Laura eventually discovers the strength and courage to fulfill a long time ambition. Check-in here to join her on the flight as she experiences things she may have considered other times as routine.

Well I did it! I finally traveled on an airplane while dressed. Something that I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time. I finally built up the courage to try it. Naturally, when the day arrived, I was very nervous getting dressed for my early morning flight from San Francisco to Long Bleach. I pre-booked a taxi with Uber to take me to the airport that morning. When it arrived and I got into the car, the driver seemed a little intrigued by my appearance. After a fairly quick drive to airport, he pulled over to the curb, turned his head around and took a long look at me while I was getting out of taxi. He had most definitely ‘clocked’ me! But, after all, he was expecting a man based on my profile. I took a deep breath as I headed towards the Terminal, which was almost empty as it was only 4:30. Being so early and with no check-in staff on duty, I made my way to the self check-in and printed my boarding pass. The next step was security! As I arrived, the line had only two or three people in. Great, no waiting at all. I quickly entered, handing my boarding pass and driver’s license to TSA. My documents were scrutinized for about a second longer than normal, after which he said ‘OK, thank you’ and handed back my papers. Onto the screening area, where I unzipped and removed my knee high leather boots and took off my blazer. I carefully placed them into the bin for the X-Ray machine and approached the full body scanner. This is the point where my nerves hit a peak. I was wearing hip padding and breast forms and had heard stories about issues with those machines. I acted as usual and stood for 3 seconds. Just as I was about to exit scanner, suddenly the woman called ‘one second please’. I stopped in my tracks remaining inside the scanner. She appeared to press a few buttons on a screen and promptly asked me to step out – to my relief. My typical reaction to this would have been to look back at the screen as I walked away, to see what area triggered a problem. On this occasion, I really didn’t want to know. As it had turned out, she said that she just needed to pat down my right shoulder. The cut of the blouse had very full shoulders and for some reason this may have triggered the machine. She patted my shoulder and once satisfied that everything was fine said ‘I could go’. As I put my boots and blazer back to leave the screening area, I realized that my concerns about TSA were a complete non-event.

My gate was located at the end of the terminal, so it took a quite a while to walk there. By the time I got to the seating area I was fairly hot and relived to take off my blazer once I arrived. I had nearly an hour and a half to wait for departure. Fortunately, they started boarding early and even boarded from the back of the plane, forwards. I was surprised they boarded that way but wasn’t complaining. I decided I should get my blazer on and buttoned up. When I looked up, several others had appeared in line in front of me. To make it worse, I got behind someone with a carry-on, way too big and needed some convincing by the gate agent that her bag would need to be gate checked. I was about 5 people behind her with probably 60 or so folks standing around waiting to enter the line. I was eventually seated in row 20 of 25 and this was feeling as if it was taking forever to get there.

Finally my turn! I handed my boarding pass to gate agent. He scanned it, but was thrown a little. ‘Thank you Mr. Smith’, he said welcoming me with a slight pause as he gave back my boarding pass. Oddly he appeared more nervous than I was at that point. I went down the jetway and leading to the aisle of plane. Luckily not too many people had boarded yet, only those in the very back and the pre-board folks were in front of me. Several flight attendants greeted me politely, some smiled longer than typical and I think they may have ‘clocked’ me. The moment I had waited for – I had located my seat and was very happy to see that it was a window seat with no one next to me. I buckled my seat belt and tried to relax a little, the air-con wasn’t operating yet. Finally, I was sitting in my seat on board an airplane, the excitement was building up! I couldn’t help looking down at my tight pencil skirt, restricting my legs somewhat and seeing my boots as I stretched my legs out. There is no question of turning back now! I felt very much at ease after a few minutes and relaxed as we prepared for take off.

It took about 30 minutes for the remaining passengers to board and then taxing to to the runway. Eventually we took off, we were on our way to Long Beach. During the hour long flight, I nodded off to sleep a few times and was clearly relaxed and calm at this stage. As flights go this was no exception and quite an uneventful flight. Once we had landed, I noticed that someone two rows in front of me was holding a cell phone high in the air. I could see that it was in ‘selfie mode’. He was moving it around a lot and was appeared to be trying to find me with the camera. The plane arrived at the gate and the general lighting came on. I noticed he frequently turned around, looking through the spaces between seats towards me. It was a little unnerving, but unexpectedly stayed in his seat waiting for everyone else to leave via the rear exit, including me.

I walked through the airport terminal and up towards the car rental counter. As I presented my driving license to woman behind the counter, I observed that her response to me en femme was zero! This was clearly nothing out of the ordinary for a car rental representative.

