Crossdressers do you want bigger breasts?

Lucille provides some great tips for crossdressers and transgendered people looking to increase their breast size. You can find out more at her website flat2fem

Before you spend lots of money on pills and lotions you should take a look at her website. Many of the tips allow you to boost your bustline using over the counter herbal medicines and exercise.

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Lisa Castillo
Lisa Castillo (@crsdressergmail-com)
2 years ago

I have been taking prescription Estrogen for 3 months now and see and feel a very real difference in my breasts. They are larger and hurt a little. It is exciting!
Iv’e tried other pills and herbal supplements and nothing works like this.

Dena White
Dena White (@dena)
1 year ago

Hi Vanessa…I read your articel about brst enlargements. i can thank you for your work and time for somrone like myself. I’m a man who liked a cd girl and now finds the need to dress abit. Sumetimes I thought about enlargements but….. I’m enjoying reading about you and manny others thanks…..Dena

Xiomara Gonzalez
Xiomara Gonzalez (@tioxio)
2 months ago

AS a former bodybuilder and powerlifter, I would suggest adding ibutamoren along with your therapy. It is an HGH precursor and, as I understand that is part of the reason why adults transitioning do not get the same effects as teens in puberty:lack of HGH I cannot find any studies on this and I’ve looked. Everyone studies androgens. Another thought would be supplementing with DHEA. {People usually use to boost testosterone, but testosterone aromatizes into estrogen so same, Eat your eggs. Have any of you looked at I have a trans friend to whom I suggested all of this… Read more »

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