Crossdressers, do you sit to pee?

During our day to day life we can do many things to feel more feminine. We can paint our toenails a fabulous new shade every week, or wear demure cotton panties beneath our otherwise manly attire, or let the slight whiff of  feminine perfume leave a mystery in the air for others to ponder.

These are all a fun way to get in touch with your feminine side on a more regular basis, but don’t introduce the more awkward and time consuming aspects of being a woman. Those bland day to day rituals a woman goes through that the average crossdresser experiences weekly or monthly as a mystical and wondrous event. When done once in a while makeup application becomes a delight, not a chore. Brushing and styling those long luxurious locks is thirty minutes of heaven before a day in the clouds, not something that deprives you of an extra 10 minutes sleep every day.

This week’s poll is inspired by the divine and awkward feminine necessity of sitting to pee. The question for you is, do you sit to pee all the time, or do you reserve this particular regiment for when you’re in full feminine regalia?

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Relive Your Most Embarrassing Moment in Crossdressing

While last week’s poll revealed by a landslide that the most embarrassing crossdressing moment is being discovered by friends or family – the comments did turn up some interesting stories. If you haven’t had a chance to read the comments I encourage you to take a look at what the readers of Crossdresser Heaven shared. I promise you, Franny’s tale has a way of putting in perspective any embarrassment you’ve experienced that is much more powerful than years of reflective contemplation.

Have a wonderful week ladies!

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  1. vickiecd 2 weeks ago

    I’m the same as Rebecca i have a duty belt whch makes it not so much difficult but awkward. But when i am not encumbered by that i always sit even when not dressed en femme. I find dresses and skirts much more comfortable and practical than trousers that it just seems natural and right to sit.

  2. Pretty patty 2 weeks ago

    I have been sitting to pee for some 3 yrs now . I love the idea of reinforce fem in every way I can !

  3. Standing in appropriate attire…….sitting when in a dress or wearing support garments or corsets…..squatting over a log in the bush/forest ! By the way…….while in the forest, and you hear a howl….fear not for tis I, out of TP and using a pine cone or prickly leave! LOL.

    Lady Veronica (Pls excuse me for “stepping out of decorum” for a moment)

  4. Janine 3 months ago

    The answer is yes.
    It doesn’t matter if I’m peeing in my male mode or dressed en.femme I sit down both ways
    Peeing en femme makes me feel like a lady especially when I see my panties down below my knees

  5. Kandy Barr 3 months ago

    Not every time,but it is something my GF laughs at me about when she catches Jokingly of course,she loves Kandy

  6. Jenna Salgo 3 months ago

    I do. I sit to pee most of the time, especially when I’m dressed in femme. It just feels right to do so.

  7. rhondagurl 7 months ago

    As I’m mostly me all the time now I always sit to pee. At home,out and about I always use the ladies restroom,and if taken short outside I squat.
    I find it feels natural to me to do so

  8. Char 7 months ago

    The lie’s I tell myself struck me deep down for I have been doing a lot of the same things while being married for 46 years. I travel a lot but packing two suitcases one for work and and one for play is a real bitch sometimes. I have the greatest admiration for girls that can balance everything and still get time to dress up and have (fun) he he. I enjoy what men have to offer and really like to get undressed by them but I have been to open and have wound up with HIV + but it still does not detour me from my wants and needs of a CD. It all started when I was 8 and has been in the back ground for many years but now it seems my needs are much greater in the last 10 years. I love to dress up and go out to see what and who I can fool. It is so much fun to have women come up to me and say I had to look for a long time but I did figure it out. Then they ask if I am gay or Bi. I am Bi and enjoy walking on both sides of the street at the same time. I like to be fooled by other CD’s and trans girls.

  9. Jenny 8 months ago

    While I don’t know when it started I have been sitting to pee for a very long time now. Even and mostly In Guy mode . Wife always made a comment a out it but I said it seemed easier, or that I am lazy. Maybe all along it was Jenny trying to come out. Who k owe!

  10. georgina 8 months ago

    I do, its such a habit I don’t think off it. I do love seeing my tights and knickers around my knees and then pulling them up again so sexy and sensual.

  11. Jamies time 8 months ago

    I love to sit to pee it just seems so natural I love my feminine side

  12. Rebecca Smith 8 months ago

    When I’m dressed I certainly do. While at work, with a duty belt on, it’s not practical as there’s a lot of things to undo and equipment to remove.

  13. Leslee Lace 8 months ago

    I try to most of the time. It is becoming more of a habit.

  14. Stacycd75 8 months ago

    Me too. I feel better when I sit and pee.
    My panties by my knees it’s awesome 😉

  15. Terrie 8 months ago

    I squat all the time I just feel like it’s the femme side coming out of me just seems natural to me

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