Deportment – what does it mean? Behavior. Bearing. Conduct of a person. Body language.

Over the years, I have been an astute observer of women of all ages, watching how they present themselves. Not surprisingly, it’s totally different than the male gender! Their gestures are different, the way they stand, move their hand, how they talk to another person with great zeal. The body language is from another world!

OK, note these observations: you are a passable crossdresser, well-experienced in going out in public, makeup and wig perfectly applied, walk is down, voice gets by. But the most overlooked aspect of female impersonation in public presentation is deportment. What is it?

  • Women talk with their hands; they are very eager and expressive in communicating to others and use their hand movements, low, flailing hands and forearms, to express themselves better.
  • When conversing, the listener looks the talker in the eye, does not interrupt, and smiles back and nods their head, hanging on every word the other woman is saying.
  • Also different from men, body language of the hands. For example, they put both hands up to their nose and mouth in a praying-like position when acting surprised, excited, or astonished. Why? I don’t know, they just do.
  • When walking, some women unconsciously walk with a limp wrist on one arm, usually bent 90 degrees at the elbow.
  • Another gesture involving one, or sometimes both, hands is putting the hands up to their chest/heart area in response to amazement or surprise – like being proposed to (same as the above clapped palms to the face). I always thought they were experiencing heartburn!
  • When women sit, whether with pants, dress, or skirt, they cross their legs with leg over knee, or cross at the ankle or shin, with both hands palm down, resting flat on their lap or knees.
  • Watch how women of all ages stand in a resting position, usually while in line somewhere, standing at a counter or display, or perhaps talking to another genetic girl. They never have both feet facing forward (“north” or twelve o’clock,) it’s always one facing forward, typically it’s the left one, and the right is at three o’clock (or “east”). Another option is the “models’ pose,” with the right foot at two o’clock, and the left foot slightly backwards, behind the right. Sometimes they will do a “supermodel” pose with left foot at 11, and right foot at two, again moved slightly backwards. Watch for that.
  • When you are eating out, cross your legs under the table. When putting a forkful of food into your mouth, lean into it and eat small portions. Insert the fork mostly forward, not sideways. Now, after inserting the food, make sure you keep your hand bent backwards at the wrist, so that the utensil is almost facing upward. Repeat this with every bite, and blot your lips with a napkin (from your lap) every so often.

So, there you have it: a crash course in Female Impersonation Deportment in Public. Hope you enjoy the tips and remember to practice, practice, practice! I throw out any missing suggestions to our fellow sisters for observations they may have noticed that I missed. Discuss!

Hugs, and keep those seams straight…

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1 year ago

One helpful femme tip is walk with elbows in against your torso, which helps a gal then keep her forearms bent outward slightly and the wrists facing forward rather than parallel to her body or backward. I like to tuck my thumb between my second and third finger to also maintain a more compact, feminine appearance while upright and walking.

1 year ago

I always have to remember to lotion my knees when I’m getting dressed! Saw some photos of me that I took that otherwise would’ve been scrumptious except for chalky white-ish knees visible through my dark hose. NOT how other fashionable ladies look! Especially necessary now with colder weather. Just a little does the trick. Soft, smooth, and consistent color with the rest of my legs now.

Vanessa Jones
Active Member
11 months ago

Hello Meghan,
Great article. You know, I thought it was odd that I have paid attention to women and their movements as far as I can remember. After reading your article, I feel as though it’s just part of who I am; who we are.
Thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts out there for the rest of us.

Chloé Dawn
10 months ago

I surprised how many of these thing I do and not realize it, that answers a few questions I’ve always had thanks

Shannon Tyler
10 months ago

Great insights. Thanks so much…

2 months ago

Curious I am trying to find information on why do straight men crossdress, I love feminizing, and I am just looking for an answer to know for myself and better be informed, so I may properly express this eventually to my girlfriend/common law

2 months ago

I accept me, my ex girlfriend did, a best friend of mine does John, and one other. Working my way through

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