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Rowena – Thank you again today. HUGS!!!

Your post fits me to a T.  While I was born genetically male, it was definitely on the low end of that scale.

I, too, never took to sports, either watching or playing. I did try football as a sophomore but destroyed my knee which was a tremendous reason to never go back.

While I have my male “bits,” they are just on the “blink and you’ll miss them” end.  Yet my Breasts and especially my nipples have always been my most  erogenous zone.

I find my feminine side is much deeper and wider than my masculine side; any sad story or movie and my wife knows to put the tissue box between us.

I’ve never been in a physical fight – When provoked, I always choose to just walk away.

As I have posted in several forums and in my profile, my cross dressing started with my mother and sister and I’m sure my mother innately knew that while I was born and categorized as a male, there were a lot of reasons my internals did not match my external being. And, she was so very right, and I continually thank her in my mind for recognizing that feeling and starting me on the path to find my true nature.

I was typically male in some facets of my life: I loved fast cars, making them faster and louder and hanging with my friends.  I always dated women and had no desire to extend that to a man.  Throughout my life I’ve always had male friends but I always preferred to just “be with the girls.” My wife (pre-Covid) always noted that in a big couples gathering, we both ended up with the girls.

While I’m still deeply closeted, I do enjoy the feelings that my mind conjures up, I do enjoy my private “Joan Marie” time and dressing to let Joan Marie be a physical manifestation of our shared personality.  I only wish my mother could talk with her “youngest daughter” and we could talk and cry together.

Thank you for your posting as it was able to give me the time to reflect on my split genes.  And a big Thank You to all the girls on this site for all your support, sharing and making this a safe space for us to meet virtually.

Love & Kisses to everyone!

Joan Marie

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