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I have to say that we have far worse Englishisms than almost any Americanism…

“Woke”, “boomer”, literally – a huge number of words to be irritated by.

And people who start a sentence with “So…” – they’ve lost me at that point. The instant I hear “So” at the beginning of a sentence, I know that what follows is not going to be well thought out or interesting.

It’s worse than “Basically”, which is always the prequel to a technical monologue showing that the speaker has no idea what they’re talking about, but uses the word “Basically” to encourage the audience to think they must be stupid if they don’t understand this bit.

“Actually” seems to have been dropped recently, thankfully.

I had a computing lecturer who used to combine thse to horrific effect:

So, basically what we’ve actually got is your actual basic data structure. So literally, it’s actually data in a basic, actual and literal structure.

I wish I’d recorded him to shake off accusations of exaggeration!

When I’m full on Laura, I drop most of my outward scepticism and become superficially fluffy – I will talk to anyone about anything and be enthused by whatever they like, and encourage them to talk, while not sparing the giggly airheaded blonde (me!) her chance to let her loving character shine.

Unless she has her boundaries breached – then she spits venom. I worry about that a little, but the reaction (it’s always men who try to take liberties) is almost always an abject apology, so I think it’s worth it.

No-one wants to be the one who upset the funny lady who has all the bouncers on first name terms, and gets called darling by them – and yes, I do milk that.

Call me devious or anything you like, but touch my butt and you’re toast 😁




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