When I made the decision eighteen months ago to embrace and explore my femininity, I never imagined how far I would have come in such a short time.  When this journey began, I could not even walk outside without jumping out my skin if I saw anything that could be someone watching me.  As the weeks slowly became months, my comfort level grew.  Today, I think nothing of walking out to the mailbox or working around the yard wearing whatever feels comfortable.  I was even served a subpoena while wearing a gingham skirt, tee, and heels.  Out of respect for my wife’s feelings and our reputation in the community, I do not dress as feminine me locally.  That being said, my public excursions beyond my property have been limited.  Besides attending a couple of social events for a local crossdresser / transgendered group where all present were like minded individuals, my only public excursions have been driving to and from Baltimore where the only interaction was maybe a drive thru for lunch.  I have avoid full fledged public interaction as feminine me quite actively.  Today, however, that changed, and feminine me finally bit the bullet, at least figuratively.

I was relaxing at home wearing a black skirt, pale pink tunic, and my black wedges, trying to stay out of the heat.  I had nowhere to go, but I was feeling very feminine so I applied some light make up and donned silk head scarf.  It was an all-around great day.  I chatted and channel surfed between golf, synchronized swimming, and volleyball.  I was content and happy.

As early afternoon became mid afternoon, my wife texted me about dinner – she had a craving for burgers.  I would have to go shopping! Our refrigerator and pantry were essentially empty; we had just returned from several weeks on vacation.  Given the aforementioned restrictions, this created a dilemma for me as I really did not want to change and remove my makeup.   Therefore, I faced a choice – either change or drive several communities over to go grocery shopping.  Well, after procrastinating for an hour, I made my decision which as the title implies, was to drive twenty-five minutes away and shop as feminine me.

Throwing my wallet and phone in my purse, I jumped into my truck and set off for the grocery store.   It was a generally uneventful ride with two exceptions.  While waiting at a red light, I may have been a conversation starter for two young ladies in the vehicle in the next lane.  When I glanced over, they were chuckling, smiling, and somewhat pointing in my direction.  I allowed my vehicle to roll forward slightly, and they immediately followed suit.  Not wanting my nerves to get the better of me, I elected to move into the open right turn lane, and use an alternate route.  The other exception was at the McDonald’s drive thru.  I craved a snack.  The team members at the drive thru window were starring without making any comment.  Accepting my order, I thanked the two young team members, and continued on my journey.  My previous drive thru experiences were much different; they were more of the ordinary variety.  In those experiences, the team members acted no different than I have observed as masculine me.  Of course, in hindsight, I recognize that I was so nervous that I was probably more sensitive than usual to my surroundings and reading meaning where none existed.

Arriving at the grocery store, I touched up my lipstick which had been removed by my burger and sweet tea.  Stepping out of my truck, I grabbed a cart, threw my purse in, and forced myself to walk at normal pace toward the front door.  My nerves were present as expected, which required me to force myself repeatedly to slow down.  I must have walked up and down several aisles multiple times to calm my nerves.  It was not the most efficient shopping trip, and I almost forgot the most important ingredients for burgers, ground beef.  I also almost lost my nerve when it came to purchasing my items.  Fortunately, (or unfortunately, I’m not sure which), circumstances lead me to the self-checkout.  Again, I had to force myself to slow down – I was literally trying to rush through the checkout.  I even almost forgot to grab my grocery bags.  After a deep breath and finding my composure, I calmly walked across the front of the store to the opposite door and outside toward the parking lot.  Collecting my bags and purse, I left the cart on the sidewalk, and walked to my truck with dignity.

Driving home, I had to consider this excursion a success.  Feminine me had completed an everyday task that masculine me handles without a second thought.  I had interacted with both the store’s employees and my fellow patrons, and survived without experiencing any negativity, all as feminine me.  Is feminine me as comfortable as masculine me?  No, but I made huge strides in rectifying that.  There was, however, one negative.  I spent twice as much time driving to and from the grocery store than I spent actually shopping.  All in all, it was a great step in my journey of growth and acceptance of all of who I am.

