An unusual crossdressing success story

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Today’s crossdressing success story is a heart warming story of a lady that finds an unusual twist on the road while she’s out and about as her femme self. There’s something about the peace of being who you are that changes everything. If you’d like to submit your story to be featured on Crossdresser Heaven, please send 500-700 words of your own sincere awakening – whether large or small – to Crossdresser Heaven. If you’re comfortable sharing pictures, that would inspire others.

An usual success story

My story is quite typical of a cross dresser in some respects but then goes off on a tangent. I first fully cross dressed in 1990 and was as afraid and paranoid as they come to step out in public but I did it with the help of Virginia Prince herself. Shirley was born when I saw the woman in the mirror. She was me and I had to give her a name. I went out as Shirley once or twice a month from then until 1997 when suddenly it wasn’t good enough anymore. I wanted to be a real woman as in genetically complete but that isn’t currently possible so I withdrew resigned to my fate in deep depression. I locked Shirley away for 13 years but in 2010 a change came. My spirit started to lift for what reason I still don’t know but I started to feel more and more girly and by May of 2011 I got Shirley together and she was free again. This time however it was with a different attitude. I no longer cared if I passed or not or if anyone liked it or not. I am to this day defiant. Just try and stop me and I’ll make you pay.

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So I started going out as Shirley again once or twice a month but suddenly there came a day I’ve feared for 22 years. I was out as Shirley 6 weeks ago and felt so comfortable as a woman and happy as my natural self and so warmly accepted by everyone suddenly I didn’t want to go back to being Gordon the actor, the clown, so sad, miserable and depressed on masculine island. I’m happy for you boys here having a ball and I hate to leave in what might seem like an undignified rush but that person you see out on the water madly rowing away to the opposite shore is me.

Something magic has happened contrary to what most would expect. I go out as my very friendly, upbeat, humorous loving self and everybody loves me back whether they read me or not and is happy to see me as Shirley. Is it just my personal charm or is it just that no cares anymore? I think it’s a combination of both but mostly my personal charm. I think I could sell bikinis to Eskimos and charm the socks off almost anyone. It works for me and I love it. I can either build my own computer business or go back into computer programming. I’m still thinking about it.

So I’m successfully transgendered and living like or as a woman could and probably will the rest of my life. I am so happy and comfortable in the feminine role my life would’ve been better if I had done it long ago. I was miserable as a man.

So I’ve pulled a Virginia Prince. I’m living as a woman but will not transition like a transsexual. I suppose that makes me a pretty rare bird but it doesn’t really matter in a world where everyone is absolutely unique.

That’s my success story. It was supposed to be impossible or at least very impractical but here I am living my dream. Freedom is priceless.

Shirley xoxo

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  1. Johnny 7 years ago

    Your being a rare bird is true! I dressed with my wife;s help and it was wonderful. But we couldn’t bring “Priscilla” out due to job restrictions. (military).
    I am SO happy that you finally found yourself! Many CD’s / TG have found and lost everything due to depression. Enjoy!!

    • Shirley Corning 7 years ago

      Thank you Johnny for sharing your thoughts with me. Oh yes, depression almost did me in but it’s history now thank God. I’m a happy girl everyday and it tickles me. I’m so delighted to just be one of the girls at last that my joy and energy overflows like a flood washing over everyone I meet and like magic, a spell is cast over them. They cheer up and warm up giving me happy smiling faces in return, friendly and helpful. I hope you get some more time as Priscilla and those job restrictions wont last forever. You and the Mrs. both get a big hug.

      I’m awestruck by the power your spirit can have when it burns as bright as a blue white star. I’ve cut the word impossible out of my dictionary. Good luck Johnny.

  2. Tonya Renee 7 years ago

    I am happy for you Shirley,I dress female every day don’t own male clothes any more. People look but I don’t care I am me an thats all that counts.

    • Shirley Corning 7 years ago

      I’m happy for you too Tonya. Way to go girl. You’re absolutely right. You get a big hug too. :)<<

  3. Marty 7 years ago

    You are truly a success story Shirley! I’m very happy for you. I too was living full time as my female self. I have bipolar disorder and part of that is laziness (or an excuse, LOL) so when I go out I wear a wig if I feel like it or just a baseball cap most of the time. Didn’t always wear makeup either. Wore jewelry and dressed the part though. I too felt very comfortable in my own skin and am happy. I just finished school May 2nd and now am looking for an internship in computer programming (have all classwork completed for AAS). I had my first interview last week and found myself in a Dilemma. To dress as my female self or as my male self??? At the last minute I decided to take the easy way out and go as my male self and have not done my nails or anything because I am supposed to meet with someone tomorrow for an internship. After that, back to being myself. Now that I’m out of school there is no excuse for me to not go all the way with wig, makeup, etc and be my complete self. You are right on when you said that there comes a point where you’ve been depressed (and suicidal) for far too long and all the sudden something snaps and you really don’t care what others think, like or don’t like. I get a tad uncomfortable sometimes when people stare, but not so much to stop being who I am. My deal with the job interview is that I haven’t worked since Oct. 2008 and figure I have more of a chance to get a job being my male self and letting them know if I’m hired 🙂 Anyhow, I’ve rambled enough. Thanks for sharing your story and best of everything life has to offer.