My final thoughts on this long awaited adventure –  flight en femme, was a lot of fun and fortunately a non-eventful one. I’m hoping to repeat this experience again someday!

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Laura Smith

Been dressing a few times a year for a long time. Love very classy dressing. Ladies formal business suit, skirts, heels. Get out occasionally in public fully dressed. Travelled via bus and airplane dressed.

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  1. skippy1965(Cynthia) 3 months ago

    Loved the article! I have not yet gotten up the nerve to fly in full Cyn mode, but did experience my own TSA moments as I wrote about in my article about traveling to the Esprit Conference earlier this year. I WAS wearing all female clothing as I do for work but it wa not obviously so. Of course that was a cross country flight as well(about 5-6 hours) which would have been a long time in a confined area and I was not mentally ready to do that trip dressed obviously femme. I DID however take the ferry from Port Angeles , WA to Victoria , Canada and had no issues with customs whatsoever. Congratulations on having such a wonderful and non-eventful experience. Who knows? Maybe next year I WILL make the trip in full Cyn mode -especially since I may have someone flying with me this time.

    Thank you for sharing your story and I hope to read more articles and forum posts from you in the future. Stop by the chat room sometime Wednesday-Monday evenings between 9PM-1AM Eastern time and chat with us!


  2. Leonara 3 months ago

    What a great story and thank you for sharing…I am sure it will inspire us, “yes it can be done”

  3. Sheryl Johnstone 3 months ago

    Congratulations Laura, a fantastic result and one that is also on my bucket list.
    A tip from a friend on another site. Before presenting her boarding pass, she would write on it:- Preferred Name “Cathy”.
    This would give the gate staff something to call you other than ‘Mr’ as they process each customer in only a few seconds.
    The same process could be used at the hire car desk.

  4. Elizabeth 3 months ago

    I loved your article and congratulations! I have just returned from my second flight dressed this year so perhaps I can share some experiences in case it interests others or encourages them to make the leap (go for it, Cynthia!).

    I had long cherished the idea of flying dressed. Perhaps it was the lack of constraints on day dreaming on a long flight or the stewardesses’ dresses or skirts, which encouraged thoughts of getting into them!

    I had read of men going to the toilets and coming back dressed but while sounding fun, it seemed better to go the ‘whole way’.

    Last year I dressed under male clothes on a night flight with the intent on discarding the latter after take off but I felt self-conscious without a wig and make up so stayed under a blanket. It was still exciting to see my hosiery peaking out from under the cover!

    This year I finally achieved the complete journey ‘en femme’. I was nervous at the check in and passport control given the name and the photo but they were both unflustered. The security check was more scary: what if I was ‘called out’ or worse? Thankfully nothing was said even if they did see anything unusual!

    Then I could largely relax and enjoy it except when trying to mask a deep voice! Airports have a lot of glass and light so it was great to catch glimpses of your outfit and imagine you were just another woman traveller.

    Further nerves at passport control in Denmark and at the hotel (where the lady was definitely started at the passport) but the sense of triumph on reaching my room was wonderful. There were a lot of mirrors in the room so I could not resist a photo session to mark the occasion before slipping into to my nightdress!

    More recently, I flew back from the US dressed but without a wig and shoes so it was more obvious. I guess it was reckless but the challenge was there. Being addressed by one’s male name left no doubt for my fellow passengers but one of the stewards (perhaps because he was gay and more sympathetic?) called me “madam” which was sweet! My dress had splits up both sides and kept riding up to reveal my stocking tops (and in an aisle seat) which got some attention!

    For any readers thinking of trying this, it definitely makes you feel ‘on top of the world!’

  5. Janine 3 months ago

    Wow. You did something that I only dream about. I’ve thought about flying enfemme to Las Vegas from Florida but with everything you need to go through with the TSA I just can’t bring myself to try it.
    The closest I’ve been to traveling enfemme is driving to Key West and that alone was a little unnerving. It is a 6 hour trip by car and I needed to stop twice before I got there for gas and a bathroom break.
    I was near Ft Lauderdale at a rest area the first time I stopped and I was quite nervous about it.
    I went to the full service line for gas and the attendent was friendly and even called me Miss.
    After paying for the gas I parked and went into the building and into the ladies room.
    After using the ladies room I went to the snack bar and got a sandwich and a soda. The girl who was at the cash register hardly paid attention to me and I smiled at her when she called me ma’am and gave me my change
    I went back to my car and ate the sandwich as I continued going to the Keys.
    After arriving at the motel where I was staying I realized that all my anxiety about traveling enfemme was for nothing.
    I didn’t have one negative thing happen and I had a wonderful time in Marathon where I lived as a woman the whole.time I was there.
    Maybe someday I’ll get the confidence to fly like you did.
    Thank you for telling me about your adventure flying in the enfemme mode.
    I’d really like to try it and now that you’ve done it maybe I will
    Hugs to you

  6. petralacy Simon 3 months ago

    Thanks for the nice step by step repor… very helpufl..

