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I am a man. In terms of biological sex that can’t be disputed. I was AMAB – a male at birth because I had the genitalia applicable to being male.   I have XY chromosomal makeup. Again this signifies me as a man.  But this is on the outside.  The inside is altogether a different kettle of fish. Or should I say, developing neural pathways.

In reality I can be a man – obviously – I have had decades of practice! But I can also now be a woman, because I have a  feminised brain.   It has been a very long and slow transformation, but over the years my feminised brain has been building new female-typical neural pathways simply by repetitively doing things that women do. Like dressing in women’s clothes. Browsing women’s clothes and participating in CDH ( a dangerous thing to do if you are convinced you are a man.)  The “pink fog” is the environment that allows feminisation to proceed.  So as a result, little by little,  I have become progressively  less male and more female.

I can still easily switch between roles, but these days my true self is aware of that happening. It’s fascinating. I can observe myself  behaving as a man whilst my mind is smiling wryly,  knowing it is all an act.  My body is like a bike and the rider is my mind. The bike has a crossbar and is a physical thing that carries my mind, which is my female personality.  Which is just me.  And I know how to ride the bike!

Stephanie P xxx








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