Crossdressers – Do You Sit Down To Pee?

Crossdressers, do you sit to pee?

During our day to day life we can do many things to feel more feminine. We can paint our toenails a fabulous new shade every week, or wear demure cotton panties beneath our otherwise manly attire, or let the slight whiff of  feminine perfume leave a mystery in the air for others to ponder.

These are all a fun way to get in touch with your feminine side on a more regular basis, but don’t introduce the more awkward and time consuming aspects of being a woman. Those bland day to day rituals a woman goes through that the average crossdresser experiences weekly or monthly as a mystical and wondrous event. When done once in a while makeup application becomes a delight, not a chore. Brushing and styling those long luxurious locks is thirty minutes of heaven before a day in the clouds, not something that deprives you of an extra 10 minutes sleep every day.

This week’s poll is inspired by the divine and awkward feminine necessity of sitting to pee. The question for you is, do you sit to pee all the time, or do you reserve this particular regiment for when you’re in full feminine regalia?

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Relive Your Most Embarrassing Moment in Crossdressing

While last week’s poll revealed by a landslide that the most embarrassing crossdressing moment is being discovered by friends or family – the comments did turn up some interesting stories. If you haven’t had a chance to read the comments I encourage you to take a look at what the readers of Crossdresser Heaven shared. I promise you, Franny’s tale has a way of putting in perspective any embarrassment you’ve experienced that is much more powerful than years of reflective contemplation.

Have a wonderful week ladies!

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  1. Profile photo of Simone
    Simone 3 months ago

    I sit down 90% of the time. I am still fighting it, and falling back on the ease and convenience of standing, especially at work. Inevitably when I do fall back, I wish I didn’t as invariably I get splashback, and a close to an uncontrolled stream. I have little to no penis and scrotum left (from hormones), and this makes it very hard to pee standing up with any control, especially in panties and most woman’s jeans or shorts. I need to resolve to only pee sitting down.

  2. Profile photo of DawnOday
    DawnOday 4 months ago

    I sit to pee. Have for a long time. Got tired of mom telling me to put the lid down. It also keeps me from peeing on my leg or collecting splashes on my shins.

  3. Profile photo of Sunny
    Sunny 9 months ago

    I started wearing panties 3 1/2 years ago on a daily basis. Two years ago I started to set down when peeing. I do this 99% of the time. Some men’s public restrooms are so disgusting that I use the urinal to get out as quick as possible. On the rare occasion the men’s room is occupied in a small restaurant, I jump at the opportunity to use the women’s restroom. The look I get when I walk out if a woman is now waiting is precious.

  4. Profile photo of Sallysim
    Sallysim 9 months ago

    Yes I always sit it’s the only way for a lady, always use the ladies room when dressed

  5. Profile photo of Sheryl Johnstone
    Sheryl Johnstone 9 months ago

    Over the last few years, as I spend more time out fully dressed and using the ladies loo on a regular basis, I now feel great discomfort even entering a public men’s rest room when dressed in drab.
    I have been sitting to pee for so long that it feels totally unnatural to stand. Besides, it is very difficult to re-tuck while standing at a urinal and only having an open fly for access.
    When the use of the ‘men’s is unavoidable, the seat always needs a thorough wipe and sometimes even that is not enough. The use of toilet paper to wipe, is essential for personal hygiene and the ladies usually smells far nicer than the men’s.

    And finally
    A woman does not stand to pee!
    Hugs to all.

  6. Profile photo of Ashley
    Ashley 9 months ago

    Hey Vanessa. Love your website. Tons of great advice.
    I always sit down to pee now. Growing up I would sit down if I was wearing panties or dressed up. But now since I have grown up and am trying to embrace my cross dressing, I always do. Plus I only wear panties now and am trying to slowly start letting my inner girl come out.

  7. rfs2808 1 year ago

    I always sit and pee, because I don’t like the splash back when standing at the urinal. The only problem is that men are pigs, they pee on the seat and floor, you always have to clean up after them before sit to pee. No hovering for me.

  8. Candy 1 year ago

    Hi always sit to pee.

  9. cdvickie 2 years ago

    Hi well i have been a cross dresser since 5 yrs old and have always sat down to pee as far back as i can remember so both cross dressing and sitting down is a way of life for me. Not a sexual thing at all, just how things are for me

  10. helinha 3 years ago

    Nowadays I piss more sitting than standing. Makes me feel more feminine!

  11. Alicia 3 years ago

    since I been dressing I sit when I pee I feel being a woman I need to sit I even wipe off so I don’t get my panties all pee I love being clean you never you might a guy and you need to be clean Alicia

  12. Debbie 4 years ago

    I nowadays always sit to pee. The seat is always clean and there is no splash back.
    It is also a good way of expressing my feminine side. This is just as well as I am strictly not allowed to wear trousers with flys and they must either be with elasticated waist or side zip fastening and I have to wear tights underneath. I also wear skirts when at home and again I have to wear tights. Sitting is the only option.

  13. Briana 4 years ago

    I generally sit to pee. Think about it if you wear panties 24/7 then its a must to sit and pee as well as wipe when you are done. Failure to wipe will cause dripping into your panties and cause a smell to occur especially with silk panties as well as lace and no one wants that male or female. Everyone regardless should sit to pee for hygiene purposes whether your a cross dresser or not its a good practice.

  14. Katie Anne McCloskey 4 years ago

    As I nearly always wear skirts and the appropriate undergarments I have just learned to sit or “hover” if the seat is dirty. I squat if I am force to relieve myself outside and sit at home when I am alone. Now it is just natural.

  15. Jeff 5 years ago

    I’m not a crossdresser, but, I have been sitting to pee for over 5 years. I have wanted to feel more feminine so this is one thing I do that helps. I have also shaved a large portion of my body hair and trim the rest. I use body lotion and face lotion. It does make me feel more feminine. The most recent thing is I purchased mens nylon underwear. Just another feminine touch.

  16. Robinloves1 5 years ago

     I always sitwearther i’m dressas lady or not.  An I love to duche too

  17. Hishanna 5 years ago

    Yes I do sit. dress as male or female I was train to sit went going wee wee.I always did and still do. I am a tom girl. I think it is  disgusted   to stand and wee wee. I hate going t0 the little  boy room.

  18. guset 6 years ago

    i do when im tired or dressed up

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