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Unfortunately we can’t spend every day presenting as our feminine persona. Whether it’s work, family or friends we all have occasion dress as a man. If you’re like me, this can be immensely frustrating. When dressed as a man I feel as though I’m wearing a mask that hides my true self. Yet there are many ways to express your femininity without letting your inner girl run wild.

In this week’s crossdressing poll, I’d love to hear how you express your femininity in stealth. If you have a way not listed below, please take a moment to share – I know that many of the readers would appreciate learning new ways to be the girl inside, even when circumstances don’t allow.

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Last Week’s Crossdressing Poll

The results from last week’s early crossdressing valentine poll are in. Almost half of you gorgeous ladies take the opportunity on Valentine’s day to buy yourself some sexy lingerie, while for a good number Valentine’s day is about spending a romantic evening with the person you love. Whatever you choose to do on this hallmark holiday – do it with all your heart and look fabulous!


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I’m passionate about creating a safe space for everyone in the transgender community to find laughter and friendship on their journey. I completed my physical transition in 2011 and through it I lost everything, and gained everything. I am blessed that I was forced to gaze inward and embark on the journey to discover and live my authentic self. My deepest wish is that all who wander here may find peace, happiness and freedom.

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Contessa Davis
Contessa Davis
12 years ago

I carry my purse where ever I go and I will also wear pantyhose and panties. But I carry everything in my purse. I take it everywhere whether in en femme or in drab. I like me, my nails (fingernails) are always done. I love them and can’t take them off. I will tell anyone who asks why “that’s how I stay in touch with my feminine side. I’m sorry lol doesn’t work here so i’ll just use the word smile. And no I am not gay.

7 years ago

i carry a “man " bag always paint my toe nails

wear panties

wear femme jeans and sweaters

karley delaware
Active Member
6 years ago

I like to wear frilly panties under hiking shorts (5″inseam) and cuff the shorts to a 3 “inseam to show more legs, sweatshirt , boots with socks rolled down in a kind of girly fashion while carrying a man bag. Also like tp spritz a little perfume.

Bujold Scarlett
Bujold Scarlett
5 years ago

I like to wear panties everyday. When I can, I will be wearing stockings and garter. I keep my toenails painted at all times. I adore doing my fingernails, but they have to come off when femme time is over! I keep myself clean shaven (must shave everyday) with the exception of my forearms, which I will shave when needed. I feel best in a nice dress with 5″ heels and my nails perfect. I would love to live en femme 24/7. Stay beautiful, girls!

Love you all, Scarlett Bujold

Annette Cross
5 years ago

Hi Vanessa I underdress everyday: panties and pantyhose always, even at work; camisol and/or bra sometimes when i can wear enough clothes to hide the straps. Several days i wear heels in my car and i change it when i get to my destination. A couple weeks ago i start using menstrual pads or daily liners, i dont know why but i feel more femenine since i do. On weekends i use womens jeans, womens socks, unisex shoes, camisol sometimes and womans t-shirts one in a while. Finally when i run (by the way i am a runner everyday) i… Read more Β»

Jen Kelly
5 years ago

LIke many others it is panties everyday for me. I used a super femme smelling body wash and deodorant. if i am alone i may throw on a girls shirt, just a plain comfy shirt, but a girls one

5 years ago

I wear panties everyday now and tights some days. Just have to remember to change before going to bed as my wife wouldn’t be too happy. If she knew I was underdressing everyday I suspect she might not react very well.

5 years ago
Reply to  Gillian

A long time ago in a Galaxy far Away, it all started! Princess Leah must have did the Mind melding thing (Sorry, That was Spock).
Really, I was 5 and knew I love wearing pretty clothes that my neighbor girlfriend would wear. When we were inside playing theme games, It always felt so wonderful dressing in her pretty clothes.

Andi Persephone
3 years ago

I try to keep my nails done nicely in an androgynous way.

I am thinking of sewing some of my own panties and bralette’s as a start from some old tshirts.

I would love to own real clothes but it is just not in the cards for me at the moment.

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