give you a feel for woman’s sizes. I copied this from my favorite clothing store on the web, Newport News. They are a great place to buy clothes from online.

Cross Dressing Size Chart

Women's clothing sizes

Women’s clothing sizes

If you’re happy with your figure and your look, hopefully this article has helped demystify woman’s clothing sizes. Go forth and look fabulous!

If you’re still having trouble looking fabulous in your crossdressing clothes take your inner woman to the next level with the World’s Best Crossdressing Guide.

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  1. Angel 2 years ago

    Am glad I read this about drss size I have not Purchased yet I know my size now

  2. Angel 2 years ago

    I might fit into a size w14 but a w16 may be more Comfortable

  3. Krystal Klear 2 years ago

    Thanks for info it definitely helps I’m two very different sizes from top to bottom

  4. Erica 1 year ago

    What size skirt for a 33″ waist??

    • Jess Graham 11 months ago

      Larte 16, no? How are your hips? I only have 33 ‘… a size XXS (2) would be too big …. it does not even appear on the table

  5. Sabine charbon 1 year ago

    thanks that going to help me to find the right syze for me

  6. Jess Graham 11 months ago

    For the size of bust (34 ‘) and waist (27) would be small size (S) … but I hardly have hips, only 33’ (a size XXS2 would be great) …. what would be serious in general then? ??

  7. Rachel SW 11 months ago

    Of course the sizing chart is important but is meaningless when the larger sizes are not available in the styles you like which can be very much a problem for those of us that are much shorter than average. Certainly in the UK a lot of the petite ranges do not go above size 16 so it is good when one finds a budget level store that stocks a Petite range that covers size 18 or 20 but the range of styles is still considerably less.

  8. Isabell None 6 months ago

    i am 38-40 waist so i think i need 16-18 size panties? and 42-44 chest so bra would be 42 or 44 and any cup? and how does this work for a dress

  9. Fiona-Ann Moss 1 month ago

    I would also like to add to this and mention that all manufacturers sizing is not the same, by this, i mean physically. Say you have two skirts by two different manufacturers, both size 14, one may be smaller than the other even though they are both size 14. River Island and BooHoo are notorious for this. Obviously, the true test is to buy in-store, by either trying it on, or secretly holding the garment against your waist and making a decision before purchase.

    If buying online and certainly with skirts, pants, shorts etc, i always go for the next size up, at worst it will be too big, but for most circumstances, you can wear a belt, if the garment is too small however, then you are screwed!! Good luck girls!!

    Fiona-Ann xxx

  10. Luna Wing 3 weeks ago

    I don’t know my size and I am too lazy to find the measurements is there anther way to figure out my size? btw I am tiny so I still fit in youth clothes

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