Crossdress Heaven success stories are starting back up again!

Dear Readers,

Over the last few months I’ll admit to being remiss when it comes to sharing the latest tips, tricks and advice for navigating through life as a woman – whether it be part time for full time. With all my surgeries, I’ve had a lot going on, and finding time to write and answer email has been difficult.

Today I’m excited to announce that I’ll be starting the much loved Crossdresser Success Stories back up. For those who are new, these are real stories from real women about a success they had crossdressing. It can be a small success, such as buying your first feminine piece, or a large success such as going out en femme for the first time, or sharing your secret with someone you love.

To get started, I’d like to ask you to share your crossdressing success story with me by email at – You don’t need to be a writer to share, just take a few moments to tell me your story. Ideally submissions are between 500-700 words, and include a photo. But don’t feel shy – if you’d rather not include a photo and use a pseudonym, that’s okay too!

I look forward to hearing your stories, and celebrating with you in your moments of triumph!


  1. Janine 4 years ago

    It took me a long time to gain the confidence to go out dressed as a woman. I found out that after I did it once that it gets easier each time.
    I have gotten to the point of being able to go out dressed as a woman and going to restaurants where I can sit down and order a meal.
    I am always aware of how I am sitting.
    I keep my legs together and eat slowly taking small bites and sipping a glass of wine.
    I always pay with cash and leave a nice tip.
    I’ve never had a problem or a issue while dining.
    I even use the ladies room before I leave.

  2. Jessica Cross 4 years ago

    I too am a straight white male and was married to a wonderful woman for 42 years, she got turned on when she found my stash of clothes and shoes before we got married and so we explored Cross Dressing for a while. At first she liked being the leader or Dom one in our relationship, when we got married we spent our honeymoon in Knoxville, TN buying things for me to dress up in. Then my job took us to Newport News VA and we continued playing, she bought me a complete outfit for ballroom dancing, complete with long dress w/ shoulder straps, sexy bra, inserts, split crotch panties and very sexy garter belt and hose. Then she got religion – I have nothing against religion – and we didn’t dress any more, over the years she caught me doing it and it caused a real row and fights.
    Many years passed, cancer ate up her innards and she died from it 2 years ago, one of my ways of coping was to start dressing again. I am retired now and am comfortable so am able to indulge in clothes I like, I don’t think I have purchased any mans clothes in 3 years. I buy from clothing stores which have clothes large enough for me such as Lane Bryant, Roamans & Catherine’s. Many of the sales ladies are comfortable with me trying on the clothes there to be sure they will fit, I tried to paint my nails but the results looked like a huge train wreck so I have started having a nail salon do my nails every 2 weeks so they look good. The girl who has been doing my nails introduced me to gel nail polish, before I couldn’t go a week before the polish started flaking but it has been 2 weeks and they are as pretty as when she did them. That’s enough for now, if you want the whole story contact me thru’ here


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