  7. Shannon Fox 3 months ago

    Hi Laura, I have never been to the airport dressed up because it’s always about going through security. Would they let you through if you don’t match your ID? But it seems you got through. Thank you, now I know. Hugs and kisses.

  8. debbie 3 months ago

    Thank you Laura for sharing this and giving me confidence now to try it. I have driven from LA to Sf many times while en femme but was always too afraid to fly that way. ty again

  9. Isabelle 3 months ago

    Thanks Laura for sharing with us all.
    Here in France where I live, I have been able to travel several times en femme but on our fast trains. The security checks are not quite the same as for the airlines but we still have named tickets and loyalty cards which invariably cause a raised eyebrow. I have got quite used to it now ….. it’s such a feeling of freedom to be able to be oneself, I love it, including the thrills of not always being “clocked”. The added challenge when arriving in a major city like Paris is then to do like everyone else and go get the underground train home !! Act natural is how I handle that part of the trip. And then everything becomes so much easier.

  10. Roxyy San 3 months ago

    hello Laura,

    many thanks for sharing this.. it was really a pleasure reading your experience … something i have dreamt of personally for so long.. but living in the middle east i find it very remote that i could pull of something like this here in this part of the world..
    anyway thanks again fr sharing

  11. Dawn Wyvern 3 months ago

    Hi Laura,
    I’ve flown fem a few times, but only in the UK. There seems to be more freedom in the UK systems than in the US,
    The trill you portraited in your blog post about your trip was one that I can understand and it came across as wonderful.
    You must take time to read Kimberly’s blog about flying pretty – she has posted lots of advice and shared her experiences.

    My main advice is to be proud of who and what you are and dont be put off by being ‘read’ or ‘clocked’ as you put it. The more embarrassed you are the more you are likely to attract attention – be there as you have a right to be there and if someone notices that you are more that what you seem, then you have made someones dinner conversation more interesting that night and maybe given a good impression of the TG community to a new audience.


    (Unapproved link removed)

  12. Stephanie Stanek 3 months ago

    Hi Laura,

    Congrats on your successful trip en femme! I loved your outfit and would love to see your pics of you flying that day.

    I just completed my second time en femme flying from Vegas to Philly. I would love to wear a dress with tall boots but was told to be more subtle and less obvious so I wore a purple blouse, black leggings and tall knee high boots. I was advised to be confident, look comfortable and be femme as much as possible. I was greeted warmly by the TSA agent checking my ID and as I approached the full body scanner, a male TSA agent said “Ma’am, you forgot to take off your boots and felt like a dummy because I went thru TSA pre-check in Philly and you don’t have to take off your shoes/boots or jacket. I had no problem with the full body scanner and was thru security in 3 minutes and the process was seamless and the female TSA agent just checked under my blouse and long hair and I was good to go. When I was on the plane, a male flight attendant complimented my blouse and boots and while I sat in the emergency exit aisle seat, I unzipped my boots so I would be comfy for the 4.5 hour flight and noticed a man next to me was paying attention to me taking off my boots. Lol.

    When I flew back two nights ago from Vegas to Philly, my trip was less uneventful because I did go thru TSA pre check and they just put me thru the scanner and no patdowns this time except a female agent wishing me a safe trip. It was easier the second time and I went en femme both ways in Philly and Vegas. I even used the bathrooms in both airports to touch my lipstick and comb my hair and no one said anything in either bathroom.

    Thanks for sharing your experience flying en femme and look forward to your next adventure!


  13. shaila y 3 months ago

    Laura You really look beautiful in that dress and congratulations on your amazing trip.

  14. Trina 3 months ago

    Ladies, I admire your courage,,,the farthest I have gone is undies and hose under male…….

