Live Sessions – Survival Guide, An Introduction

Date: Sunday, May 23, 2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Live Sessions Episode 8

The announcement of a new feature for the sites aimed at providing many easily accessible tools, information and advice on staying in control of your emotions and life. Delivered through short videos, Articles, Live discussions, forums and anything we can employ to provide this information and assistance to all members. We understand the immense task we are taking on with the Survival Guide and begin this in that knowledge. Anything of worth is never acquired with ease, we have to push ourselves to achieve greatness and understanding. We wish to invite members to contribute to the new resource for the benefit of our members and support each other in a totally new way with a focus on the purity of love and compassion. The founding principles of our websites and communities.

“As we grow I think more people are aware of us and as far as the world has come, our community is still not the most popular.”

I see this as our strength, in who and what we are.
It is what brings us together with a commonality that pulls our energy to a focus on our websites.
A virtual space that has become a guiding light and beacon for so many across the globe.

A loving, caring, passionate and sincere community, who have a collective sense at the heart of our lives and existence that we bring together in our numbers and with a powerful force.

A force and strength of a oneness, standing united in this divided world that we live in.

We are creating our own future and our own values, that we are ready to share with the rest of humanity when it is able and capable to live with the same love and understanding that we share here.
We stand for freedom in every sense of the word.
We are strong and powerful in our awareness of who and what we are
We have a right to be, as much as any other being on this planet, without discrimination.
We are all part of humanity

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  • Vanessa Law
  • Swara R
  • Nicole Grl
  • Martina Rae
  • Cindy Propiedad
  • Stephanie Petty
  • Rowena Gold
  • Rebecca Rigg
  • Isabel B
  • Tilly Gardner
  • Dawn Judson
  • Jennifer Swanson
  • Catherine Snowbee
  • Krista C.
  • Gisela Claudine
  • Jana Davison
  • Billie Jay
  • Clara Cross
  • Natalie. Turner
  • Merideth Cyclist
  • Ellen Manko
  • Arlene Monroe
  • Jennifer Mills
  • Larry Allen
  • Erin Taylor
  • Liz Michelle Craig
  • Chelle Allen
  • Kristy Violet
  • Penny Jay
  • Mandy Wife
  • Char Edwards
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