    • Shirley Corning 7 years ago

      What a coincidence Marty, I am a Senior Programmer Analyst experienced on the IBM iSeries machines programming in ILE RPG and CL for business and government applications. The last job I had lasted 7 years and paid $104,000.00 a year. I worked there as Gordon but it was obvious the whole time I was gender bent wearing low heel women’s shoes, two pair of one inch gold hoop earrings, simple blouses, one inch acrylic nails with bright metallic colors like pink, raspberry, lavender and even bright red. Used to compare nail colors with my manager, Doris. Add an occasional A cup Bali bra, always wearing hi cut panties (Bali’s Lacey Skamp was my favorite), medium length hair and you’ve got the picture. Most Halloweens I dressed as Shirley and won first prize a couple times.

      So how much can you get away with? Plenty. I can practically guarantee you that once you have 3 to 5 years programming experience you could show up for an interview as Ronald McDonald and as long as you had a rational explanation they’d still seriously consider you for the position. There’s never enough programmers and most companies can’t afford to hire as many as they’d like to get all the projects they want to do done. I would look for another job but I don’t have to work and am reluctant to give up my free time for a full time position. Unless your rich it always seems to be a compromise between time and money. If I decide to look for a programming job I will go to the interview as Shirley and make it perfectly clear that I’m going to work as Shirley or it’s no deal.

      There is one thing I remember that Henry Ford said that has burned into my brain since I started living as Shirley full time March 15th of this year, “You can think you can or you can think you can’t and either way you’re right.” OMG! All those years I thought I couldn’t I could’ve been Shirley rejoicing instead of Gordon the miserable and depressed for two decades. What a waste. It wasn’t worth the sacrifice.
      Don’t make the same mistake. Follow your heart.

      • Marty 7 years ago

        Thanks Shirley! However, I waited until I was 48/49 to start dressing full time. Now I find myself indecisive about how to dress when going to interviews. I have been going as my male self, but haven’t got an internship yet. I guess that from here out I go as my true, female self. At this point, what do I have to loose? I think the potential employers can tell sense something isn’t true about me as a male. Maybe they will read me more honest and comfortable as a woman. Plus, starting off interviewing as a female means I don’t have to worry about transitioning after a week or two. Start as me, stay me (feminine me).

  4. Shirley Corning 7 years ago

    Me alegro por su éxito Stephanie y su poder para hacer esto. Bien por ti. Sí. Soy alto también, y poco más de 6 pies 4 pulgadas. Por supuesto, eso no es lo suficientemente alto como para la mayoría de mis zapatos de tacón con 2 pulgadas. Yo camino a través de tiendas como Wal-Mart ocupados y Costco, donde hay mucha gente y nadie se molesta o le presta una atención especial. Muy bueno. Me hace tan feliz que a nadie le importa. Espero que tengas muchos días buenos y bendiciones. Shirley.

  5. elisa michelle 7 years ago

    Hi! read these comments with excitement and trepidation!I have to realize that more and more i want to spend my time as a woman,however reality is that i share a house with an older brother and sister,whoi am sure would never accept me as elisa michelle,indeed think they would make my life difficult!However taken the first step,and meet this weekend witha girl named Linda,who runs a transformation service in Phioladelphia.the reason for this is i have a deep and burning desire to bring out my feminine self Elisa Michelle,out into the public view as much as possible!and want to fully realize her potential as a feminine being!

    best regards
    elisa michelle

    • Shirley Corning 7 years ago

      Hi Elisa,
      I’ll be darned if there isn’t always a price to pay to jump that gender fence and no one seems to be able make it cost more than family. Expect the unexpected. Have a good counselor to help you through it. I have only one brother and currently he doesn’t want to see me as Shirley and I’m not planning to see him until he does yet he has no problem talking to me on the phone as if nothing had changed. Go figure. I was living with my daughter when I suddenly went full time and we were fiercely at odds over her children seeing me for the first two months. Talk about anger and upset and hurt feelings on both sides. So I have paid and am paying the price but it is so worth it I would pay it again. I’m way too happy as Shirley to even consider going back to being Gordon for anyone or any reason at all, period. No way Jose.

      Just from the little you’ve said I have little doubt that you’ll be very happy as Elisa and filled with joy and energy. Just being yourself makes your spirit shine so bright everyone can see. That’s what makes the magic work for you and you become beautiful and charismatic. The corpse of a fashion model is not attractive but a happy woman always is.

