Trans-Siberian Orchestra Lyrics

(posted for reflective thoughts as expressed below)

“Not The Same”

I heard a note
In the dark
Where it slipped into my mind
And somehow still remains
Time comes and goes
Ebbs and flows
And somehow that single note
Still rings on and sustains
For I need someone
Not just anyone
For when all is said and done
Is not the same
There was a soul in the dark
And it flies across the night
Towards a far distant flame
Cross forest and streets, every beat
Keeps it moving towards a goal
It may never obtain
For it needs someone
Not just anyone
For when all is said and done
Is not the same
You were the hope that I kept
Secretly inside and by
My whole life it was framed
Some never saw or suspected
That it was there and I
All alone knew your name
For we need someone
Not just anyone
For when all is said and done
Is not the same

Sometimes, there is someone who makes an impact in your life that resonates from that moment forward. We can either be the beneficiary or the one making the impact.

Yet, we don’t often realize the effect our seemingly simple actions can have on others.  Simply by living our lives and being true to ourselves, we may become an inspiration for others. Sometimes, it could impact many, while at other times it may be just one person. Ultimately, isn’t that why we all are put here on Earth-to make a difference?

It can be far too easy to say “I’m not important; no one cares about what I do; who am I to think I can make a difference,” but as the writer of the song says-YOU may be the hope that keeps someone going when their life seems to be falling apart.  Even if no one else notices you, what if you are the reason that they decide their life is still worth living? That person COULD be the person who someday cures cancer. They might simply be a person who serves mankind by spreading joy within their daily lives. We can never know who is watching us, seeing how we deal with our struggles and our joys. The way we live our lives can change the world.

The folks in our community have spent many years in isolation. I think each of us, at least once, if not many times has felt as if we were the only one in the world feeling the way we do. But then we find a place like CDH and realize we are NOT alone. We find a friend who shares our feelings, and the desperation we thought was our destiny gives way to hope that one day, our community will be seen for who we are.

We are first and foremost people, who deserve the same respect as any others do. As we grow confident in accepting of ourselves, we can welcome new members to the site and do for them what others once did for us.

You don’t have to save the world- it can be as simple as being there for others. Listening to their story and encouraging them to reach THEIR goals-whatever those may be. We’ll all be better for it. Each of us has our own path-some may choose to eventually transition, some may just want to go out, and others may be content to remain private in their dressing (or may be constrained by their circumstances); ALL of them equally valid paths.  All I want for others is for them to live their lives as THEY want to and not how I choose to live mine.

So the next time you feel like you can’t make a difference, remember you probably already DO to someone!  Just maybe that thought will help you get back up if you’ve stumbled or help you to continue on when you are too tired to go on.

If there is someone who has made that difference in YOUR life- TELL them-today!


BTW below is another great song she does for TSO—such passion in her voice! I wrote an article or forum post in the past  about this one too

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skippy1965 Cynthia

The Original Cyn, or OC for short. Cynthia is from Richmond Virginia, she crossdresses every day (lucky gal!) and has a knack for tracking down niggling technical issues so we can fix them. She is also on a journey of self-examination to figure out where her feminine journey will lead her, and is always willing to talk with others about their feelings and questions or her own.

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Tiffany Alexis
Tiffany Alexis
3 years ago

Beautiful Cyn, and it illustrates that our lives have far more meaning and impact than we ever know, every single person that has ever lived in some way has altered the course of the river of time.

Deanna Lund
Active Member
3 years ago

I am a big fan of Transsiberian Orchestra even to the extent of attending one of their concerts, the only live concert I have ever attended. TSO’s video, GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS EVE is a tradition in our house-we watch it at least every year on Christmas Eve. It has beautiful imagery, and music but most importantly a message of love, forgiveness and starting over. It hurts my heart to see how many families are broken. The meme about wanting world peace seems unattainable when we can’t achieve peace within our families. Maybe that’s because we struggle to even find peace… Read more »

Codille Benton Baer
3 years ago

Cyn, You have made a change in a lot peoples lives since finding this site and then becoming an Ambassador. I am proud to be your friend and see you find your true self!



Isabelle O'Malley
3 years ago

No truer words. We all matter, no matter where we ‘fit’ in this life, as long as we are true to ourselves (and perhaps even if we’re not) we all matter in some way.

Trusted Member
2 years ago

Thaaaankyou Cyn, what a truth…I didn’t understand this for the longest time, but now, with age on my side and life experience I have come to know that it take only one person to turn a life around completely. Just One person who genuinely cares, can change a life simply by being there for a single conversation. Sometimes even a sentence they are unaware is loaded with wisdom will alter the way another perceives things forever. That’s why I write Cyn…I know one person, not just any one, but this one person specifically, randomly stopped to chat with another person… Read more »

2 years ago

Yes so true, TSO is an amazing band, i used to listen to Jon and Criss Olivia when they were in the band Savatage, really beautiful and emotionally powerful music.

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