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Not everyone here does that. Not everyone goes out, and even those that go out, they may not be going to meet anyone from here.

IF you want to meet up with someone from here, I feel fairly certain that with today’s many methods of communication, we might be able to find one that allows us to exchange pictures of how we’ll really appear in that moment without having to share it also with a bunch of other folks on here with whom you are not meeting?

I started a separate email group of Christian ladies here who want to respect this site’s rules but also need to discuss issues of CDing that are germane to our faith. A couple of us have exchanged photos that we don’t post here for everyone else to see because we have developed our own bond of trust.

The level of angst over the nature of pictures one decides to post (or not post) here simply stuns me as an epic example of utter hypocrisy. CDH is a great place for cross dressers of ALL stripes, levels, inclinations, desires to gather and discuss and support one another on a host of issues. The irony is that it is a site — by definition — for people who feel the need to sometimes present themselves in a way that is different/enhanced (if you will! 😂) from the way they actually appear in everyday life.

All the effort to do makeup and create a feminine figure and display beautiful tresses so that they can enjoy photos of themselves, yet for some apparently, there is a line of “authenticity” that must be drawn. MY level of inauthenticity is ok, but YOURS is not. That’s absurd, imho. And worse, it is uncharitable, insensitive and hypocritical.

Its like an episode of mean girls from junior high/high school who belittle the less naturally fortunate who desperately want to keep up with the pretty ones by stuffing their bras. I’ve heard about the “tyranny of passing,” but never gave it much thought until now.

Those are my thoughts. Judging from the majority of thanks and responses I’ve seen, I’m in the minority. That’s ok; I can handle it. For those that disagree, i’ll Just have to agree to disagree and move on.

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