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Oh, the challenges we go through to achieve the perfect tuck! I have tried several different methods, some with success, some to NEVER be visited again. Wrapping the unit in cloth and then tapping it back. Works well but a pain to assemble and disassemble…litteraly! The boy must be wrapped, tape should never touch him…OUCH! Then at potty break time it has to be undone. Removing tape from one’s backside is not for the faint of heart. Then it has to be reassembled but the tape has lost it’s sticky so you need new tape. It looks a little strange taking a roll of tape into the stall. “Hello police? There’s someone vandalizing the women’s room!” As I said, it works well and looks great but the PAIN disqualifies it.

As an alternative to tape you can use a panty liner or full size pad. Flip it over, wrap the unit, pull back and stick. The advantage is the adhesive lasts longer, removal doesn’t hurt and is reusable. The disadvantages are still the assembly and disassembly. I want to pee, not go through a major wardrobe application! Not worth the trouble.

Then there is the gaff. It is easy to use without excessive fuss, it creates a lovely smooth finish and can be worn with just about anything. Restroom breaks are a snap. The problem is the heavy, stiff and overly wide material between your legs. It can be uncomfortable, causing unsightly scratching and readjusting and squirming around. I want a panty not a cardboard sheet between my legs! It has it’s place in fashion, just don’t sit down!

The gaff with hidding tube sounds a little like the start of the tape method. It should work but there is that assembly problem again. Ehh, I’ll pass.

The flattening strap with rubber ring. This must have been invented by a sadist! OUCH!!!! Maybe I will try it if I am in a masochistic mood. A VERY masochistic mood!

It appears that the best method is the simplest. KISS… Keep It Simple Stupid. A natural tuck reinforced by a good panty.  And you don’t have excessive work to wear it! My favorite is a nice thong.


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