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Dear readers,

I try hard to ensure that articles on Crossdresser Heaven are relevant to the transgender community. As a transgender woman I know how time consuming it can be to switch back and forth between who you are, and who the world perceives you to be. It can leave little time for other endeavors, and the last thing you need is “more work”. So it is with some hesitancy that I ask you to do this, even though I know that the few minutes you spend now will save you hours and hours of time later as you surf the Internet.

You may have heard of Google Chrome – a new Internet browser from Google that is lightening fast. I know that almost 8% of you lovely ladies already use Google Chrome to read Crossdresser Heaven, as I do every day when surfing the Internet. In fact, Crossdresser Heaven is written for and regularly tested on Google Chrome, so you’ll not only have the best experience on Crossdresser Heaven using Google Chrome, but your whole Internet experience will be faster and more enjoyable.

Lovely ladies, here’s what I’d like you to do:

  1. Take a moment to watch the video below to see just how fast Google Chrome is
  2. Go to and install Chrome
  3. Set Chrome as your default browser
  4. Enjoy the fastest and safest browsing experience on the Internet!

Trust me, it’s worth it 🙂

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Dedicated to creating a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for everyone in the transgender community.
  1. Carolyn Ann 9 years ago

    Sorry, Vanessa: I like Safari.

    Google Chrome isn't very stable on OS X. It doesn't have a Mac-like interface, and I find it's menu and address bars to be "bitty". Safari is lucid in comparison! Technologically, I wonder about a 20% project like the Google Chrome browser. Apparently the Windows version was a sponsored Google project, and the Mac version was a 20% project. It shows. (Neither of the browsers allows the comment-box resize function to work; which is very odd.)

    I'm still waiting for Google Chrome to bring up the comments form for your blog. Ah – there it is! (The loading indicator is still going around and around.)

    Sorry. I'm going to wait until Google figures out that the Mac isn't a Windows wannabe.

    Carolyn Ann

    • Carolyn Ann 9 years ago

      "it's"? How did that happen? Sorry. That should read: "and I find *its* menu and address bars…"


  2. Petra Bellejambes 9 years ago

    I have got to go along with Carolyn Ann on this. Safari performance and user experience remains strong on Mac, as does Firefox. Being trans-platform as I am (still have drab PC in my life) Firefox is go to not only for reasons of stability and manageability there, but also for philosophical reasons. I bow at the Google altar typically, but the Chrome end user license agreement (at time of first release) seemed a little onerous to me. I cannot remember just now what scared me, but I pretty quickly lost interest in getting the promised benefits.

    My experience with your site is fine with my current preferences. If I have to idle a second or 2 longer, well Vanessa, you are usually worth the wait.

    Have a splendid weekend!

    • Vanessa Law 9 years ago

      Hehe, Thanks Petra 🙂

      I know Google made quite a few changes from the first version of their end user license ("all your information belongs to us") when they realized that people actually didn't want that 🙂

      FWIW I think Firefox has decent performance as well. I hardly ever test Crossdresser Heaven in Internet Explorer (I know I should, 50% of my readers use it), but I just can't bring myself to wait for it to load the browser, never mind the site…

  3. Vanessa Law 9 years ago

    Ahh… I guess the experience on the Mac is not something I try a lot. I know that Chrome is still in development on the Mac, so I'm sure it's a bit rougher than on Windows.

  4. Emily 9 years ago

    Sorry Vanessa: I hate Google Chrome with a passion,

    I'm a firefox user both Mac and PC, Google Chrome tends to slow my pc down and it's mac version isn't very user friendly.

  5. Delbra Dawn cordry 2 years ago

    Vanessa thank you for creating this site ive been on other cd sites this one is the best . i like the rules no trash eg no politics no religon no pickups- hookups thanks again love u delbra dawn cordry

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