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Hi Hippie

Nobody said it. You be your own wonderful self. Love your confidence Hippie.

I think many do go to the extremely feminine end of the spectrum. Things we are traditionally denied as males, just to experience this wonderful ‘extreme’ femininity- stilettos, skirts, dresses, sexy lingerie, long wigs, make up, nail polish, fancy purses, perfume, etc etc. Mostly in private, for fear of ridicule or embarrassment or causing angst to those nearest and dearest to us. And I have been there and love it. But you are right most women just go about their day in jeans, sneakers, pants, tees, knitwear, no make up or nail polish or purse, basically the same as men, an if that’s what they want that’s fine. But I think if that’s all we wanted why bother being here. Most here love and want to share their love of all those overtly feminine things, a physical expression of our burgeoning, often suppressed feminine side. And releasing these feelings and expressing it physically is just such a joy for many.

I also feel for some it is a kind of disguise. To try to look as close to their feminine ‘ideal’ as possible to go out into the big wide world. Hoping that being able to ‘pass’ as female will draw less attention and just be able to relax and go about your day.

You are a shining example of just going for it, wearing whatever the hell you want and if people have a problem with it it’s there problem. And you have your wonderful accepting wife by your side. I’m sure many here aspire to having your confidence, and I read stories daily here about tiny steps, sometimes huge leaps, coming out more expressing our wonderful obsession in our daily life.

Stay golden Hippie, I know it’s not your point, but you are an inspiration.



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