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Bravo Heather.  I enjoyed your post immensely. While some may want to put every person they know into a nice neat category, there are some of us that do not need to classify ourselves as anything other than a person or as I like to say a “being” who has experienced lives as both a male and  a female. Now I feel at times like being Teralynn and in certain situations I feel more like being John. Even when one particular persona is front and center, my consciousness is quite aware of the other persona that is part of me also. I once told one of my students that we are all the sum of our experiences. Nothing that I have learned or experienced in this life has caused me to change my mind about that. So others may classify me any way they want to. I am just me. All of me is recognized, accepted and appreciated for the experiences and knowledge they have contributed to making me who I am today. So you like to dress in feminine attire, maybe feel that you should have been born a female, or anything else you feel that other people think is not normal. That is their problem- not mine and not yours unless you make it so. Everyone should just be who they are and let others do the same and things would go a whole lot smoother on our evolving world. Sorry for the long  posting but your obvious happiness with who you are struck a chord that resonated strongly with me and I felt compelled to add my total agreement with how you are living your life. My hope is that one day everyone will live such a blessed life and be happy and comfortable with who they are. Thanks for your post! – Blessings from Teralynn

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