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MacKenzie Alexandra

After keeping part of me hidden for 20 years, MacKenzie has embraced all of who she is. With the support of her wife, she has embarked on an adventure of exploration. Over the past year, I have learned a lot about myself - that learning was not limited to only feminine me.

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  1. Jennifer Jenny 5 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this awesome experience.

  2. Yvonne 5 months ago

    I’m so proud of you, I experienced the same thoughts and feelings when I was breaking ice.

    People will always look and comment even if you are FAB. Just move on your way because the small number that do, place no food on your table or pay check in the bank. Foucus on you and your female you.

    • Author
      MacKenzie Alexandra 5 months ago

      Thanx for the support, Yvonne. I still find in amazing how in retrospect I wonder why I was no nervous. I am definitely my own worse enemy in these adventures, but I am becoming more comfortable with each venture. As with most things in life, familiarity breeds comfort.

  3. Cloé Cupcake 5 months ago

    I’m happy for you, Mac! I know the rolling forward in your car bit and usually stop initially with a full car length in front so I can control the final position after someone pulls alongside. BTW, the description of your outfit is lovely. Hugs, hun, you’ve done well!

    • Author
      MacKenzie Alexandra 5 months ago

      Thanx, Cloé. And here I thought my description of my outfit was basic. I truly am my own worst critic.

  4. Lindy Roe 5 months ago

    You are a strong person. I wish to have as much composure one day to do the same.

    • Author
      MacKenzie Alexandra 5 months ago

      Thanx for the compliment, Linday. I have been in your position, and can understand the feeling. It is important to remember that you are on a journey. It is trek, not marathon, and definitely not a sprint. Just take it step by step, and you will get there. It may not be on any timetable or along the straightest path, but you will get there.

  5. Toni 5 months ago

    It was very well written Mackenzie, most of started out as you have. My own experiences were almost the same. As my nerves got the better of me but the more I went out shopping as feminine Me I had gotten easier.

    • Author
      MacKenzie Alexandra 5 months ago

      Thanx for the compliments and support, Toni. With each step, my journey is becoming more normal. Sometimes, though, I wish it would occur faster, but I do understand that patience is the name of the game.

  6. Janine 5 months ago

    Hi MacKenzie Alexandria
    Reading about your experience made me remember the first time that I went to a grocery store dressed en.femme.
    Like you I was nervous but I really needed some things and didn’t want to go home to change and have to return dressed in my male mode so I parked my car and went into the grocery store wearing a skirt and blouse with a pair of tan sandals.
    I was really surprised to find that no one was looking at me and my confidence was sky high as I made my way up and down the store isles getting the things that I needed.
    I also had the choice of going to the checkout counter or the self service one and I went to the checkout counter where I put my items on the moving belt and waited for the clerk to ring up my purchases.
    She hardly gave me a look as I paid for my things and smiled at me and said “Have a great day “to me as I was leaving the store
    I just nodded and smiled back at her saying nothing to her and walked out to my car. Since that time I’ve gone grocery shopping many times without worrying about if I fit in or not
    I’m sure that since you didn’t have a negative time on your first time that you will go shopping again.
    Good luck and good wishes
    A friend

    • Author
      MacKenzie Alexandra 5 months ago

      You are correct, Janine. I hope to have more occasions to shop as feminine me. Each time, I know that I will grow in comfort. I dream of the day when I won’t give it a second thought to venture away from home, however, I choose to dress.

  7. Sharron 5 months ago

    A truly inspiring story mac I am very happy for you and Proud of you, going outside in my are in not much of an option for me and I look forward to the day when i can freely walk were i want how i want. Thankyou for keeping the hope alive in me


  8. Patricia Marie Allen 5 months ago

    Great story. I remember my first outings. For the longest time, I had the urge to go somewhere, anywhere, without acting on it. I was the epitome of the cross-dressers lament. “All dressed up and no place to go.”

