So we’ve come out as a crossdresser; who helps us the most?

The answer is obvious for those lucky enough to have a wife or girlfriend who participates with them. We must consider ourselves the lucky ones; not everyone gets the same support from the normal home life. Without the support of my wife, I would never have the courage to come out. I get home from work and change straight away. On her return from work, she gives me her opinion of what I’m wearing. She will tell me what works and what doesn’t. For that, I’m eternally grateful. She also helps me with my makeup. How can I really thank her for her marvelous support?

So yeah, some of us are really lucky, and so we must sympathize with those who don’t have a helpful someone to guide them down the road we all travel. Without trying to be insensitive, at times we take for granted the support we have and frequently mention it as if we all share this gift. I must hold my hand up now, because maybe subconsciously I do this and for that, I am sorry. Knowing the torment we all go through, and then to mention the support I have without consideration of others isn’t fair. As I mentioned at the start; I’m one of the lucky ones.

This is where a place like Crossdresser Heaven really shines. The individuals responsible for designing and creating these types of websites deserve our gratitude. Without websites like CDH, we would often be clueless in our search for support, whether it is local or across the globe.

The friends we make on these websites give us the courage and tenacity to drive towards our final goal. Their insights, their support, and the articles they write are done from the bottom of their heart with the intent to help us all. I’m pretty certain that many of us look forward to receiving a friendship request or a message from a friend.

When we present ourselves in public, we choose the “friendly” venues that we know will accept us for who we are. We are not treated like freaks when we enter, but are instead welcomed as normal people. We should be because in reality we are; there is nothing wrong with us. We are who we are, and we must be proud of that.

We support each other by befriending each other on websites like this. The simple act of sending someone a message reinforces that support. Sharing links to website’s that can help out with finding clothes, shoes, makeup hints, anything we care to know is a support network in situ.

Do we ever actually think that we are alone? When we look at the messages in our in-box from a friend on the internet, who has gone down the same path and overcome similar obstacles, then we have found the support network that we so crave or needed to find. Sometimes though, we fail to realise that through the power of the internet the support we seek is always on hand and readily available.

So the next time I’m felling low, maybe after a bad night out, I’m going to make a vow to log on and discuss it with my online family. They don’t judge and I know they’ll give me the support I need. If that can happen for me, (one of the lucky ones) then it can happen for all of us. We just need to be brave and let it all out. The comfort and help is there with our online friends. No one is going to bite our head off, and they aren’t going to tell us we’re wrong for going out dressed as we want to or as we should be allowed to.

The support is there; we just need to tap into that massive, loving, and accepting network of friends. That’s the support network we all have at our fingertips. We don’t judge; we support everyone who needs it.

Don’t be afraid; we’re all here to support and love one another regardless of our location or our time zone.


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Jordan Runyard

Started my cd journey at about 12 yrs old, but wasn't able to pursue properly. Fast forward 20 odd years and another short opportunity arose. From then the feelings of wearing female clothes took hold. Still haven't told family & friends, due to religion and where we live. Wife is supportive, and helps. I still need to get the courage to go past the front gate as Jordan.

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Gianna Bonita
Active Member
3 years ago

I quite new to this site and I find solace and confidence in all that CDH and its members have to offer. Thankyou Jordan for your thoughts. I am fortunate too in that my wife is supportive as well. Hugs G

Active Member
3 years ago

Jordan, you are absolutely right. Sometimes, especially if our spouse, family, or friends either don’t know or just aren’t supportive of our CD side, it can feel all alone. But we do have our CDH friends, our confidants, our girls who support us through it all.

Falecia McGuire
Active Member
3 years ago

Thanks Jordan, I don’t really have a supportive spouse, but at least she looks the other way. Early on, I thought we might share my CD thing as a fantasy, but it didn’t work out – at least for now. Hope springs eternal. That said, I do enjoy the camaraderie of CDH. While there are a six million stories in the “Naked City,” it seems that I frequently find someone who identifies with my story. For each of us, our underlying loneliness compels us to reach out for some validation and understanding. We are generally anonymous within our real life… Read more »

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
3 years ago

Jordan-thanks for voicing the value of the site. As a member since August 2015, I know full well how vital this place we call home is. And I’ve written about it many times(see many of my articles and forum posts from my page). Thanks again!

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