I recently attended a conference in Las Vegas and decided to avail myself of one of the transformation services located there. If I was confident enough in the results, I would return to my hotel totally en femme via a circuitous route, forcing myself to spend time in public. The photo I’ve provided with this article is the product of that transformation. Needless to say, I happily and nervously ventured out in public for the very first time! I felt it necessary to notify the Uber driver that the passenger with a male name would be dressed as a woman. He was courteous and made no mention of it, delivering me to the hotel/casino I’d selected as the starting point for returning to my accommodations. After navigating the hotel and casino to the tram platform, getting lost and having to ask directions once along the way, I rode the tram to my own hotel and navigated through its lobby and casino back to my room. Success! Not one strange look or any comments.

Obviously, I planned for this outing in advance, even going so far as to purchase a pair of women’s glasses to help carry off the look. That was an ordeal in and of itself. Making the purchase was easy with a very helpful clerk, however, the young lady on duty when I picked them up was a total pain in the rear.  I’ve been back to the store since for an adjustment and the clerk that helped me this time ended up replacing my frames because the young lady had totally screwed up the originals!

I also selected pieces of jewelry I wanted to wear during the photo shoot from my collection. I packed them in a soft-sided jewelry bag that went in another bag which then went inside my checked suitcase. When my checked bag came around the carousel at McCarran airport, there was a strap from the inner bag hanging out of a partially broken zipper of the suitcase. When I opened the suitcase, I found that every zipper of the inner bag was unzipped.  All the zippers of my purse which was packed in the inner bag were unzipped. Every piece of jewelry that was inside that jewelry bag was gone!  Most of it was stuff I’ve accumulated over the last thirty years or so and irreplaceable!

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My wife contacted the airport, TSA, and the airline. When they all said the stolen jewelry was not their fault, she went on social media and ranted.  This resulted in my eldest daughter contacting me to ask what had been stolen, a detail my wife had intentionally omitted.  My crossdressing has been a secret throughout the course of all my children’s lives; however, I didn’t want to lie to her. After discussing with my wife, I decided to come out to both of our girls, who are now adults and very supportive of LGBTQ people. Fortunately, they have both taken it well and it is a great relief to no longer have to worry about hiding this long-kept secret from them.

I never would have expected going for a transformation would change my life this much. I don’t know where things will go from here, but I do know I’d very much like to step out in the world again as Stephanie.

Thank you so much for reading my article. I know many of you remember your first time out with your total girl on. Would you like to share with me if your first time out was a negative or a positive experience and why?

Sincerely, Stephanie


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  1. Brijanna 1 month ago

    You look great Stephanie! — It really sucks that someone swiped your things though — It’s been so long since I first stepped out I don’t remember it all the way, but I do remember the exhilaration! — I also remember being out somewhere and getting good advice on blending in from another girl early on — I guess I was bit over-the-top in my younger years and she helped me more than she knew … Thanks for sharing, B.

  2. Dana Owens 4 weeks ago

    Great story Dear !

  3. Nicole Dalton 4 weeks ago

    Great story Steph. You look beautiful!

  4. So happy for you hon! Going out for the first time is a big deal! BTW, you look awesome! Just enjoy who you are. Most people are loving and accepting and if you present positively that is how they will react to you.


  5. Terri 4 weeks ago

    Great article. I retired about 9 yrs ago at age 62. I had always wanted to drive cross country and told my wife im going to do it. One of my dreams was to go to Las Vegas and be Terri. I checked out the Glamour Boutique which was still in business there. I met Amy and she did my hair and makeup. I even bought a dress there. Amy was very nice and told me of a nail salon near by. I got a manicure and a pedicure there and out I went to the strip. Amy had told me that she and a few girls were going out to dinner at a nearby club. They had karaoke and I sang a couple songs there. I stayed 3 nights in Vegas. I was enfemme the whole time. It was something I will remember my whole life. After Vegas i met friends and camped and saw many of the great places of out west. It is something I will remember the rest of my life.

    • Author
      Stephanie Vegas 4 weeks ago

      Wow, 3 days en femme! That must have been a blast. Were you going back to Amy for daily make up sessions?

      The mani/pedi sounds like a lot of fun too.

      • Terri 4 weeks ago

        No, i am pretty good at makeup. But Amy told me places to go. I went to a bar that had some great drag performers. I got there early and met 2 of them and we hung out. They were so nice. One of their names was Kitty Litter. We had such a great time. It was something I will remember forever.

  6. Emma Jackson 4 weeks ago

    You look gorgeous! Love Emma!

  7. Holly Heels 4 weeks ago

    You look so beautiful. I am so jealous. I dream of going out and getting a make over and Las Vegas would be a wonderful place to do it. I have been to Las Vegas years ago. When I was there I saw a professional drag show. It was amazing, I had so much fun. Maybe someday? And Stephanie, I’m so sorry for the loss of your jewelry. There is no excuse for what they did. I would like to say more but I am a lady and will just leave it at that. Hugs and kisses

  8. Annie Jackson 1 week ago

    Great story, Stephanie! Going out for the first time is such an unnecessarily fearful experience. You think that somehow the sirens will go off and the whole world will start pointing at you. In reality, you are fitting in even better than you had hoped. And why not … you’re gorgeous, girl!

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