    I sometimes would wait until after sundown and drive to a nice neighborhood some distance away from home and walk around for ten or fifteen minutes. But that really didn’t satisfy my desire. Then one day, I read in the paper about someone being arrested for indecent exposure in a local mall. It seems the person in question had dressed in drag for a tour of the mall and go no reaction from anyone. Apparently a reaction was desired. So they went back to the car, stripped down the high heels, a large floppy hat and large purse for another tour, and the reaction was mall security hauling them in and calling the police.

    Well, I decided that I’d give it a try. Not the nude, mind you, but the en femme. My first foray consisted of a forced march from one end of the mall to the other and a quick drive home with pulse pounding. Like the individual in the paper, no reaction. And I was looking. I must have resembled a bobble head with my head turning in every direction trying to catch someone looking at me.

    I progressed to actually walking through a few stores and finally finding something I really wanted. So, expecting to be asked to leave the store, I went to an assistant and asked if there was someplace I could try on. To my surprise, she escorted me to the women’s fitting rooms and opened one for me.

    After that, I went to many malls and tried on clothes in many stores without incident. Since then, I’ve never bought any clothes I didn’t try on. My attitude became if ever anyone objected to my presence, I’d just take my business some place else. I’ve never had to do that.

    These days, I go everywhere as the feminine me. Grocery shopping, out to lunch in a sit down restaurant. I even go to my doctor as en femme.

  9. Chrissie Cross 5 months ago

    Thank yoi for sharing! You are a braver girl than me sweetie!

  10. Cindy Denier 5 months ago

    Wonderful Mac and thank you for sharing. Although I have been out (once) en femme I have had zero interaction with anybody. I am looking forward to my first trip when this happens and will let you know how I get on. Im very proud of you hun.

  11. Melanie Johnson 5 months ago

    Great story.The feelings you have during your little excursion are very normal. Only another CD can relate. I’ve been there as well. I’ve gotten so nervous I’ve even lost my car in the mall parking lot and had to wander around pushing the remote lock to try and find it–pretty unnerving. I’ve pushed myself to go out more and each time I have grown in confidence. Even now, I still get the “jitters” each time I venture out. But, once I’ve left the sanctity of my home, things seem to calm down and my nervousness changes to excitement. I find myself taking more and more opportunities to interact as the lady I feel I am. I don’t try to “pass” [pretty hard at 6’4] but I always try to dress appropriately and blend in. It’s the little steps that help. I now go through the line at Starbucks, shop my favorite women’s stores and even get my hair styled while en femme. Other than with my stylist, most times there is no recognition or second glances at all. I have found most folks are too preoccupied with their own lives to notice. The last time someone said anything was at Starbucks. The barista that handed me my drink made a point to complement me on the “bling” that I had on the T-shirt I wore–she made my day! Then comes the dreaded time at the end of a trip, where I have to change back to male mode. It is so depressing. Keep pushing the envelope. The feeling you experience while out and about dressed is too exhilarating and rewarding not to take it all in and enjoy being who you really are.

  12. Kara Kelly 5 months ago

    Very proud of you MacKensie ! I have yet to go out fully enfemme. When I have gone to purchase pantyhose, makeup, etc. I have experienced the same nervousness and felt the same need to rush through the self checkout even though I was dressed in my male clothes.

  13. Leonara 5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your “A personal first” with us. It has given me inspiration that I can experience my own outing…

  14. debbie 5 months ago

    Good for you Mackenzie. This brought back memories of my first grocery store experience as well and found it ground breaking sis. Hugs

  15. Sophie Frenchie 5 months ago

    Hi Mac, I am wondering how you feel now about future shopping trips! I am sure the first is the most difficult and you are now over the worst of it. Congratulations are in order I think, and I hope your are looking forward to more developments in your life as ‘Feminine Me’
    Sophie xx

  16. Amanda Patrick 5 months ago

    Hi Mackenzie,

    You go girl,

    That first time out is hard on the nerves. The things that go through our minds are usually the worst possible scenario’s. But nothing stopped you and you pulled it of. you are not your own worst enemy we all go through the same doubts on this and you are right it is steps not a sprint or a race I am similar to you I went out the first time after about 18 months my outing was to a LGBTQ Friendly bar out of my area .and the second one the same. you are braver than me you went to a grocery store not knowing what you might encounter very brave of you your confidence is only going to grow in time.



