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I never thought I’d ever write an article for a crossdresser forum, but here I am two months after coming out to my wife, typing this while looking at my pink (OPI “It’s a Girl”) nail polish, and wearing some new black stiletto ankle booties to break them in. The reason for these outward signs of my feminine persona during the weekday is that on Saturday evening I am going to a meetup of the Southwest PA TG and CD group. We are going to dinner at the 5801 Cafe in Pittsburgh then to the Blue Moon club for drinks and girl-time!

This will be my first time out in public and in daylight no less. I’m excited and a bit nervous. I have a couple of outfits I’m trying to decide on, and my wife has agreed to help me pick one out and take pictures of me, which I will post here, of course! This is a major step for any crossdresser, but I have been closeted since first trying on my older sisters’ tap and ballet costumes when still a preschooler (if you’re counting… about 6 decades ago—I can’t even wrap my head around that!). My extremely conservative, very religious parents would never have allowed, much less tolerated such behavior, so even I knew I could never come out to them. I felt like a freak and a (gasp!) sinner! But enough of ancient history! Brielle is finally ready to fly away into the beautiful world we have to enjoy!!🐱‍🏍

I would have loved to get a manicure and polish or even nail tips at a salon, but I will need to go back in drab mode after the weekend and I just couldn’t justify the expense. If I’d thought about it, I could have gotten nail wraps, (maybe next time!) When applying the polish, I forgot how the feeling and the look stirs up butterflies inside. I guess GGs don’t probably feel that way, I don’t know, a guilty pleasure reaction perhaps. As if I’m doing something risky and scandalous.

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The plan is to begin my preparation Saturday afternoon with a soaking bath and use Nair on my hands and torso, shave the legs, and tweeze the brows. I have very light and thin brows anyway, so just a little to allow the eyeshadow to glide on easily. I’m going to do my eyes first so that can all set and ensure my false eyelashes have adhered well. I have some of those adhesive tape strips for a neck and face tightening effect, then partially dress, finish the face with a razor shave of the beard area, finish the concealer and foundation, then setting powder or spray. I’m going to allow at least two hours so that each part of the makeup phase can set and dry.

Then put on the chosen outfit – a tunic-style red top with black leggings, and ankle booties. Of course, a nice, sexy bra and breast forms (DD size), padding for my hips and rear, and Sheer Energy pantyhose (tan) with a thong waist cincher. Apply lip liner and gloss or lipstick, finishing it all up with lipstick sealer.

Now isn’t this a lot more fun than watching a football game? Wish me luck, but don’t say “break a leg” – this will be a first for stilettos on pavement, after all! Haha!!

So… the pink nail polish bubbled up b/c I didn’t wait long enough between coats (Uggh!), so I stripped it off and just applied a ridge filler and clear top coat. I’m all ready to go out! My wife graciously agreed to take a picture. Not my best pose, but it felt awkward posing for her. I caught a lucky break. No one was outside when I pulled out of the garage and drove to the 5801 Cafe for the meeting. Got a spot right in front, walked in confidently, feeling sexy and fine and loving the click, click of my stiletto ankle booties as I strolled down the sidewalk.

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When I stepped inside, I didn’t see the floor had a little slope down, and I had to catch myself on a chair! A grand entrance!! I doubt anyone really noticed or cared. I stood over to one side, leaning against a wall and trying to look cool. A couple of spritzes of cologne made me feel so feminine and confident. I wasn’t nervous, just excited to get the evening going. When the other group members still hadn’t arrived after 15-20 minutes, I checked the meetup app and found the meeting had been canceled! I suppose I could have grabbed a bite and gone to the Blue Moon alone, but nice girls don’t do that!

So, I clicked back to the car and drove home. Not the exciting end to my article I’d hoped to share, but it was a total win!! I felt so relaxed, confident, and sensual. In one respect, I almost wanted to have a bad experience so it might slow down my drift towards staying femme. And even though I didn’t get to party a little, it was a good time just the same. I know now that I can go out and feel like I can blend in (although the outfit was borderline in terms of blending in! Ha!)

Any of you gurls that want to go out and let your femme side see the world, don’t put it off! If the opportunity is there, grab it and experience the freeing of a major part of your being. It is just an incredible experience!



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Transgender MTF. Crossdressing off and on for at least 60 years. Married to cis female since 1981, just came out to her in June 2021. I know now that my future will be as a transwoman and living 24/7 as a female. Began HRT in November 2021 and I'm excited about the journey ahead! My siblings know about my plans and are supportive. My wife and I separated and it appears she can’t live with a transwoman. It’s hard losing your best friend in life, but I had no viable options. I’m focusing on the future and what it holds!

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Sarah Lane
Active Member
2 years ago

Well done Brielle. Bad luck the outing was cancelled. You look great in your photo and would of had no issue blending in at all.

T.J. Byron
T.J. Byron
2 years ago

Bravo! Girlfriend, you did it. That’s just the start ( late as it was) of many more memorable outtings to come. You got your feet wet, and you will knock down your preparations time in the future. Practice makes perfect, especially in CDing. My wife and I have an Instructional School for CDers. She is a Westmores of Hollywood grad MUA. I teach the CD training. We have a 3 day course and have so much fun working together to literally make people’s dreams come true. Keep up the good work and let me know your progress on your journey.… Read more »

Join Kingkhan
Join Kingkhan
2 years ago
Reply to  T.J. Byron


Lucinda Hawkns
Trusted Member
2 years ago

wow sounds like you had a great time. and it was nice that your wife helped out with you on getting dressed up. what to wear deal. wish my wife would be more supportive, she does now i dress up and lets me know when i can dress up for we have a 24 year old son still living at home. i have more female stuff then wife does and even wear them more then she does. she has seen me dressed up and even getting dressed up. but she will not let me sit in same room as her… Read more »

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Daisy Marie
Active Member
2 years ago

Congratulations Brielle! I can imagine how you felt going out for the first time and I hope I can do the same soon.


Karen Spudet
2 years ago

Well the first is now history. Hopefully many more. I still each time I get dressed to go out remember the excitement and nerve of that first time.
Hugs Karen

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