      Good luck with everything Elisa Michelle. Break the chains and be free.
      With hugs,

  6. Antome 6 years ago

    Sorry, i mean very nice, and interesting story, but, not to cathegorize, this is more transexualism and feeling or even being a woman, not crossdressing and feeling outside gender boundaries or more girly from time to time.
    You are not transitioning, but are you operated through surgery?

    • Shirley Corning 6 years ago

      Hi Antome. If I understand what you’re saying correctly I can see why you might think I’m a transsexual but really I’m not. I have not undergone sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) and am unwilling to do so. For me SRS would be a pointless waste. I will keep the organs I was born with. I have no plans to get hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The feminizing effects of HRT would be nice but it also causes chemical castration and again I am unwilling to pay that price. I am transgendered, not transsexual, and there is a big difference. So yes I live as a woman and I’m very comfortable in the feminine role. It comes quite naturally to me but should not be confused with sexual orientation or actual sexual behavior. I’ve only been in relationships with women, never men, and that’s the way it’s going to stay. The extent to which a cross dresser feels feminine varies widely and I’ve personally met more than 300 of them. I met a cross dresser once who was nicely dressed from head to toe and he told me, “I don’t feel feminine.” I had no reason to doubt his word but it certainly made me wonder why he bothered to get dressed up if he had no interest in feminine expression. The difference between him, transsexuals and everyone in between is today considered a gender spectrum made up of infinite points. More appropriately in this regard I’d call it a transgendered spectrum. We can try to categorize people many different ways but the bottom line is human beings are not that simple.

      According to the best statistics I’ve gathered cross dressers are about one out of a hundred men and transsexuals may be about one out of 10,000 but those who choose to live as women but do not transition like a transsexual are apparently very rare indeed and I happen to be one of them.

      Good luck you guys. lol

      • Antome 6 years ago

        I have to say I dig all people expression, from clothing to sexuality, crossdressing as well as transgenders etc, and I can’t understand how some people want to dictate normality and are so concerned for the “wandering” of customs. Probably they have no more compass of their own and need to stick to trivial and superficial “certainties” and cathegories.
        But sorry I meant transgender, not transexuals and now I’m seeing I wrongly put it under “transsexualism” assuming it was a form of it, when you said “So I’m successfully transgendered and living like or as a woman could and probably will the rest of my life.”. I always assumed transgender was a lighter form of transsexualism, shortly before, which involved Hrt.
        Your experience is wonderful, though mine is different, I am a man, but I don’t wanna feel miserable and restrained in my personality and style as one, I despise gender boundaries, so I want to integrate part of what’s commonly known as female clothes or accessories, in my style, especially the dark, gothic or rock/punk ones and obviously the usual dark fingernail polish and eye makeup :). But I mostly wanna make them part of my male personality and image, which is a bit outside gender roles. Some called manly men see it as cowardly opt out the duties of being a man and substantially being weak, but first this is like saying women are weak, second I wanna be strong as a person, only then as a man, third it has no bearing with strength, rather with self expression, which can be a strength in itself, if said expression is still a bit impopular.
        If I use makeup, or say goth black lace bordered tops is not for fetish (but if one has some is cool and ok to me) but just because I like the cloth and the look of it, I like to pull it off, for me first, then to those who could appreciate, same for fishnet gloves, to take care of me. I could feel it as feminine or masculine or a synth of the two, depending on the mood. The differences are indeed curious, Mycdlife for instance almost switches between a female and male self if I understood right, retaining part of it when in male mode.
        It’s partly trying to groom oneself to look nice as a boy in a similar way as a woman would, because it’s part of the image and style spectrum, there are many good example of it not only among the rockstars but also all over youtube. Obviously one needs to adapt it to his particular case.

  7. Shirley 4 years ago

    It’s 8/16/2015 and still going strong. Changed my legal name and gender over a year ago. Attended conferences and events all over the country. I’ve been president of the Simi Valley Pflag chapter since last May and I’m happy to report that the parents of trans children have been reaching out to us for support like never before. Trans youth and their parents are a subject very dear to my heart and I’m happy to help in any way I can. Being 6’4″ and fairly easy to read I had anticipated getting some occasional static from people but much to my surprise no one cares. Isn’t that just wonderful? Even standing in line in the ladies room no one has said boo or even given me a dirty look. Trantastic!

    • Vanessa Law 4 years ago

      Hey Shirley, So wonderful to hear an update from you hon!!
      Thanks for giving back to the community, it’s a blessing to have members of the transgender community like you.

      If you’re interested in sharing an update to your story I’d love to post something to Crossdresser Heaven – head over here:

      • Shirley 4 years ago

        Thanks Vanessa. I’m not sure when I can but I’d certainly like to. It’s crazy busy in this corner but I’ll add it to my never ending to do list and squeeze it in between things. You definitely get a big hug and a high five. : )<<

      • Vanessa Law 4 years ago

        Thanks hon 🙂 *hugs!*

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