  17. susieque 5 months ago

    Miss mackenzie: thank you for sharing your adventure. My first venture out was to a mall in Little Rock Arkansas after dropping my wife off at the airport to fly to spend time with our kids. I had worn a simple dress and decided on the drive home to stop at the mall and see if I could get a makeover. I put a pair of heels on and, with shaking knees, got our of of the car and quickly walked to the entrance. I loved the sound of my heels clicking on the tiled floors. the only issue I had was, after passing a perfume kiosk, someone kept calling, miss / sir, I turned to see a, I assumed” saleslady rushing towards me. she wanted me to try some perfume. I declined and made my way to the makeup counter of one of the large department stores. I stood at the counter until and older lady asked if she could hep me. I told her that I wanted to buy some makeup but needed help. she told me that she could not help me and that I needed to come back in about 2 hours when her relief came on duty. I thanked her for her help and left. I made my was quickly to the end of the mall where I had parked. that was all that happened that trip. that was about 15 years and 75 pounds lighter ago. since then, I have started wearing pantyhose every day, even under shorts. I go anywhere now in my shorts and pantyhose, with no reactions. last summer, with the temp in the upper 90’s, I was going into our Kroger store when I met a woman in a very pretty skirted suit coming out of the store. she smiled and said, “don’t you just hate pantyhose in this heat?” she then told me that a skirt or dress would be much cooler that those shorts. i chuckled and said that I didn’t think that our town was ready to deal with a guy in a dress. she said that “i just might be surprised.’ I have yet to venture out in anything more feminine that lady shorts or coulottes.

  18. Vera Jane Gonsalves 5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Inspiring for ‘closeted’ gurls like me.

  19. Mac – I’m so happy that you have ventured out! I don’t know if my experience is typical or atypical, but I have almost universally experienced acceptance, love, and understanding wherever I have gone as April. I have found that if you “own it” so to speak, people in general can accept you as you present yourself to be. It sounds like you have a wonderful, supportive wife too – that is an awesome thing!

    Lovely story hon.


  20. Kim Paige 5 months ago

    Yeah for Mackenzie!!
    Thanks for sharing your adventure! I have taken some of those small steps like working up the nerve to try on femme clothes in the store, and I am really looking forward to experiencing what you have shared. Each step along the path continues to be exciting and fun I’m very grateful to have found a place where thoughts and emotions we have held in isolation can be openly shared with others.

    • Janine 2 months ago

      Hi Kim
      I to have had the experience of trying on feminine clothes in a store dressing room.
      The first time I did I was in a Wal Mart store dressed en.femme and found a cute skirt that I just had to have.
      I held it up to my waist and checked the length but didn’t really know if it would fit.
      I went to the fitting rooms and the female attendent said to go into one of the rooms that wasn’t being used.
      I went in and closed the door and to my surprise there were mirrors all around the three walls and a bench to sit down on to remove the skirt I was wearing and try on the skirt I wanted to try on.
      I remember sitting there trying on the skirt then standing up and seeing how it looked from the side and rear in the mirrors.
      I was so excited about how it fit and the way that it looked and knew right away that I was going to purchase it.
      I removed it and put my skirt back on then left the fitting room and bought it at the front of the store
      I’ve tried on clothes in lots of stores since without any issues about my sexuality but I have always remembered that first time and the way that it made me feel
      Thanks for reminding me about something that I’d almost forgot about
      I hope that you found the first time that you tried on clothes as exciting as I did
      Hugs to you

      • Kim Paige 2 months ago

        Thanks Janine! agree shopping and trying on clothes is always fun, but the rush from that first time was so memorable.

