On January 27th, 2008, Crossdresser Heaven (CDH) started with a simple “Hello” (https://www.crossdresserheaven.com/hello/) from Vanessa Law. She was starting a blog about being a crossdresser. As time progressed, so did Vanessa’s story and her journey to what would eventually become her complete transition. There are 70+ articles that she wrote from January of 2008 to April of 2012 when she published “The Long Road Back” (https://www.crossdresserheaven.com/the-long-road-back/).  In essence, this was the last of her continuous series of blogs and it talked about her emotional and physical recovery from surgery. After that, there were just two more messages that she dropped on the site, the last on November 25, 2013 . . . And then Crossdresser Heaven went quiet.

Ultimately, Vanessa couldn’t leave the people that supported her and not give back her wisdom and knowledge. So, on March 22, 2015, she came back to the site she had started 7 years before.  However, this time it would not be just a blog but also a support site. She launched what we then knew as crossdresserheaven.com version 1.0 with a story called “When All Your Dreams Come True” (https://www.crossdresserheaven.com/when-all-your-dreams-come-true/).

What Vanessa didn’t realize was that she was giving the world and all the crossdressers in it a safe haven amidst a storm of hate and misunderstanding. She was about to share her dream far more than I think she ever imagined. In April of 2015, it was two strange characters, Claudia C and Codille Benton, on the site as members 52 and 63, who would become the first Ambassadors, 1A and 1B, in June of 2015.

Unleash Your Inner Woman

There is a saying that if you build it they will come and all of you did, looking for friendship, support, and understanding in a safe place. The “Forums” were the first places to get information, then, more “Articles” and additional “Groups”. Next came “Places” to find additional help off-site and “Photos” posted by the growing family of members. Finally, with version 3.0, a mostly stable “Chat” room, you all still came!

From 210 countries, more than 1.6 million different people have visited the website at least once. We have had over 20,000 members, far more than Vanessa or I could ever have imagined.  But it is because of Vanessa’s dream, along with the 28 Ambassadors who work to keep this website safe, and your help that www.Crossdresserheaven.com has become the largest Crossdresser/Transgender support site in the world! It is also you, my friends, who help to keep it an amazingly loving, supportive, and inviting internet home.

As for me, I have been blessed to be here almost from the beginning of phase two, the “support site”. I feel blessed that Vanessa trusted me with her vision.  Together we grew CDH from a baby into something much greater. Back then, I, like you, came looking for only two things, friendship and support. Well, I found a lot more friends than I thought were even out there and found more members to add to my extended family. Why did we find each other? It was because in April of 2015, Vanessa, like I have done for so many of you, simply said, “Hello” to me, just as she did to this world 10 years ago today.

So I would like to raise a glass to Crossdresser Heaven and to Vanessa Law, who had the courage and generosity to tell her story and then come back and give of herself, her knowledge, and experiences to say, “When all your Dreams Come True”.  Crossdresser Heaven is like no other site on the web but anyone reading this already knows that. We are going to keep it that way and keep adding to the dream that Vanessa may have started but we all now carry forward because of her.

Codille Benton

Managing Ambassador and Friend

January, 27th 2018

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Happy anniversary CDH!!!

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member

Codille, Thank you so much for remembering this anniversary and writing this article. I remember my first visit to the site-which was to enter a drawing for a free pair of breast forms. I didn’t win those …but I was far more fortunate because I won the greatest prize of all by finding this place which has helped me to discover who I am and accept that I am DIFFERENT than others but not less valuable and worthy of love and acceptance because of that difference. The world is ever so slowly becoming more accepting of our community and this… Read more »

Stephanie Bass

Happy 10th Anniversary CDH!!!

Jesse Nicole(Smokey)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Vanessa for starting something that changed so many lives for the better, including mine! I feel so bad for not being active for sich a long time..I’m hoping that a much needed job change will help that in the near future. Also, thanks to Skippy, Codille, Samantha G, Jasmine, and so,many other ambassadors who helped me so much when I joined. Love ya Vanessa Jesse (Smokey)


Thank you Vanessa for creating this heaven. I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said, but the angels on this site have been such an influence that not a day has gone by that I don’t wonder what the ladies are up to. I hope to visit more frequently, CDH is the only place I can come to and not be judged. Thank you Vanessa and Ambassadors for taking our hands in yours and being there for us as we take this oh-so wonderful journey together. Much love, respect, and gratitude. Here’s to 10 plus more!


As a new mumble I would like to say a big THANK YOU for this site, it has to be the best crossdresser support site on the internet.


Sarah Daniels TG

Happy Anniversary and thank you all.


Happy 10th anniversary ad thank you..

Samantha G.....

Happy 10th CDH !!! Thank you so much Vanessa. My world would
be so much smaller if not for this site and all the amazing friends
I’ve made here. Thank you Codille, Claudia and all the other smart, funny & fantastic Ambassadors for keeping the site running day to day.
Here’s to many many more years of this great place.

Big Hugs…….

Alison Browning

Happy birthday CDH and thank you.

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