Do you want larger breasts?

Crossdressers do you want bigger breasts?

Lucille provides some great tips for crossdressers and transgendered people looking to increase their breast size. You can find out more at her website flat2fem

Before you spend lots of money on pills and lotions you should take a look at her website. Many of the tips allow you to boost your bustline using over the counter herbal medicines and exercise.

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  1. Randy Hogue 2 months ago

    I really want nice girly boobs. I am obsessed with it. I do have really small boobs now but I want c or d cup.

    I started looking into mtf breast augmentation being offered in the Seattle area and the pictures that J had seen of the success stories they were bragging made me want to cry. They looked nothing like boobs. It was not much different than stuffing a bra with socks only the socks are stuffed into your breast plate not your bra. And at what you pay you would expect better.

  2. Teri22 Fisher 7 months ago

    I’ve been on SP, Red Clover,and Fenugreek
    for over 2 years and lately last 3 months
    added a breast enlargement cream with
    only small results. Today I saw on line where
    You can buy Progynova-2 mg (estradiol) and
    Aldactone- 25mg. ( spironolactone) without
    a prescription. Does anyone know if this would be a safe way to go? I am now only a
    38aa and my goal is to reach a full B cup.

  3. Stephanie 7 months ago

    Sadly the more you read the more likely you will hear what you want to hear. Who knows what to believe. I recently started on estrogen supplements and a T blocker. I would love to experience the sensations of nipple growth and more than ready to shrink my testicles. I have experimented in the past with an elastrator and considered injections but turned to hormone supplements in hopes they will continue what I started. Has anyone had real success or has it just been wishful thinking?

  4. Keniffer 9 months ago

    A female friend of mine dominates me and wants me completely feminized. She told me I’m going to start taking pills or whatever it takes to grow big breasts but her main goal is to shrink my penis until it’s useless and limp. Any suggestions what she can give me?

  5. Anna Cordeo 11 months ago

    It seems to me that naturaful creme works from what I’ve seen. Im currently using bountiful breast and transfemme cream alternating both of them. I’m am taking bovine ovary pills and some pm. I also pump my breasts with the noogleberry pumps 4 times a week for an hour. I have gained about 1 inch in the past 2 months. Its dedication and time. The results are slowly coming and its both exciting and well worth it.

  6. Sarah1234 Gurl 12 months ago

    Hi gurls Does progesterone cream help with breast enlargement.

    • Karla 8 months ago

      I learned long ago that if you find it over the counter is worthless. Only prescription products have real results, the rest is wasting money.

  7. sandi jons 1 year ago

    breast are so much a symbol of being female wanting to have them is natural

  8. Chorien Simpson 1 year ago

    I just wish I could get my kids To excipient me sorry I spelled that wrong

  9. Tiffany Cox 1 year ago

    I can’t wait to get started on estrogen and test block so i can start growing breast some nutral but I am thinking and planning on going to have breast implants done asap?I’m leaning toward a 40D!!

  10. Alice 1 year ago

    Massaging helps me somewhat.

    My wife is strongly against crossdressing, not to mention changing my gender. As a nurse, she knows medication, so I cannot use it, although my psychiatrist recommended it. I started massaging about a year or more ago. Two months ago, my wife remarked that I should put on something under my T-shirt so that others would not see my small bouncy breasts. My nightly exercise in the shower works a little magic on me.

    She even bought some small size women camisole for me to wear beneath my T-shirts.

    • Deedee Delano 1 year ago

      Maybe your wife isn’t so against it as you think if she bought you camisoles!! Perhaps some quiet persuasion from you might help. Tell her that now you know why women wear soft silky things and how nice the camisoles feel. You could complain about your breast growth and how sensitive your nipples have become! I’m sure you can think of other things too.

  11. dizzylizzy lawson 1 year ago

    reading the comments it seems that some had luck others no so much on herbal creams and exercises for breast growth I’m lucky I guess I fit a b cup just fine it seems that wering a bra a lot helps wish all you girls all the luck on your journey.

  12. LeighAnne Davis 2 years ago

    I started growing breasts accidentally. My physician had started me on a testosterone regimen, but failed to adequately monitor my levels. When I figured out that my testosterone level was TEN TIMES the “normal” level, I discontinued the regimen. By this time, I guess my pituitary gland decided that
    I needed more estrogen. In any case, I grew a pair of “decently sized” breasts, about a “B” cup. They felt just like female breasts, and I found that I liked playing with them.

    Reading the “flat2fem” articles, I began a regimen of Fenugreek and Saw Palmetto, the “Chi” message twice a day, and have noticed some additional growth. My present bra size is a 42B.