  15. Jackie Wild 3 months ago

    Awesome that you completed your task. Lot’s of courage to do this in the present time with all the security in place, wow I really respect that. I believe it’s time that airports and the rest of the world get use to seeing more of us sooner than later. I once rode a greyhound bus from Idaho to a little town on the other side of Reno. My mother took me to the bus station so I was somewhat dressed in boy fashion until I boarded the bus where I then went into the little bathroom in the back with my carry on bag. Soon I exited it with high heel platform boots, a leather (women’s) jacket, a stuffed bra, hip pads I made myself, tasseled hair, a button up waist length shirt and sat down in my seat next to a older woman where I began putting on makeup. She began telling me what a pretty young lady I was and tried to convince me I didn’t need all the makeup I was putting on. My self esteem sky rocketed. I was 17 and nervous like bad but I pulled it off. However, my father who I went to meet for the first time wasn’t so impressed, he sent me back to Idaho haha. Congrats Laura, huge step in the only direction you were meant to go in!

  16. Tami 3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing the experience with us! I was probably just as nervous reading it as you were going through it!


    Tami ♥

  17. Hi Laura! Thank you sooooo much for sharing your story! WOW, what an adventure. You did it and are such an inspiration to the rest of us. Well done trooper. Next comes an international flight (next tale of high adventure?). Keep us posted girl.

    I bow to you!

    Lady Veronica

  18. Jennifer Green 3 months ago

    Congrats, that is great to hear and read such a good story. I have always wanted to do this but the closest I have come is some fem jeans, boots and a blouse with bra underneath it. I was clearly a male but was wearing blinged out jeans and blinged out top. No issues other than the screening machine that set off the bra portion. Asked some questions and felt and moved on. For the hardest part would be the plane ride if I was totally in fem. Just sitting there for a long period and someone next to me would be hard, can the read me, are they going to talk to me, etc. Good for you

  19. Jan 3 months ago

    Thank you for your story. Wow what a brave person. I would love to do what you have, but I don’t think I could do it. Maybe one day I will get your courage and do it .

  20. Stephanie Cross 3 months ago

    Laura, thank you very much for posting your very positive article on this subject. Even though I know that TSA closely checks our identification pieces, it seems to not matter that the person in front of them is not exactly like the picture ID they may be holding. I’ve heard some not so good stories about how this could look like fraud and the trouble that comes with it. But I’m so very encouraged from your wonderful story, that I may soon be traveling in country, en femme by air. I’m glad the world community has given us more acceptance and capability to be part of the mainstream. I’m sure as time goes on it will improve even more. I hope that others who have traveled by air while dressed will post their experiences so we may know how it went with them. Once again thank you for such a good article and please let us know about your next flying trip while dressed.


  21. Jennifer Schmidt 3 months ago

    Great job Laura I wish I had the courage just to tell my wife and daughter I left the dress en fem but I just can’t get the courage to tell them I’d rather be a woman than a man again congratulations on your trip

  22. Zoe Kourtinatou 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for this wonderful story! You have so much courage lady!

    And I love your description of the feeling of wearing a pencil skirt and knee high boots!

    Looking forward to more beautiful stories from you!



  23. Dani Grand 3 months ago

    Nicely done. Having traveled that way for years now, I still get a rush.

    Keep on traveling pretty!


  24. SteffieC 3 months ago

    Loved your story! Wish I had the courage to do it. Frequently took my breast forms and paraphernalia in my carry ones. Once did a bra with my normal panties but not the full gear. Congrats!!

  25. Lisbeth Lacy 3 months ago

    I am booked for a flight from new Orleans to West Palm Beach. I want to travel em femme. My concern is the my driver’s license photo shows me as my masculine self which definitely want match my appearance wearing makeup & wig. The TSA website only mentions that the photo ID must match the person name, birthday, and sex that is shown on the boarding pass. There is no mention that the photo must general match the appearance of the person holding the boarding pass. But I’m still wary. Common sense tells me if photo ID is required then it’s reasonable to assume that the photo should match the person facial appearance. Can anyone explain the ID procedure when going through TSA security

  26. Patsy Jennusaith 2 months ago

    I admire your courage. I’d be too scared to do that partly because of security but mainly because of all the points where we have to show our photo IDs. I could bypass the taxi ride, and just walk there because I live close to an airport but I wouldn’t be able to avoid most of the Photo ID situations such as at the Terminal. I know I’m not going to get in trouble, and most of the airport employees who clocked you like the guy at your terminal probably were just confused and didn’t know what to do. Well, I’m glad some of us are brave enough to do it.

  27. Martine Jones 2 months ago

    Well done Laura I wish I had the courage to do that I have only been out at night and I got a rush from doing that ,don’t know if I could do a plane flight well done .


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