I’m a crossdresser, and have been most of my life, in one form or another. Now, as I’m older and a widower, I can make up for all those times I missed. I now dress freely around the house. I’m learning to use make-up and generally all those things that I’ve missed out on. I’m having some success, however, I realize that I’ll never pass as a woman. For me, that’s no big deal, I just enjoy being myself.

I recently made friends with a young transitioning woman and her wife, and had a couple nice visits. They invited me to a local club that is open to everyone regardless of how you present. The club hosts a weekly drag show with local and regional talent. I decided to go this past week completely dressed for the first time. I spent most of the early evening getting ready by choosing my outfit, checking to see my wig was just right, and then getting dressed. I decided to go casual in jeans, a black t-shirt top that is trimmed in gold thread, and my new two-inch heel pumps. Once I was dressed, I even took the time to paint my nails a nice bright red.

Once all together I headed for the club. I was excited about being out and not at all nervous. I was even able to drive in my heels.

I arrived at the club about a half hour before the show was to start. I ordered a drink and found an empty table near the floor. A couple people said hi but didn’t start a conversation.

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The show started and the first couple performers were very good. I started to get onto the spirit of things really enjoying myself.

After a bit and not wanting lot of alcohol in me, I got a bottle of water in between acts. One of the performers was there waiting to go on and I struck up a conversation with her. I told her that she really looked great and she said I did too. I told her this was my first time out as Ragina and she congratulated me and gave me a big hug.

After each performer did their number, they got to choose a person from the crowd to have a drink with them. When the dancer I was talking to finished her dance, she walked over to me, took me by the hand, and led me to the floor in front of the crowd. She introduced me and told everyone that this was my first time out.  Everyone cheered and I even took a bow just for the fun of it. Then we went to get our drink and I got another hug. I can say I never felt more alive than I did that night!

After my introduction to the audience, I was now the new girl who everyone wanted to talk to.  I got a chance to make a few new friends and talked to many more. I stayed for the second show not wanting the night to be over so quickly.

All too soon, however, it was over. I stayed around a bit longer talking to new friends as well as more of the performers. I thanked them all for making my first time out so special. I drove home riding on a cloud of joy promising myself to make this a regular part of my life going forward.

Thank you girls for taking the time to read my article and I hope your first time out in a public setting like this club I went to was as exciting as my first time out in public!

Sincerely, Ragina



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    Raymond Swarmer

    I am retired. Recently a widower. I have a friend of my youngest son living with me, other than that, I'm alone now and missing the love of my life, who named me Ragina.

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    Cheri Carrington
    2 years ago

    Love your story and envious. I’ve only went to a drag show one time enfem, and I was scared, and left before show was over, which I regret now. I’m sure I was noticed by the performers and I was afraid to talk to them. That was many years ago. Maybe my time will come again.

    Fiona Black
    Trusted Member
    2 years ago

    What a great story! I’m so glad to hear about your wonderful experience.

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