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I agree with Neha M when a man or woman finds you attractive in both male and female attire.

Be careful tho as much as this can turn out well I have been involved with two men that made advances on my male side, One was a much older guy and one was a family friend, I new for a long time he fancied me as he had over the years made vereas moves on me and to be fair with vereas results and reactions from myself, which is why i think he never gave up,

Anyway one day when the pull of dressing was at its peak I had come out to my best gg friend and was starting to live the dream shopping with me friend her encouraging me to buy anything from sexy undies, makeup and clothes to ann summers outfits. So  being open about myself and very confident for once on who I was and what I wanted, My thoughts turned to the family friend that had declared his love for me so many times at this time years before hand only really got anywhere as half the time i was thinking I wish I could tell him Im a crossdresser.

So I pluck up the courage and contact him out the blue on FB and start chatting a little he declares that i was all ways going to be his first love “I thought it was just a big crush ” but grate I told him he wouldn’t want to be with me he was right back in with ow i would no matter what he loved everything about me. So I sent him a picture of myself dressed up a good one too lol, his response was ow I don’t mind that I used to date a crossdresser so on, Me bang everything is working out well I have someone that is borderline if not totally head over heels in love with me has been for years, wanting to date me knowing im a crossdresser asking for more pics giving feedback on them so on grate.

He doesn’t live around here anymore he lives in manchester were the gay scene is huge, so I’m talking to him about possibly going up there to stay a while dressing up going out to the clubs so on and him getting more excited with the idea, All along with me saying i want to try this out with him see how things go if we really click ill come out to everyone and we can be a proper couple, As this would consist of my family too he was most forward in saying I could trust him.

So one day i get a message very late saying he was in my village and wanting to meet up NOW, I was dressed at the time agreed to meet up with him, He had been drinking so I picked him up and we went to the beach and talked alot about old times possibilities of the future life, little flirts so on nothing too much happened but it was nice, I dropped him of and he went home the next day talking on and of he suddenly went quiet then popped up again as he had moved just a few miles away asking me to go round late at night so i’m well hang on I’ll get changed, his reply was hmm do you have to I’m a gay man im not interested in women, Ahhhhh so I’m like well It’s over then forget it, I really thought i had found someone that would put my feelings first.

Theres me thinking this was over and done with a couple of years go past, he moves into the village nextdoor to my sister living with my sisters best friend, OK I can handle this Im sure he will not be blabbing all over then i get a call from my sister can i do a favor for her friend next door so I say yes for her to reply thanks oh just to let you no ???? is there just in case that makes a difference to you. Well now what the hell has been said to her or is this a case of me getting the wrong end of the stick. I go over toolbox in hand fix what needs to be fixed there all drinking, Im asked to stay a while I refuse and leave not knowing what is going on I felt a little uncomfortable with the sentence i got from my sister now so go home.

I get home and find a friend request from my sisters friend hmm thats a little weird none her for years tho possibly grateful i just helped her out yet again so I accept, we chit chat for a couple of minutes then she comes out with I think you no that I no, I’m thinking ow god i know where this is going I reply ah what’s that, She said are you Peter or Claire, my heart jumped into my mouth my ears started to ring, She goes on makes no difference to me your a nice guy end of tho ???? fancies you and wants you to give him a ring hears his number, fuming livid understatements to me at this point how dare he expect me to accept this after all he has lead me through only wanting my male side but telling people the thing he promised to keep secret and tels my sisters best friend FFS.

A while goes by now my family is kinda split in two those who no I dress and the others that don’t, quite a lot of negativity from a lot not all of those who know to be fair and my sister I wanted to be a safe haven that i could be just my male self and feel normal if that makes sense, but with everything going on and the comment she made I figured if my family had not said anything her neighbor and her gay friend would have 90% sure on that

So I put up on FB A load of Pictures of Claire directed at a select few blocked from some but mostly my sister. she urgently gets back why am i seeing this what are you doing, so I tell her people seem to be trying to out me everywhere so i decided to just tell everyone, She said that she had none for years her friend had told her and ???? had tried to show her pictures of me but couldnt find them. We have always been close and this has in no way impacted on our relationship as siblings unlike my other sister. but this was a hard time for me being outed to my own family and by someone that tells people he wants to be with me.

I have also been out with a guy that new me online as Claire first and that went extremely well much more what i was looking for someone to like and want Claire more then Peter and not Peter Not Claire.

Sorry for the mager Babble yet again long life untold lol but my point is be careful of those that agree to like your fem side no matter how badly they want your male side as not all gay men will really want both, leaving you on very different pages, most of us are more likely to want to be with a man en fem so en fem is really the side you want them to like most not just try and put up with , If that makes sense


So Just be aware these are my experiences and nothing set in stone for yours there’s tones of different people out there Go out with this guy see how he takes to you as Samantha have fun but make sure he is attracted to Samantha and isn’t just accepting she is part of you to get to your male side as this is not what will make you happy GOOD LUCK AND STAY SAFE  xxxx

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