On January 27th, 2008, Crossdresser Heaven (CDH) started with a simple “Hello” (https://www.crossdresserheaven.com/hello/) from Vanessa Law. She was starting a blog about being a crossdresser. As time progressed, so did Vanessa’s story and her journey to what would eventually become her complete transition. There are 70+ articles that she wrote from January of 2008 to April of 2012 when she published “The Long Road Back” (https://www.crossdresserheaven.com/the-long-road-back/).  In essence, this was the last of her continuous series of blogs and it talked about her emotional and physical recovery from surgery. After that, there were just two more messages that she dropped on the site, the last on November 25, 2013 . . . And then Crossdresser Heaven went quiet.

Ultimately, Vanessa couldn’t leave the people that supported her and not give back her wisdom and knowledge. So, on March 22, 2015, she came back to the site she had started 7 years before.  However, this time it would not be just a blog but also a support site. She launched what we then knew as crossdresserheaven.com version 1.0 with a story called “When All Your Dreams Come True” (https://www.crossdresserheaven.com/when-all-your-dreams-come-true/).

What Vanessa didn’t realize was that she was giving the world and all the crossdressers in it a safe haven amidst a storm of hate and misunderstanding. She was about to share her dream far more than I think she ever imagined. In April of 2015, it was two strange characters, Claudia C and Codille Benton, on the site as members 52 and 63, who would become the first Ambassadors, 1A and 1B, in June of 2015.

Unleash Your Inner Woman

There is a saying that if you build it they will come and all of you did, looking for friendship, support, and understanding in a safe place. The “Forums” were the first places to get information, then, more “Articles” and additional “Groups”. Next came “Places” to find additional help off-site and “Photos” posted by the growing family of members. Finally, with version 3.0, a mostly stable “Chat” room, you all still came!

From 210 countries, more than 1.6 million different people have visited the website at least once. We have had over 20,000 members, far more than Vanessa or I could ever have imagined.  But it is because of Vanessa’s dream, along with the 28 Ambassadors who work to keep this website safe, and your help that www.Crossdresserheaven.com has become the largest Crossdresser/Transgender support site in the world! It is also you, my friends, who help to keep it an amazingly loving, supportive, and inviting internet home.

As for me, I have been blessed to be here almost from the beginning of phase two, the “support site”. I feel blessed that Vanessa trusted me with her vision.  Together we grew CDH from a baby into something much greater. Back then, I, like you, came looking for only two things, friendship and support. Well, I found a lot more friends than I thought were even out there and found more members to add to my extended family. Why did we find each other? It was because in April of 2015, Vanessa, like I have done for so many of you, simply said, “Hello” to me, just as she did to this world 10 years ago today.

So I would like to raise a glass to Crossdresser Heaven and to Vanessa Law, who had the courage and generosity to tell her story and then come back and give of herself, her knowledge, and experiences to say, “When all your Dreams Come True”.  Crossdresser Heaven is like no other site on the web but anyone reading this already knows that. We are going to keep it that way and keep adding to the dream that Vanessa may have started but we all now carry forward because of her.

Codille Benton

Managing Ambassador and Friend

January, 27th 2018

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Editor Sally

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  1. Martha Lou 2 years ago

    Happy anniversary CDH,

    I love being a girl on this site, Everyone here is so supportive.

    I am glad that I found this wonderful site!

  2. Martine Jones 2 years ago

    Happy anniversary CDH I’m glad to be part of a great group of lovely and friendly people . A place where I can go to be my true self with lovely ladies who not only support you but love you too.
    Martine xxx

  3. Emily 2 years ago

    Happy anniversary! Here’s to many more years of love, acceptance, and encouragement being shared by everyone who participates.

  4. Scarlett398 1 year ago

    Hi Codille, it’s Scarlett, one of your newest members!
    Codille, I would like to thank you Claudia, and especially Vanessa for welcoming me to your site.

    I’ve joined Crossdresser Heaven as a Duchess member because I love to mate my photography skills with my cross dressing skills both of which I try to improve and enjoy the learning process of how to move towards perfection in every passing year by listening and learning from others.

    As far as my photography skills are concerned, I’ve been taking photographs from the sidelines of college and pro football games for over 35 years. What sets my sports photography apart from the other sports photographers is 1) None of my sports photos are of action shots…2) They are all close ups of famous players, coaches, offensive and defensive coordinators, broadcasters, mascots, cheerleaders, band members, and fans in the stands in crazy outfits or donning catchy signs… and 3) I’m the only sideline sports photographer dressed up in an athletic or slim cut suits with pin point cotton permanent pressed shirts accessorized with expensive power colored ties and very nice Johnston and Murphy dress shoes. In other words, I look like part of the ESPN Gameday Crew! That’s just how I roll. I still love to dress up like my dad and mom did when they went to a college football game back in the 1950s or 60s. And I just seem to get more respect from others when I’m wearing a suit!

    My cross dressing skills seem to be well above average based on the comments I’ve received from the girls over the last few years. On the four rare occasions when I get out in public each year, I don’t think anyone has ever realized that that’s a guy in that dress or skirt and top with heels or ankle booties or whatever!

    I ended up on this site as a cast off from what I call the Dark Side of cross dressing sites – Crossdressers.com! Apparently I got banned from the site for inadvertently posting the same photo twice. But the real reason was a couple of jealous moderators who looked like big mean men in dresses and a couple of jealous girls on the site all of whom didn’t like the fact that my postings and threads received a ton of reviews and replies when compared to their postings and that just didn’t set well with that crowd.

    Codille, it also seemed as though I had to play by an entirely different set of rules and regulations than most of the other girls on the site because of my popularity. However, everything I posted was tasteful and appropriate just as the posts I’ve made on this site over the past two months here. And I haven’t had one negative comment or one discouraging word or complaint from any of the girls or moderators on this site. You can check my posts and received mail and see that all is done with class and style and will continue be done so in the near and distant future.

    This site is so much more friendly than the other site I was a member of and quite frankly, I’m glad I’m no longer there. And I’m not the only one who’s complained or left that site. There are a whole string of former members and current members who are fed up with the over bearing moderators and some extremely inconsiderate girls over there. The inconsiderate girls are in an extremely small minority, however, it only takes a couple to make the thrill of cross dressing not too thrilling if you know what I mean!

    Anyway, Codille, I’m so happy to be a Duchess member here and so glad I don’t have to shrink my photos to an unreasonable pixel size of 500 to post a photo like you had to do on The Dark Side! Not only is that process extremely time consuming, it also takes away from the clarity and the beauty of the photos. Here it’s not a requirement and that’s a real relief!

    I hope you, Vanessa, and Claudia have had a chance to view some of my posted photos in the private and public photo forums. All the girls seem to really like them and have been so encouraging, complimentary, and just so sweet so far! I’m really enjoying sharing my photos I take of Scarlett with my Nikon D3100 sitting on a Vivitar tripod with the 10 second timer on. All of my photos are taken by me in the privacy of our new dream home and are shared with others which is what I love to do best with this thrilling cross dressing part of my personality.

    Thanks for reading and please copy and share with your other administrators if you can because I would love for Vanessa, Claudia, and the rest of the crew to see this note regarding your girls on this site and this wonderful Crossdresser Heaven site that is so much more user friendly and moderator friendly than Crossdressers.com.

    Take care, Codille, and have a wonderful rest of the week!

    Sincerely, Scarlett, one of your newest and happiest members!
    XOXO Scarlett

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