Dress with confidence

Crossdress with confidence

Hi Everyone. My name is Renee and I am a newer member to the community. I have crossdressed off and on for over forty years. I started when I was sixteen and wearing my mom’s and sisters clothes whenever I had the chance. I once found my mom’s old cheerleader uniform and, without thinking about it, I woke up one of my sisters to see me in it. She must have been really sleepy because all she said was “That’s nice” and went back to bed. I never heard another thing about it so I think she forgot about it. There were a few times when I almost got caught wearing their things but escaped that. After college and going to work I got married and did not think about it again until about 8 years ago. We went to a Halloween party and she decided that we should go as me being the cheerleader and her as the quarterback. So she made me my very own skirt and we got a sweater that she put a school logo on. We actually got dressed at her mom’s house and her mom helped me with some makeup. The feeling of going out like that was really something. A few guys there made fun of me because I was wearing pantyhose but I gave them a girly stare back and told them that they weren’t brave enough to try something different.  The urge to try something on got to me and I did try a few things of my wife’s. Knowing that I did not want to ruin any of her things I went out one day after going to the beauty salon and bought my very own first bra and panty set. That was it. I was hooked again. I have grown my wardrobe quite a bit since then and dress whenever I have the opportunity.

I am not one to go out enfem but I do admire all of those who take the opportunity when it arises. I know that there are those who look down on us as someone who needs help because we are not normal. But the gender lines are being crossed more and more each day and I hope to see that one day we can go out and show the world that it is more than clothes that make a person. It is a feeling that being feminine when you are a guy is truly a wonderful feeling.

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  1. romi chambers 2 years ago

    Just got 2inch heels they make ya change the way you walk helps tone the legs also !

    • Author
      Renee T 2 years ago

      That does it to me also Romi. I have 2 pair of 3 inch heels and I they make my legs feel very different, but nice. Can you feel your hips move a little different also?

      • romi chambers 2 years ago

        Yes legs held in narrower , chest more straighter for balance helps with lady like gestures as you walk!

  2. Patty Phose 3 years ago

    The first time I went out fully dressed was also for a Halloween party. I was 18 and it was at a college. I went as part of a couple too. She was the guy. I was the girl, or as he described it “boss and secretary”.

    I got lots of looks and compliments. We won “best couples costume”. I won “sexiest costume” and “best legs”.

    It was such a blast.

  3. Lucinda Hawkns 3 years ago

    no there is not a thing wrong with dressing up as a female, we are showing our feminine side and enjoy our fem side. we are not weird either. woman dress in men clothing all the time so why not men wear female clothing some times but more then we should for some of us like me. i feel that i was born in the wrong body, i am male with a female brain and body figure. 28 waist thin not a lot of hair on legs or chest, feminine behind. when i dress up in a dress i feel normal, but when i dress up its all the way, panties, pad, nylons, bra, heels, make up, perfume, ear rings. nothing like looking all pretty and enjoying it

  4. Dianne Baldwin 3 years ago

    There is nothing wrong with the way we feel or think. It is Avery important part of our make up and I tried denying it for years and was very unhappy till I rediscovered my femminne side.
    Also wish there were groups in Canada were to reserved up here to how our true feelings

  5. Patricia Marie Allen 3 years ago

    You mentioned, “not normal.” I’m here to tell you that normal is highly over rated. Normal is defined as “average.” Well, anyone can be average. There’s no glory in being average, no excitement in being average. No fun either.

    Personally I’d rather live on the edge a little. Push the boundaries and experience new things. You know, like a new dress or a new pair of heels, or a new look for my makeup.

    Don’t let the stick in the mud normal (read average) people define how you should live or what you should wear.

    • Rozalyne Richards 9 months ago

      What is normal. We are all in the normal to our self’s. If we like to dress in so called women’s clothes then that is our normal.

  6. cdbc 3 years ago

    great article. i also crossdress privately and it all started with wearing my girlfriend’s thongs and bras. now, i like to wear her dresses, pantyhose, skirts and tights! i just love the feel of the tightness of these clothes and maybe the skimpy cloth between my buns. 🙂

    but, i don’t need any therapy because i am happy and comfortable with this and know that there is nothing wrong with this. i’m attracted to women…and their clothes! 🙂

    i wish there were more forums or places to discuss this in Canada.

    • Author
      Renee T 2 years ago

      So does your girlfriend mind you wearing her things? And does she help you with it?

  7. Ashleigh 3 years ago

    Always enjoy reading these articles. Partly because each one makes me feel less and less like the freak society would have us think we are. It always strikes me as odd that a woman wearing a man’s shirt can come across as sexy, while a man wearing a woman’s’ top comes across as creepy or weird.
    Totally agree that confidence makes the difference in how you feel about yourself and how your female persona is perceived.
    Thanks all, and please, for the sake of my sanity, keep sharing your stories, successes, and struggles.

  8. Janet 3 years ago

    I’ve dressed for as long as I can remember. Very closeted but enjoy being a woman when I can. I’ve become a real nail polish girl and love having long beautiful nails

  9. Madeline 3 years ago

    Renee I started crossdressing in my teens. At first I tried on my mothers clothes. Then I started to buy my own female clothes from stores. Saying to the shop assistants it was for my girlfriend!. It was often a disaster since the clothes just did not fit or did not feel good. Even though I am a closeted crossdresser I have the confidence to go out ask understanding shop assistants for help and advice when shoping for ladies clothes for my self. How it feels so good to be truly femine and dress as a lady.

    • Author
      Renee T 2 years ago

      thanks Madeline. That is one thing I have not done yet is to go into a store and tell the sales girl that I am buying these things for myself. I have been into a few stores to buy for my wife and sisters and have gotten a few nasty stares from a few women. Mainly the older women. The younger ones just smile. That is making me think that they might give me some advise. Going to try that soon.

  10. Regan 3 years ago

    I too started out with my moms or sisters clothing , which I think we all have , being they were the most assessable. Now days I have my own wardrobe , I have a very understanding wife and girlfriend . We at least take one weekend a month to have a girls day out. It is truly a blessing when one finds an understanding spouse. She started out I’m sure like most wives , surprised , nervous and scared. But thanks to sites like this and a good therapist , life is fantastic ! Kisses Regan

  11. nicci sterling 3 years ago

    Im so tired of being alone, confused and trapped…
    just want to be happy..

  12. Monika Sweet 3 years ago

    Love the statement… “It’s not about the Dress but Being a Woman…” I feel that being so appropriate. Once I dress up, I want to be treated as a woman… And I get this urge to be a woman often now as I am looking for more warmth and more affection.

    • Jillian Simpson 3 years ago

      Monika that is so true. When you are fully dressed, the feeling of wanting to be treated as woman are overwhelming. Even the simple things like looking in your handbag for a small mirror or perfume enhance those feelings.

  13. Sallysim 3 years ago

    Great article Renee, I too started with my mums clothes as a youngster, no sisters only brothers so no help there. That’s over 50 years ago and had always been in the closet until recently. I have some good friends who know about me and accept me for who I am. I love going out in public it feels so good to be out there all feminine.

  14. Rosaliy Lynne 3 years ago

    right on Renee. You do know that feeling. As for me, it started back in high school. I would dress up in secret then take long walks around at night. I avoided brightly lit places for fear of having problems. It was many years before I would go out in public aw a woman and that wasn’t until after my 3 separation which ended in divorce. Today I am happily Rosaliy. It is great to be accepted as you are.

    Good luck on your journey.

    PS: I too tried on clothes belonging to my wives over the years. Always felt good to know some of their clothes fit me.

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