Since this my first article im going to say a little about myself.

So, I’ve recently started to get more active in my crossdressing. This is mainly because I started feeling bad, like I was ashamed by who I really was, just because I couldn’t pass. Then I read something that made me think, “Some progress is still progress.” Now I’m working on who my female side is. Callie is me and I am her.

The point of this article is just to say love who you are. A few weeks ago go I had a bad experience that set me back a bit. I went out in full male clothes  and just my toes painted. As I was walking into the store a small minded high-school boy leans out of his truck laughs. Looking down at my toes he says, sarcastically, “nice color” and continued to laugh.

That was when my wife said that the only opinions of myself that should matter are mine and hers. Since then I’ve learned her opinion matters, I just can’t let it stop me from being me. She is mostly supportive, she just doesn’t understand it truly.

I have noticed that there are many reasons why we crossdress. Some do it because for those seconds in those clothes they feel better about themselves and everything. This is one of my reasons  I dress, it’s like bliss from the second I slip into my Fem clothes. Some do it because it gives them a perverse satisfaction. When I started this was the case, I did it for the arousal factor. Now it doesn’t have that effect on me.

This brings me to my last reason. Some us do it because it’s WHO WE ARE. Now I look back and I can’t understand doing it for perversion, but that’s me personally. Do it for any reason that feels right, but do it for you not for others. I see myself as a lady, and I am respectful about how I dress. This is not to say some of my clothes aren’t a bit risqué, but the only one who sees me in those clothes is me.

Be yourself don’t let any one stop you from being yourself.

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callie sails

Newly renewed dresser. Married with two kids. My wife is semi supportive

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  1. Patsy Jennusaith 5 months ago

    Some days I’m doing it for sexual thrill, and other days I’m doing it because I want to feel what it’s like to be a woman. For most cross dressing sessions it’s a combination of both.

  2. Sallysim 2 years ago

    Hi Callie, I’ve not been about on the site as I should have been lately and just read your article. I had a similar experience myself last week, only it was with my fingernails a group of builders shouted at me ‘ show us your nails’ , I was dressed in male clothes at the time. I proudly showed them my nails. Several swear words later they shouted to me ‘where’s your dress ‘ I just said its at home today and carried on walking. They kept shouting obscenities to me until I dissapeared from view.
    My thoughts were, small minded people and yes actually I like who I am and really don’t care what other people think. It’s my life.

  3. Author
    callie sails 2 years ago

    I have been off the site for a few weeks because life happens, but it touches my heart to see the replies. Thank you all so much for reading.

  4. Dot (Donna B) 2 years ago

    Very nicely expressed. The reason to dress doesn’t matter. It is an internal need being met and is valid for each of us. Whatever the motivation there are others who are like us.


  5. Vanessa 2 years ago

    Hi Callie,
    My wife knows and tolerates. I feel she would be more supportive if wider family were to accept me but she knows they would not and would try to split our happy marriage of 28 years. Like you, I dress because it is who I am. I liked your article very much.

  6. Codille Benton 2 years ago


    Some do it because it is who we are, I agree but take this up a small notch, Most do it because it it is who we are.

    Thank You for Sharing this perspective and positivity. I hope you share it more with others here and in the outside world.


    Codille Benton
    Managing Ambassador

  7. Jesse Nicole(Smokey) 2 years ago

    I think there are multiple reasons why we dress. Yours is probably the most prevalent. It’s something we NEED to do. Some will never take it beyond closed doors, some will fully transition, but you are exactly right!

  8. Dianne Baldwin 2 years ago

    I enjoyed your article we all show are other side for different reasons. I feel more comfortable and in touch when I’m Dianne.
    My wife knows but is not supportive , she tolerates . I hope over time she will be able to see where I’m coming from
    Hope to hear more of your journey

  9. JaneS 2 years ago

    Callie one thing your article demonstrates is that for many of us our reasons for dressing change over time. I think that’s as much about us developing as individuals as it is about our reasons. I wouldn’t call those who get a sexual arousal from crossdressing a perversion but I understand what you’re getting at.

    Sharing and discussing our feelings in two-way communication is a way we can help our ‘support team’ become more comfortable with the person we seek to display.

    I agree that we should dress to embrace who we are as long as we keep in mind that we don’t exist in isolation.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  10. Jennifergordon 2 years ago

    Hi Maggie honey! I just finished shaving these long legs. Always feels good to put an anklet on too. I find them really sexy. I’m still closeted sadly but I do the best that I can. You are lucky to have a supportive partner for sure. I finally accepted who I am a long time ago. Where are you from? Me? In Texas. Hope to hear from you sweetie! Xoxo

  11. Simone 2 years ago

    Maggie honey I couldn’t empathize nor. This is my relationship with my wife to a tttt
    .cooperation and patience are the key

  12. skippy1965(Cynthia) 2 years ago

    Well said Callie and thanks for sharing your story. For me, it is indeed true that the dressing is an outer demonstration of the female soul that I feel has always been inside me. One day Cyn may get to be the one in control. 🙂

  13. Maggie Honey 2 years ago

    I believe that it is a fine line that we walk. My wife is also semi-supportive. She says that “it’s only clothes”, yet she doesn’t want me to wear anything in public that is overtly feminine. She likes my anklet better since I changed the charm from a heart to a peace symbol. She doesn’t think that I should get my right ear pierced to match the left because she doesn’t like men wearing 2 earrings. She didn’t want me to shave my mustache. And she doesn’t understand the wigs and breast forms. She doesn’t mind the nail polish since I found a shade of pink that you have to look at really close to tell that there is any color. And she doesn’t mind me wearing a skirt around the house as long as it’s just the 2 of us there. I have discovered that baby steps are the key, so as not to overwhelm her. The last thing that I, or any of us, want is to loose any support we have. Good luck. Hugs, Maggie.

    • MacKenzie Alexandra 2 years ago

      I agree with you fully. My wife and I discuss MacKenzie and each step she takes. Though MacKenzie is part of me, my wife is even more important.

  14. MacKenzie Alexandra 2 years ago

    I could agree with your sentiments more. Throughout my life, I have always marched to a different drummer. Now as I am exploring my femininity in depth, this could not be more true. I am thankful that I have my wife’s support, but society’s opinion in general is not going to sway me from my path. Thanx for sharing.

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