  21. Hannah Jeanne Charlton 5 months ago

    Way to go Mac!

    Hannah Jeanne

  22. Deety (D.T.) 5 months ago

    Mac, I understand completely the feelings you experienced and shared them when I started shopping openly as Deety. Two important things to bear in mind are that I was through force of circumstances starting this adventure at the age of 68 and that in no way can I be described as feminine, being an ex rugby football player and built like the proverbial outhouse. No body seemed to take any notice, they may have been sniggering behind my back but to my face they were charming. I put it down to British reserve but I came to realise that they all obviously thought I was a mad eccentric and no threat to them.

    When I had properly considered the situation I realised that in my earlier, married days, my wife and I had occasionally encountered crossdressers when she was shopping for clothes, and always our attitude had been ‘not to see’, to ignore them in other words. The only time I ever recall there being trouble was when a rather drunk crossdresser was trying to proposition customers.

    Armed with this insight, and the knowledge that most sales assistants are paid on commission I decided to do my own clothes shopping in person. Not brave enough to do it in my own town I visited towns far and wide and shopped for my female wardrobe. Sometimes dressed, sometimes in drab, but always openly for myself. I even took it further, asking for advice and help and far from being rebuffed or subject of disapproval found that the sales staff wanted to help and enjoyed the honesty of my approach. Many times a simple shopping trip has ended in me giggling together with sales girls, often over the fact that men’s waists are such an indefinable place.

    Only one chain store has caused problems by not allowing me to try on clothes because they have a strict policy of no men in the women’s changing room and won’t permit female clothes to be taken into the men’s. Most of the others allow men to try on female outer garments at least, and some go a lot further. I have had a full bra fitting carried out in store and on one notable occasion the services of a personal shopper to fetch, carry and advise.

    Sorry for the length of this response, but my advice to any crossdresser is that at least once, and probably not in your own town or neighbourhood, to screw up your courage, walk into a ladies store, and say, ” you have a lovely (skirt, blouse, whatever) in your window. Do you have one in my size”. You might just be astonished at how the ice is broken.

    • nikki paris 5 months ago

      Thank you for this Mac. So much of it fits where I have been and where I am going to. Given the things happening in our world this week I am encouraged to get out more, to more places and more often.

    • Sasha 5 months ago

      “Do you have one in my size”. I’m afraid that I’m not even close enough to say that!
      I’m still in the beginning of my feminine journey but that day looks far far away. By then I’m taking ideas reading your experiences ladies. And I’m thankful to all of you.

  23. Krista 5 months ago

    Great story Mac. I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.

    I can totally relate to the “rushing around” and being “more sensitive” to the surroundings. Yup, been there, done that. And for me, the rush still hasn’t gone away.

    But it is my voice that is my downfall. I haven’t yet found my female voice where I’d feel more comfortable in public. Which is too bad as I’m often mistaken for female even while dressed in drab. And I no longer correct people when they make that mistake; instead I try to respond in a soft voice.

    I’d love to read more of your stories. Sounds like you have a lot that you can share.

    Thanks again,
    Hugs, Krista

  24. skippy1965(Cynthia) 5 months ago

    Congrats MAC on your shopping excursion. I had gone out either my sis before to go clothes shopping while in full Cyn mode but it was just a month or so ago that I made my first solo trip into a store (my maiden voyage you might call it )). It was a Walmart and I was coming from my counseling appt where I had been in full Cyn mode. I walked in -did some shopping and used the self checkout. The door geeeter said “have a nice day ma’am ” and it was over! Easy peasey!

    Thanks for sharing your success story !

  25. Jennifer Jenny 5 months ago

    This story is my inspiration to go out to grocery store in my femme dress. I did it yesterday night.

