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  1. confused wife 10 years ago

    The life of a crossdresser is Me! Me! Me! very selfish lover. I was a very naïve 30 year old, never exposed to anything other that the normal sex between man and wife. I was married for 14 yrs before my second marriage to a crossdresser and I was told a week before we got married, oh by the way, I like to wear womens panties. I’m like…? okay? I didn’t think anything about it really. then about a year later..I find a babydoll negligée in his drawer..I questioned him about it and he said OH it’s a gift for you….I said oh yeah…? then why does it have cum on it? Then he admitted it was his, but insisted that I wash it and wear it? This was the beginning of a 17 year life destroying way to totally destroy me as a woman. I feel like my womanhood has been stripped of me…..Instead of me getting to feel beautiful as a woman, loved as a woman, look pretty,me be the one to wear pretty clothes and underclothing and be craved as the woman in the relationship…He has taken that all from me…I have come to hate it! Resent it! The more throughout the years that I tried my very best to accept it because I love him…The more he takes from me..The further he would push how far he would go with the crossdressing. It started out as “I like to wear panties” to full dress, wig, lipstick, clothes, undergarments, stockings, heels.
    The only thing I feel your comments on here are truthful about is the fact that you can ask him to quit…but he never will..He can tell you he loves you enough to quit…but he never will..

  2. Maria Jon 10 years ago

    well i m 32 male to female part time crossdresser form Pakistan . since i was 12 or 13 i started to feel that i m a girl . but yet about i m part time cause nobody know that i m a CD in my family or friends . also i cant tell them cause its will be very risky for me . also its a muslim country so in muslim religion . its not allow to change gender .
    i wanted to go any western country but cant have enough money to get visa

    i m living a live in hell . i only have one dream . that i wanna die as a female .

    i try to approach CD group online but cant get good response .
    several time i try to kill my self . or try to remove my balls out . but its not easy that much . maybe with some one help its can be possible .

    recently i try to take male hormones blocker . with out doctor help . cause in Pakistan doctor will be not help in this matter .
    i need at-lest some help to get information about hormones . & how to take it ..

    if there is any one . plz contact me my id is

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