Hello, Everyone, I have a story to tell. I have been dressing on and off for years, more off than on, and busy raising my kids. The baby moved out in November of 2019 and I was also spending a lot of time with my girlfriend at the time. Then Corona hit. Everything was fine until I started spending more time alone at home. Out of nowhere, I started thinking about Lisa and all the overwhelming warmth and beauty that she gives off is so amazing. At the moment the genie in the bottle was free and I’ll be damn if she was going back in that bottle. Now that I live alone, I can truly explore the Lisa side of things.

I love being a guy – don’t get me wrong, however, the overwhelming feeling of being Lisa feels that much better. I thought about transitioning more times than I can remember. The reason I haven’t is due to how I make money. I am a mechanic by trade which is my primary income and I don’t want to risk losing it and the pay is great. I do wear certain femme items of Lisa’s clothing under my work clothes so all is not lost while at work.

I started wearing Lisa on a daily basis under my work clothes as of the start of this new year. As I sat and thought about why it took so long to do just that, I had no answer. But I always felt a tug of war inside me and I didn’t understand why I was so angry at times. As time went on being Lisa on a more regular basis, I realized that she is the peace within me, I also started to come to grips with this is who I am. It only took 49 years! LOL

I’ve been out dressed before, (here and there) but only to my BFF’s house or to just ride around in my vehicle – that was a few years ago. I haven’t been out since until this year.  As of the new year, I started dressing as Lisa under my male clothes to go to the local laundromat to do laundry. It started with panties, bra, and pantyhose and it escalated from there. Next time I added the puppies (40Cs by the way, under my male clothes. You can’t tell under my male winter coat that I have a female chest.           I started wearing Lisa’s jeans and a nice top along with everything else mentioned above under my male winter coat with male sneakers on.

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I saw these cute black hiker boots with a 1.5″ heel that I had to have and wanted to wear badly. So I did what any lady in my position would have done, I went and bought them. The next time I went to do laundry I decided to wear my new boots with a pair of skinny jeans and a black long sleeve shirt. I put on my male coat and started for the door then something told me to look in the mirror so I did. This look was not working at all; it was more female than male. Normally I have a great balance but this day I could not pull it off. If I would have changed the jeans to a boot cut style of jeans all would have been fine but the skinny jeans I had on were just too damn cute. So I decided to go all-in, so I put on my wig and pulled it back with a headband, diamond-studded earrings and Lisa’s coat and out the door I went. I did my lashes and nails when I returned home.

To my surprise, I went to the laundromat as Lisa for the very first time and it was also my first time in a public dressed as Lisa! I was definitely nervous; it was bittersweet but overall a good feeling and quite a rush. I got some looks but no one said anything to me so all good there. The kicker in my adventure was I saw someone I knew and dealt with on a regular basis. He looked right at me and then turned the other way. I guess time will tell if he recognized me or not. I planned on doing it again and I did a few times after that.

I live in a small building and it has 14 units. When I know the building is at rest, it’s really easy to walk out of my apartment door without being noticed. However, often times it’s really hard to do so. So most of the time I just stay in the house. Until I move and start a new chapter in my life, I will get a hotel room and get dressed from there. That would be a great deal easier.

P.S. Lisa has never been out in nice weather. I’ve always been out as Lisa in the winter when it’s cold. I am afraid I’ll be exposed as a man in girl’s clothing as a result of the size of my big hands and arms. I am working on changing that with the support of my newfound family.

Thanks for listening girls. I welcome your comments to my article or to answer one of the three questions I’ve posed to you below.

*Do you have any physical attributes you see as obstacles to overcome dealing with your thrill of cross dressing?

*Are you an under dresser like me who likes to wear femme items under your work clothes at your job even if it’s as a mechanic or some other manly job? And if so, have you ever been caught or embarrassed by a coworker when your secret was found out?

* Have you been reluctant to be dressed as a woman while out in public and if so, do you have plans on giving it a go soon and where will you go during your first public appearance and what will you be wearing?

Hugs and Kisses





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    Lisa RayeJ

    Hello, my name is Lisa. Im a laid-back kind of girl, a work in progress. I've been dressing on and off since I was about 12yr old. It started with pantyhose and grew from there. Each time Lisa comes out she adds more pieces to the puzzle. I love who I am, and I just can't seem to find the confidence and courage to get out of my own head. I have to live a double life which I do not mind since my male form makes the money. but at night I wish to live as Lisa and come and go as such. But more times than none I can't find the courage to walk out the front door. Here to find like-minded girls to give love and support and help me break out of my shell.

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    Shannon Davis
    2 years ago

    I am very tall as well. 6-4 barefoot and need a women’s size 14 or 15 shoe. There are not many choices and I can not walk in heels to save my life. All that said I went out for the first time last fall and have a few other times since then. All times out were shopping at Wal-Mart or Goodwill. So far I have been looked at but no one has said anything, and this is in small midwestern areas.

    Heidi Smith
    Heidi Smith
    2 years ago

    Pretty mechanics are great if they know how to fix things.

    Brandi Macintosh
    2 years ago

    My only true concerns are my slight beer belly messing with my more feminine look I’m trying to achieve. I do use some slimming attire but hoping I might get it that way naturally by some form of excersize

    Mary Contrary
    Active Member
    2 years ago

    Good story, Lisa. While the 3 questions you raised don’t really affect me I have started mixing his and hers outfits during Covid. Let me qualify that by saying this is just something I started doing these cold pandemic winter months. I realized that I could wear a bra with boobs, panties and any kind of hose although I favor leggings. Over that I put on my puffiest coat and insulated pants. My hair is already long but I just pull on a warm hat and then, since I am wearing a mask now whenever I go out, I get… Read more »

    Mary Contrary
    Active Member
    2 years ago
    Reply to  Lisa RayeJ

    Since the Pandemic I’ve been more adventurous. I mean, what the heck, so what if my nails are painted purple, so what if my lips are red, so what if i’m wearing a man’s coat and leggings!

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