  26. Martina Mooney 5 months ago

    This is awesome thank you, I get out regularly to nightlife but am now putting the grocery store on my agenda.
    I think I’ll definitely glam it down and put my hair in a pony.
    Loved reading this!

  27. Bobbie 5 months ago

    Thats a great story. I find it is easier to shop closer with the most conservative girls clothing on and If I have to get home fast, then its the most possible to do. What you must do to get that nervousness away is to always dress feminine even when out and your confidence will get better each time you are out. I wear ear studs, light eye shadow and even a very pale pinkish lip gloss with maybe a necklace or wrist bangle with all my feminism tops and I wear those ripped girls jeans with flats when I’m out shopping and I hardly ever get a second look. I just blend in with the rest of the women.
    The thing is women and girls today dont wear dresses unless they are going to a richy party. I hardly ever see a girl in a skirt anymore, so if you are in a skirt its like waving a red flag so everyone looks your way. So dress like the girls they way they dress when out and you will do just fine.

  28. Pauline Yllonnoc 5 months ago

    Wonderful story. You’re so much braver than me xx

  29. sam 4 months ago

    is that feminine makes you so happy like this !! how do you feel by wearing like a girl !!

  30. Frances Flip 4 months ago

    yes yes I have found myself free and easy wow iam loving and kind iam enough and find love in helping outhers through certain channels
    May Gods love enter us all and may we be able to show outhers the way to the truth and the light of a higher power whatever you want to call it but call it !

  31. Belle 4 months ago

    That’s awesome MacKenzie! I’m so happy for you!

  32. racheal james 4 months ago

    I was getting nervous just reading that.but that’s how exactly I feel if I see someone I panic.other times I think dam it and try not to make eye contact beleiving people will take no notice of me.but when I see people look is because I look attractive as I dress sexy.or because I look manly.

  33. Zarina Starinova 4 months ago

    Zarina lovess going and getting new shoes

  34. HARRYFRANCESWALKER 4 months ago

    Hi it’s sunday night and i have to go to work tommarow I’am sort of a job shop worker we get all kinds of contracts to package or assemble things thanks for reading this I love cdh and all the girls too I’am just crazy about finding this web site Skippy i hope you read this i think you are really cool see ya on the pages of love so fab i really am flip about well all these girls this is great really far out ya k now like wow i cant believe it soo cool god bless Vanessalaw too for starting this wonderfull thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Dt 4 months ago

    I had the same experience my first time was at a grocery store

  36. Jayme phyenix 4 months ago

    Dear Mackenzie,

    You did it, !!!! congratulations!!!!!! This was a huge step in getting your confidence as a cross-dresser!!!!! Doesn’t it feel good in getting it over with!!!! Whew!!!! Just the initial prospect of actually being sen out in public the first time seems terrifying, but you survived this ordeal, and it feels so good, doesn’t it. You’ve now officially become a cross-dressing woman !!!!! Welcome to a much better life.

    Life as a male SUCKS shit!!!!!! I hate going back to this dumb-ass persona. My first cross-dressing experience, in PUBLIC, also was in a grocery store. JEWEL, to be specific,

    I thought I wouldn’t have the nerve to go in, but I looked so damn hot, wearing a leopard-striped off-the-shoulder, silk blouse, a mesh bra, silky thong panties, tight leather capri’s, and motorcycle boots. I mean, going in to a family grocery store, looking like I was, like a slutty-tramp. But this is who I am supposed to be, this is what I am supposed to be, I was living in the moment, and I just didn’t give the moment a second thought.

    Oh, did get I ever get the evil eye from little kids, but who cared!!!!!! This was my public debut, and I wanted stares. The store employees that I encountered thought I was incredibly brave for trying something like this, either I was brave, or really stupid, but I was determined to show them that this lady was a customer just the same as anybody else. The other customers all told me that I was welcomed to this store anytime I felt like visiting, but I was told that that I had to dress only this way this because the customers liked my slutty look.

