Crossdressing is fun….

Crossdressing is fun

Is it just me or do we, us girls, seem to focus on the negative aspects and emotions of crossdressing? I say crossdressing should be, no must, be fun..otherwise why do it?

Okay I know immediately I’ll get thirty posts saying ‘yes but I have to dress in secret’….’my wife/girlfriend/boyfriend will never accept it’….’I feel so alone/depressed/rejected…(add in your own words)’. …and yes if your circumstances conflict with your desire to express as a woman, I agree crossdressing can seem like anything but fun.

However consider these alternate views.

Crossdressing opens up new ways of appreciating the world allowing us to see the feminine perspectives that most men just cannot understand. We can empathise, sympathise and appreciate being a woman.

Crossdressing allows us to become somebody else, just for while, relieving the social stresses associated with being male. It can change and soften our posture, voice and behaviour….which are often appealing to our partners.

Crossdressing should be fun, enjoyable, satisfying and if possible shared. As adults we often lose the ability to play….crossdressing must incorporate that sense of play.

Women’s clothes are just so much more interesting than most men’s fashions. We, as women can change our character by changing our clothes, smart business woman, sexy temptress, pretty princess….all are just a dress away.

Crossdressing creates a sense of ‘event’ in our lives, introduces risk balanced by excitement, missing from many of the grey suited commuters drifting home of an evening.

Crossdressing excites me as much today as my first time staring into the mirror in my sisters bedroom in 1969….the pink frilly pants, little tasseled cow girl skirt….and so each time retains some of that innocent excitement.

The objection of many partners is not the crossdressing, which can actually allow them to live out their own fantasies but it is the dishonesty and lies that often accompany the secretive nature of crossdressing which is the underlying problem.

Crossdressing is more widely understood today then ever before…NO we are not there yet but that’s as much because we, ourselves retain the secrecy.

So girls…come on lets be positive….put on that little black dress, the highest heels that you can safely walk in (always do a risk assessment first) and lets be proud that we are crossdressers….men who just love to wear a dress.

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I first dressed in my sisters cowgirl outfit at 9 yrs old and knew cross dressing would always be part of me. Now 46 yrs later I live in Milton Keynes, UK sharing my life ....and my clothes with a beautiful woman. I dress openly, have written a book on cross dressing and in 2015, appeared on TV as Catie. The journey is difficult, but if you can, embrace it.
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  1. Profile photo of Terry Wright
    Terry Wright 2 weeks ago

    My first dress was my older sister’s Girl Scout uniform. Back when they actually had a uniform dress. When I added pantyhose to the outfit I was hooked from then on. It is a great source of stress and stress relief all at the same time.

    I look forward to the day I find an understanding woman with whom I can share this side of me.

  2. Kim Cummings 3 months ago

    Unisex apparel is upon us. We have a difference in the glitter, and the glamor the universally accepted “norms”.
    For example : Is the color of the garment too loud or too garish? Does it fit too tight? Is the fabric synthetic? -nylon, is used in a number of ways. And if it is pink, well maybe your necktie,
    Remember velour? I do. It was very popular with many different folks. Soft, comfy, much like velvet. Other features include your size, your tastes, and the proportions of the idea that the look of your occasion is suited for. Why do men’s pants require only black, khaki, navy, and little else?

  3. Profile photo of
    Kim Cummings 3 months ago

    The eroticism and exciting times in the world of wearing my own pretty feminine outfits is a great way to express your inner feelings of the tactile sensational fabrics that before weren’t for men. The inner workings of the psychology of the person who you are is the way your ideas and suggestions periodically come to the fruition that we are together and can be open about this topic. The wearing of these things are not abnormal, but it is a issue of the identity of the sensuous feminine looking person who is not uncomfortable with the new relationship between you and your pleasure of the sensuous feminine outfits and the smooth feeling of our sexy lingerie.

  4. Profile photo of Stefanie
    Stefanie 3 months ago

    When the guilt and shame is removed
    It is fun
    If yiu can share it and it is accepted then even more fun
    Its very erotic
    Creates incredible fantasies and can lead to great sex
    Yes lots of Fun!

  5. Profile photo of
    Kim Cummings 4 months ago

    Makeup is a very nice touch if you are amenable to try to master the art. It is quite time consuming and removing your makeup completely is a issue. Mascara is difficult to remove so I use a clear kind. Lip gloss is probably the best way to go. Your lips will be too dark if you use a darker shade.

  6. Profile photo of
    Kim Cummings 4 months ago

    Cross dressing is a very erotic sensuously sexy fun and exciting time. The transformation of my personal look to the new feminine looking me is a experience one has to try to get the best results. The makeup is difficult but it takes time. Hair removal is easy once you have removed the ugly hair from your legs. Depilitorys especially keep the hair from growing back so quickly. Shaving my face is the most difficult thing to do. I can recommend laser hair removal, but it is costly. No matter what, I am always nicking my face.

  7. Profile photo of
    Paula Antoinette 4 months ago

    Hi!!!!I started off young too…just loved trying on my sisters underwear,putting on her sexiest little dresses and sliding into her really comfortable bed,lucky I never fell asleep in it!I always wonder though,if she knew..noticed her sheets weren’t quite perfect and a little dirtier I haven’t done a great deal since..purchased the occasional pair of hold ups,charity shop dresses etc just need more confidence x

  8. Profile photo of Jackieruss
    Jackieruss 4 months ago

    Its me again. Im sitting here reading the post an articles on site and became aroused. I think ill go get into something more comfortable. I like to dress up in lingerie. Gets me so hot.
    Just have fun an enjoy the sexy things in life

  9. Profile photo of carrie
    carrie 5 months ago

    I love wearing my sexy little niteys panties and stockings,i feel so femme,and naughty

  10. Profile photo of
    becca 5 months ago

    It is always fun for me. Really it is very exciting. As has been mentioned, we become someone other than ourselves. We step out of our own persona. I love the transformation. Yesterday, I put on my panties, tights, leotard, a lingerie top, pearls, a gold necklace, and some lipstick. Becca can have bling. 🙂

  11. Holly 5 months ago

    I just love looking beautiful and feeling sexy when I dress nothing else matters when I put my bra and pantys on

  12. Profile photo of Jackieruss
    Jackieruss 6 months ago

    Hi all I’m jackie. New here or anywhere for that matter. Only sent one other post so I never told anyone but my xwife new an bought me lot of sexy stuff. And my wife now knows and buys me lot of fun stuff. She knows my taste in lingerie. She helps me in it, and have hot sexy sex . It turns her on to. I sometimes wear something under my male clotheslave when I’m out in public.
    Today I got a sexy teddy at a thrift store and rushed home to dressup. Now I have my bra,pantie, nylons, and new black w/white lace trim on . Shave my self clean. Mmm nice I took pictures and hide em . Now I’ve got a big lump in my panties. So better go tend to it. YES crossdressing is so much FUN. Bye all.

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