You are not alone and God wants you to know that.

For years I struggled with gender dysphoria and my relationship with God. I have often read and listened to many people discuss this topic through books and the exchange of ideas. All of them fall short. I have gone through an emotional roller coaster of inward reflection that stopped me from moving forward in life.

From my limited observations, I’ve noticed that people are either defending or attacking crossdressing or Transgender individuals. The attacks are often misleading and misunderstood. Their defense is equally misguided. I am proposing a new avenue in which to break out of the misguided bantering back and forth, albeit, I do love a good disagreement. But lately, the cost has become too high, and Christians are driving a wedge between Christ and those who need him.

I want to take this moment to reach out to those who feel as if they are alone and without hope. Let me reassure you, you are not alone. God is present and is with you. When you feel like you are in the deepest depression, God is there with his hand on your shoulder.


In Matthew 15: 22-33, the disciples began crossing the Sea of Galilee. During their crossing, a storm blew in. As the storm raged and rocked their boat, Jesus was seen walking on water. Peter stepped out of the boat and walked on water for a moment until he doubted both Jesus and himself. Luckily, Jesus was there to pick up Peter. After Jesus picked up Peter, they all got into the boat and the storm stopped. Moral of the story is Jesus will always be there to pick us up, we just need faith.

Do not worry about whether crossdressing is a sin. God is the only judge of sin. Worry about your relationship with God. Stop looking everywhere. Begin by looking in your pain and praise God because God is trying to tell you something.

Over the past few months, God has weighed heavily on my heart and my desire to crossdress. Crossdressing is a gift, not a curse or a sin. I do not know to what end crossdressing is God’s gift, I just know it is. It is beautiful, and I look forward to expressing my feminine side now. Do not drag yourself down with self-doubt. Break the chains of sin by praising God, and his purpose will be revealed in your life.

Sincerely and with much Love


If you would like to read more of my writings, they can be found on the Medium. Feel free to send me a private message and I’ll share the link with you.



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Jaime Benton

Hey I am Jaime, I am from NC. Just kinda coming out of the closet slowly... XO lol. I look forward to meeting and getting to know some new people.
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April May
April May
4 years ago

Sorry but this is nonsense.

Leaders of Abrahamic religions are quite clear. Homosexuality and cross-dressing is a sin. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Divorce is adultery. Trying to suggest otherwise is sophistry.

If you cross-dress and you belong to an Abrahamic religion then you are a sinner and forsaken by your deity..

Rather than trying to rationalize why your “deity loves you", a more realistic approach would be to admit that you are a sinner in the eyes of all Abrahamic religions and then decide if its a club you wish to be part of.

April May
April May
4 years ago
Reply to  Jaime Benton

Jaime, You would need to ask Leaders of Abrahamic religions to explain the rationale for their differences. Just within Christianity, one could spend days merely on the esoteric philosophical debates around transubstantiation. My reading is they are varied and often stem back to the time of Christ. Regarding texts, not sure what you are referring to: The Koran, Talmud, one of the many versions of the bible or the non-canonical gospels? And does why they disagree on doctrine germaine to this conversation? The reality is these religions and their scriptures are all paternal, misogynistic (gee what ever happened to Asherah?)… Read more »

Stacey Ropke
4 years ago

First off I just want to say thank you for this post I found it helpful. I struggle with my faith and my crossdressing. I grew up with my mom being Southern Baptist and my dad being Church of God in the Deep South. Guess I don’t have to say what their take is about all this. I always had a problem with the philosophy of love the sinner and hate the sin. Every time the topic came up, we are not just sinners but an abomination and perverts and we’re sick. I would walk out of service wondering what… Read more »

Kara Sumtymes
Kara Sumtymes
3 years ago

I to have some sort of questions about myself & why this has happen to me/ C-dressing? & yes I am also a born again not that I can quote scriptures like some of you people can,,, I tend to learn & change while going through Sin/& while I’m on my journey/walk through life being a Christian I have read the Bible quite a few times, go to bible studies & maybe? At times I might not understand of what was read,at first ,, but,,, before ever even reading the Bible I first asked/ prayed to the LORD & Holy… Read more »

Trusted Member
2 years ago

Sorry, girls, but I feel led to join in with my two-cents’ worth. I have been a Christian for nearly 6 decades. Most of that time, I felt like God was at the least disappointed with my choices, at worst angry with me. I have come to believe that God has always been for me and not against me, and the judgement I assumed was of my own making (of from the Accuser) and not from God. What He was judging was that I kept secrets and lied to my family, my wife, and myself all that time. I believe… Read more »

AbramYetman7 AbramYetman7
AbramYetman7 AbramYetman7
1 year ago

Thank you for sharing your experiences and writing such an important post. We are all children of God, and He loves us all equally. Transvestites and transgender people are the same people as everyone else and deserve love and respect. God can be found not only in the Bible but also in yourself, love, and nature.

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