    The ride home was even better because I passed by several construction sites, and got all kinds of whistles and cat-calls.and all sorts of perverted gestures
    ( which Is something that I’ve never objected to, for myself, ) Hell, I loved getting hit on, it’s just harmless flirting.

  37. Tamera Lynn 4 months ago

    Congratulations, MacKenzie . . . . . your courage serve as a further encouragement to others of us, who want to accept who we are–and not feel ashamed for who and what we are . . . . human beings who just want to live our lives to the fullest, and do what makes us happiest! My time is coming, just as yours did, when I’ll proudly go shopping as ‘feminine me;’ this, in turn, will pave the way for me to explore other ‘public options’ available to me–like going to a movie, or dinner-for-one (I live alone) at a nice restaurant. I would love to find others, near me, with similar inclinations–so we can form our own ‘Ya-ya sisterhood;’ we could then meet regularly to go shopping as one, and go to dinner as a group–wearing our finest attire, wigs, and makeup. Care to join? Love to you,

  38. jennifer 3 months ago

    well today is my first time going to the grocery store . i was nervus but excited at the same time and all went real good .no one gave me a second look other than a guy in the parking lot ,he stared at me and smiled as i walked to my car then he looked back to his friend and they started talking again.so i think i was being checked out ,thats a big confidence booster. i know i passed this time as i went down isles and no sec looks im so happy and love it

  39. Elizabeth Grant 2 months ago

    Love you’re story, bought my first pair of panties today. And that outfit before the phone call, I bought black skirt and pinkish blouse. Will be going out dressed up with make-up with support group, first time in public.

  40. Maggie Detreich 2 months ago

    Congratulations MacKenzie, it takes a lot of courage to leave ones comfort zone and step out for the first time. I remember that feeling where you feel that every eye in the place is staring judgmentally at you while in truth probably not so much. I have learned that people for the most part see what they are expecting to see and if they see a dress or skirt that unless your sporting a goatee or heel they just assume female and that is what they see. On the other hand being obviously nervous on the other hand draws added attention and makes one appear out of place which can lead to being read. So just be yourself and go about your business like you belong and people will assume you do.

    As a personal example I used to get extremely nervous about being read and discussed this with my gender therapist. She put together a notebook filled with photos of only the faces of men and women both without makeup. Their hair was blocked and the picture ended at their chin and she asked me to identify them as men or women. Some were obvious but the majority were not. Faces come in all shapes and sizes regardless of gender and she was determined to prove her point. So just be best self and unless and don’t worry about being judged by strangers. As I said before they see what they expect to see.

  41. Petrasweetheart 2 months ago

    H,I Mac Kenzie Petra Just Read Your True Story I Agree at First it is Scary to go out as Your Feminine Self But With Practice it Will be More Comfortable But as for Your Community That is a Difference Issue. Only You Can Decide That Part of The Equation. Good Luck Petra.

  42. debbie 1 month ago

    Your story is very familiar to all of us on that first shopping excursion. From experience though it does get easier and eventually natural. Good for you hon

  43. Dannie Engle 3 weeks ago

    I am at that point in my own journey. I have a long way to go though. Recently I’ve been purchasing lingerie, you know a girl can’t have too many matching bra and panty sets. I have been wearing these to work under my uniform of course. I’ve been feeling extremely feminine lately and having those silky and lacy garments on keep me grounded in who i truly am, DannieAnn.

  44. Great story….very happy for you! You look very natural in photo.

    Lady Veronica

    • Author
      MacKenzie Alexandra 3 weeks ago

      If you are referring to the photo with the piece, that is a stock photo and not me. But thanx.

  45. Troy 4 days ago

    I personally don’t care what the general public thinks about cross dressing.i don’t do makeup but I have good length hair about chin length
    I rather wear dress than pants period I shop local like that love polka dot however I do use my given name to me I just love the dresses and bras with match panties as fem clothing I can find in fact I met my wife’s wearing a dress
    No one who isn’t can really understand I’m not sure I do but she does her best to

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