Do transvestites need to tear pages from the Bible?

Is Crossdressing Religion an Oxymoron?

A few months ago I wrote an article entitled crossdressing is a sin, with the aim to explore what the Bible really says about crossdressing. Since then I’ve had a few conversations over email with some wonderful girls who are struggling to reconcile their religion with crossdressing.

The God who I worship who made everything has a plan, a way of thinking. My relations with other faiths – reverand of them

I can’t say the only way I can deal with you is you must become as I am, because that makes my little view, God’s view.

Surely God must have given some thought to all these other people. And what might that thought be…

I have to have a God who is not an American Baptist.

The Bible does not speak on it’s own. It speaks through the voices of those who talk about it, it speaks through those who believe it, it speaks through those who put it together. This notion that there is some external, absolute voice through which the Bible speaks is an unhelpful notion.

I understand why inerrancy is so appealing. In a chaotic world where chance happens to us all, it would be wonderful to have an infallible and perfectly clear oracle to which we can appeal on every matter. But we don’t have that in this life. And the Bible, when put in that position becomes an object of devotion, which is was never intended to be. We get people who worship the Bible. I think that violates ‘thou shalt have no gods before me’.

Protestants make the Bible into a paper pope.

The distinction between the Bible and the Gospel – described as the teach of good news. Bible is a signal that points us to something larger than itself – the good news – the gospel. It’s not enough just to hammer out the books of the bible and just rely on that.

I’m quoting a quote from Jerry’s site dedicated to presenting a Christian voice for LGBT rights

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, said,

‘I can’t, for the life of me, imagine that God would say, “I will punish you because you are black — you should have been white. I will punish you because you are a woman — you should have been a man. I punish you because you are homosexual — you ought to have been heterosexual.” I can’t, for the life of me, believe that is how God sees things.’

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Cross-dressing has nothing to do with religion, thank goodness. It is society that has dictated its emergence. But funny that priests, mullahs and what have you all seem to wear frocks…..and it’s ok for them to do so!


In the past few years, I have seen quite a few men wearing robes and I suspect that their religion expects them to do so.

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