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I have a lot to say (and have said) about the fog- or gender euphoria ( a known psychological condition) – as it actually is called.   But I will stick to the point of this post.

I think that if you dress daily or very frequently you become “normalised” to dressing as a woman so it becomes part of your routine. You may be experiencing “the fog” but it is somewhat thinned and more like a “pink mist”.    Does it thin out completely?  If not – ask yourself why not?  After all, I assume genetic women do not live enshrouded in pink mist. The wearing of clothes appropriate to their gender is normal.  So, if you identify as female and live and dress as a female, surely there should no longer be any pink mist obscuring the horizon! If there is …. why is that?

On the other manicured hand, most of us only have the opportunity to dress infrequently or hardly ever, so each time we shop, log on to CDH, or dress becomes a “gender event” outside of our normal life. Each “gender event”  is a “pink fog generator” and it rolls in thick and envelopes us in its welcome embrace. So much so that we can’t see the horizon clearly and our actions are guided by our reactions to the density of the fog.   It does slowly dissipate over time – until another gender event brings it rolling back in.   It is reckoned that you need to desist from “gender events” for about 10 days before it clears away completely.  Next “gender event” …. in it rolls again.

So the pink fog for infrequent dressers is like the tides – it ebbs and flows.  We are like the Moon and are responsible for our own high tides and low tides! Sorry about the mixed metaphors.

For the “in-betweeners”  who dress and live much of the time but also have a drab life, because they have to go to work as a man, or have restrictions on their dressing time, then they live semi-permanently in “pink Mist”  and have to accept the ebbs and flows but to a lesser extent.

That’s my take on it. And only my opinion.

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