    Now, if I could just get them to lactate…

  13. Claire Renee Howard 2 years ago

    I can’t say I believe much of what is pushed as natural herbal or phyto estrogen regimens. Saw palmetto and fennel as well as most of the other herbals mentioned do have some favorable attributes but unfortunately most are also aromatase inhibitors. So yes they do mimic estrogens weakly but at the cost of cancelling out the natural estrogen that we do produce which is many times stronger. Sad but true. Always google the herb and aromatase inhibitor and you will see what I mean.

  14. l 3 years ago

    I so want to get my boobs I’m linda of nz

    • Nolene Venus 11 months ago

      I wouls so love to have breaata too linda huggs noelene of nz

      • Yasmen Drew 8 months ago

        I also I am using estrogen tablets and two types of HRT along with cream I would love to have big breasts I am spending lots of money as this is my big wish and aim

  15. kathy 3 years ago

    last september I had breast implants ,had the money ,been ts for yrs kathy

    • tommi vegas 1 year ago

      How much do they cost and what do they require for transgendered people to get them ? I want my breasts so bad and have a little extra money ..any help would be greatly appreciated

  16. Sabrina Collins 3 years ago

    I think I’m almost there I’m a pre-op transexual hopefully I’ll have my surgery this year fingers crossed…

  17. Kimberly 4 years ago

    I’m now following Lucille’s Flat to Femme program (The updated Flat to Fab program. It’s pretty much the same but with more info on Pueraria Mirifica). I went off of her free info for over a month and started to see results so I bought in and I’m still growing. It certainly does take a lot of commitment to it and people have noticed I’ve smelled like “maple syrup” from time to time. Nothing a little coffee smell doesn’t tend to cover up from work.

  18. bobbie 5 years ago

    Hi I am a crossbresser i wont to grow tits help i wish I was a women

    • Yasmen Drew 8 months ago

      It takes time to grow tits I have been trying for two years I am using a vacuum system PM and birth control pills and it’s working you just have to keep on trying I love having painted nails love panties and adore bras

  19. laurie 9 years ago

    no fenugreek yet, try wild yam cream, make sure you massage well into
    breast, after lucille sent details I ordered the fenugreek.
    had to substitute wild yam extract for cream but its starting to work.

  20. Stephanie 10 years ago

    Hi I’m Stephanie,

    Regarding Lucille Sorella and breast enlargement, I discovered her several years ago after wading through all the ‘miracle’ pills, lotions and hormone treatments imaginable, totally dis-illusioned. Lucille’s site caught my eye because of her claim of ‘all natural’ and because of the wealth of free info she supplied on her site.

    The single biggest secret I learned from her about all natural enhancement is – be prepared to spend the time and effort. It’s a daily (sometimes twice daily) regime and you have to stick with it for a long time. I made the commitment because at the time I wanted to transition including SRS and I wanted breasts. Not man boobs, but soft, full, feminine breasts. I now have a full ‘C’ cup as beautiful as any genetic woman. The first two years I only used the free info she supplid which got me to a nice ‘B’ & a year ago I purchased ‘flat2fem’ and proceeded to where I am now. I was nervous about going too fast to start, so only did the following-

    Remember it’s a combination of lot’s of little things so the ‘ol brain in constantly getting the message to grow breasts.

    – massage as she directs at least twice a day.

    – exercise for a feminine figure (tone & strength, not muscle & bulk). If you’re happy about looking and feeling more feminine your body reacts more positively to breast growth.(my opinion only) There’s a million womans exercises online.

    – diet and nutrition (obviously, I know) I feminized my diet as much as possible and feel better for it.

    – positive mental reinforcement and affirmations while massaging – ie “I am a woman, these are my breasts, supple, soft, growing rounder, fuller” etc – make up your own that work for you.

    – heating pad for short periods, or I would aim the shower head at my chest & alternate between really cold & as hot as was comfortable a half dozen times for 10 seconds at a time. (that showed results – for me)

    – Obviously the nipples grow with the breasts, but not always as much as you’d like if you’re over 40, so I found it helps to tickle or tug on your nipples to increase their size.

    – massage with lotion and mix in a few drops of herbal extract such as red clover, saw palmetto or wild yam. (I used tea tree oil & wild yam – not at the same time)If you have any concerns about allergies, reactions to other medications etc, see your doctor first.

    Sounds easy but when the novelty wears off after a few weeks, you have to force yourself to find the time & energy to do it.

    I don’t recommend or guarantee any of this, I’m just sharing what worked for me. I now have a wonderful bust and I love it.

    Take care, Stephanie

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