First transgender man appointed to Democratic National Commitee

This has been a good week for the transgendered in politics. Diego Sanchez was the first transgender man named to a committee at  the Democratic National Congress. He was appointed by Howard Dean, and will help promote anti-discrimination laws to protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. You can find some more information about his appointment here and more information from the Boston Herald here. I think it’s a wonderful thing for the Democratic Party to recognize the valuable contributions of all it’s members.

I also think it’s particularly important those in the transgender community to rally around our brothers. Often times you hear about male to female transsexuals, and less so do you hear about the struggles that our brothers need to go through to bring their lives into balance with who they are. Congratulations to Diego! I’m looking forward to a fantastic election year, where civil liberties are advanced, and the human dignity of all is recognized.


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  1. Vanessa Law 11 years ago


    I agree with you, and I disagree with you.
    I agree that it would be disgusting for any person to get into office and solely advance the cause of one group of people. As elected officials it’s their job to look out for the well being of all citizens, and not to place any group of people above another. The bickering and tit-for-tat politics of today is shameful and divides us when we most need to be united.

    I disagree with your implied comment that a person of a minority group would only look out for their minority group. I think it’s vital to have all segments of society represented in our governing body. Since it is very difficult to understand the needs and circumstances of others unless you can deeply empathize with them. Diversity in our governing body allows all segments of society to be accurately represented. And it should allow us to reach solutions which benefit all of us, not just the majority.

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