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Many of you have been out in public more than I have, and while I’m no expert, I believe this may help some others avoid problems of their own.

Over the last year, I’ve expanded my wardrobe tremendously.  When I started out, I was in total stealth mode. If this is you; here are my two words to help—Wal-Mart and JC Penney. They both have in-store pickup options. You can order with your wife or SO name and put yourself as the pickup person. When you pick up, you won’t ever receive a second look or judging look. They won’t care; they just want to go home.

JC Penney is great for shoes/boots. They carry most of their styles up to a women’s size 12, and they have many clearances sales. I’ve rarely paid more than $25 for very nice shoes and boots.  The only thing with Wal-Mart is the actual size verses the listed size. If it looks like a Chinese company made it, then order 1 to 2 sizes up.

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If not in stealth mode, obviously Amazon but Venus has been absolutely incredible to me.  They carry most of their dresses and tops up to at least XL and many up to 3X. Dresslily is ok, but watch the sizing.

I had problems finding rings that fit and were affordable. Check out Dreamland Jewelry; they have most of their rings up to size 14. They’re affordable, and the quality is good as well.

Hopefully this will help someone out.

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casey Hermoine

Semi-Closet crossdresser in mid 50's Have taken walks after dark on sidewalk of a busy road. Also a few outings to stores. Have been called maam twice which was a thrill!

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  1. Rochelle Mills 5 months ago

    Wonderful article, Casey! Just starting to get out and about and building up my wardrobe–alot from thrift store so far. But I have purchased a couple nice dresses from JCP–haven’t checked them out for larger shoes yet. Increased my shoe collection substantially at the local PayLess during their going-out-of-business sale.

    Really appreciate the Dreamland jewelry suggestion! Looks like they have a great selection of larger sized rings. Need to accessorize the fingers!



  2. Robin Kliment 5 months ago

    bought 4 rings…..I’m such a sukker for something shiney!!

  3. Alicia C 5 months ago

    Nordstrom Rack has a lot of nice stuff at reasonable prices, delivered. if you have feet over size 12, the selection sadly gets a lot thinner everywhere 🙁

    • Bettylou Cox 5 months ago

      You, too? I’m a size 12 Wide, and choices are few, even in men’s shoes. Thankfully, I discovered Payless just in time to take full use of their closeout sale.

      • Alicia C 5 months ago

        W14 is my sad lot in life, even hard in M12 sizes. so wish I had slightly smaller stompers

  4. Lea 5 months ago

    In the beginning, and for a long time, you will make a lot of shopping mistakes as you learn about fit, style, sizes, material, flow, form. GGs spend a lot of time and money on the same mistakes.

    Save your money and experiment with thrift store clothes or discount retail stores. Amazingly, I have found many cute pieces at thrift stores with their original tags on at a tiny percent of the cost.

    This also lets you buy more pieces to try out as you learn about this new fashion world

  5. Cassandra Murphy 5 months ago

    Hi, Casey…
    Finding affordable, nice, feminine rings that fit my size 13 fingers has been a problem. Looks like you’ve helped me solve this one. Thanks!

  6. *skippy1965(Cynthia) 5 months ago

    Did the Penney’s in store pickup before I was confident enough to do in person shopping. Walmart’s self checkout is awesome! Now I shop for Cyn freely no matter how I’m dressed. Re sizing, always, always check the size charts (and not just the generic amazon one). Chinese sizing is ludicrous-I’ve seen size 4XL with a 32 inch waist!


  7. Jessica 5 months ago

    Thank you so much for the Dreamland Jewelry heads up, never heard of it before and I love my jewelry! I also do the JCPenneys pick-up or spend the $8.95 for delivery as well as go into shops and boutiques. I also love Metrostyle and Chadwicks for my styles too, Always wait for coupons however as they are a little more expensive. If you make enough money make a commitment for your inner girl and shop one new outfit and every other pay add a bra and panty, for one year, in that short time you’ll have 26 outfits and 13 bra and panties ( I also shop E-Bay for my slips, corsets etc because you can find extraordinary items available to bid on or buy out right, I love to shop for the vintage.) For shoes, heels and boots I’m mens 10, and womens 11’s fit me perfectly, and I mainly shop Pennys, JustFab and Shoedazzle as well as a few other stores (Pennys has a GREAT boot sale in the beginning of December!) For girls starting out, as Cyn stated, measure accurately and be honest (don’t say oh I can fit… you can’t! lol.) polyester you can have some slight leeway but cotton and more sturdy fabric take zero chances and go up one size esp if in between, IT WONT ZIP, BUTTON OR FASTEN! Ask friends on here or put it out there, ask for clothing, (not intimates) They ALL have things that don’t fit like Lea says (I still make mistakes with the overseas stuff, errrrrr). And I have found some really cute things at discount stores as well. Try to make a budget for her and you’ll be happier when theres a plan and so much fun in the anticipation of realizing that goal and putting that dress or skirt outfit on makes it even more satisfying. -Jessica

    • Mona 5 months ago

      One other tidbit: if you don’t want certain items from Amazon delivered to your house then see if you have an Amazon locker nearby. I have found it to be very useful to avoid suspicion or discovery by my SO. She knows but it’s on a DADT basis. The locker service is very easy to use.

  8. Stacy Lyn Fisher 5 months ago

    Great article!
    If anyone needs shoes in larger sizes, I’m a m14, visit http://www.fsjshoes.com
    They have a great selection of shoes and boots up to ladies size 15.
    Happy shopping!

  9. Davina Evans 5 months ago

    I started like most by going to the bigger K-mart and Target (Australia) nice and easy, and no one looking.
    But not enough sexy things, so I have tried LightInTheBox, Wish and Aliexpress. These have a great selection of female clothes, but……….. the sizing is the problem. At the start many items found the rubbish bin (sorry trash can). Have now worked out the Asian sizing and some things are worth investigating. Shoes seem to be the one thing that sizing translates well around the world once you get used to UK, US and euro sizes.
    (Why is it that the question “Do I look fat in these?” never applies to shoes.)

    Now I am spending a bit extra to buy better quality clothes. They feel good, look better and last. So bigger apartment stores and specialist underwear shops. I am not disappointed.
    However, I still have the online stores on the computer to check out new stuff.

  10. Author
    casey Hermoine 2 months ago

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback!

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