Transgender new years resolution

I figure that it’s still New Year’s through the first week of work, and I know a few unfortunate folks are working this Saturday – so in the nick of time, ‘Happy New Year!’

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you have any that have survived the first week of the new year? 🙂

I’m the kind of person who likes to set New Year’s resolutions. Though I call them goals and hope that this renaming trick will give me an edge in actually attaining some of them, because as you know – resolutions are made to be broken, but goals are made to be achieved. At least that’s the theory, but my rebranded ‘Goals’ contain a few familiar faces.

Lose Weight. Check. I didn’t lose much last year, but I’m going to beat myself up all of this year until I make some more progress. Apart from all the health benefits to losing weight, I’ll feel good about myself and look better in the new dress I bought for Christmas.

Follow a budget. Check. I seem to have better luck at this goal than losing weight, which is surprising given how hard it is for me not to buy something.

This year was unique though, since I included a few transgender new year’s resolutions on my list. Over the last few years I’ve reached a point where I don’t feel as much apprehension and guilt as I used to and every new step along my transgender journey brings me joy.

My Transgender New Year’s Resolutions

Finish electrolysis: Sometimes it feels as though I’ve spent more time removing hair than I’ve spent crossdressed. So far I’ve logged almost 40 hours of laser hair removal, and another 30 hours of electrolysis. It’s probably the most painfully expensive fulfillment I’ve experienced, and it’s worth every grimace. My goal this year is to finally finish electrolysis for my facial hair. Having a baby smooth face and never needing to shave again are tantalizing indeed. I know that I’ll need to steel my resolve as I get closer to finishing. It’s easier to justify skipping a session when there are just a few blond hairs left 🙂

Make more (in real life) transgender friends: I’ve met some wonderful ladies through Crossdresser Heaven, but most of my transgender friends are virtual. I’ve also met a few fabulous girls in the real world (hi Vicki!), this year I want to make a few more “offline” transgender friends. This means, in part, that I need to get out to more transgender events, and be less self conscious going out when dressed – both things I’m looking forward to!

Attend a transgender conference: It’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago I would shudder at the thought of going to a transgender conference. I’m excited about all the things I’ll learn, and the new people I’ll meet in a transgender friendly environment. Since it’s local, I’m planning to attend Espirit this year. I’ll let you know closer to the date whether I’ll be going, it would be great to meet some of my lovely readers.

Begin building my feminine identity: Of all the goals I’ve set for 2010, this one is perhaps the most nebulous for me. I realize that when I am Vanessa a different side of my personality emerges – a person I enjoy being, but don’t yet fully understand. I have to thank Petra for bringing such ponderings to the forefront of my mind. This goal could perhaps be titled ‘Figure out whether I want to transition’, but my aim at the end of 2010 is not to come out with a single answer. Rather, by the end of this year I want to grow into the kind of person who can answer this question. Coming up with an answer to the ‘Do I want to transition?’ question may still take many months or years after 2010.

I hope 2010 has begun well for you! Do comment and let me know what your resolutions are for 2010, and if you don’t make resolutions let us know why not.

Onward into the brave unknown!


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  1. Ravalipriya 7 years ago

    i like to-
    get togethers with crossdressing family members-
    ask my cousing sister to make me as a bride-
    to go to crossdressing festival at kollam(INDIA)-
    to go to a park / restaurant / theatre/ pub with my wife in a saari-
    plan a journey in a bus to other town as a female-

  2. Yvonne 8 years ago

    I have a question but not haveing to do with New Years resolutions.
    A quick few points of history first.
    1) At around the age of 4 my mother let my aunt put a dress on me as a model for my cousin carolyn(the dress was for her but we were about the same size then)and was told that I enjoyed it and didnt want to take it off?
    2) At around 4/5yrs old, enjoyed playing with “Tiny Tears dolls but eventually grew up out of that.

    3) at 9 I asked my grandmother if I could wear one of her slips, she let me and I enjoyed it, so I asked again the next day and ditto.

    4) As a teen I used to ocassionaly put on some of my grandmothers old dresses and slips (enjoyed that too.) Even slept in one of her long silky night gowns when I was 16.

    5) then for a long time never gave dressing much thought untill around 41, then on a few occassions, would try on one of my wifes skirts or slips(when she wasnt around.)

    6) wore panties and bras under my work clothes after retirement from Army from time to time at work.

    7) At 50, I told my wife I wanted to CD cause I enjoyed that but didnt want to transition which I don’t

    8) Now I wear lingerie under my outer clothes (due to my wifes distaste for any type of CDing , even tho I love doing so (CDing) plus I wear lingerie at work most of the time (secretly) (cant do it at all
    around home). Would not mind dressing all the way once in awhile, but can’t.
    9) I am also a born again Christian

    Now the question?
    Is there something wrong with me or is God trying to tell me something about my life?

  3. gail 8 years ago

    Hi Vanessa,

    My New Year’s resolution is to attend a Cross dressing event, either Espirit or Diva Las Vegas. I spent last getting in shape, at least what passes for shape at my age, and this year I would like to get out and meet other like minded folks dressed en femme. Since I’m so inept at make up, and as of yet haven’t found that perfect wig, without which no cross dresser ever feels fully dressed, I will need to first book a transformation session either in Portland or Seattle.
    Hopefully, this will give me the confidence to comfortably move around in public dressed to the nines, or possibly the fives.
    Wish me luck!!!

  4. N/A (not yet) 8 years ago

    I have had the want to be a cross-dresser for years, my feelings first developing at a young age, but only recently (the last two months) have I acted upon my feelings, though only in private.

    It would help me to know I have friends who will accept me for who I am, and would love to help you with your new years resolution of getting new friends, though I’m not sure about real life friend quite yet but would love to try.

    Lots of love to you all,
    me 😀

  5. megan 8 years ago

    hi vanessa,
    good luck with your resoloution’s,i gave up on making them because i never keep them.i to would like to make more friends, i do plan on spending more
    working on megan in the new year.


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