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I have posted some FaceApp photos but I always try to note it.  This app is fun and very addictive because it provides such instant gratification.  I refer to it as the digital equivalent of heroin for us cross dressers.

I think overall its use here at CDH is relatively harmless and/or as others note, a matter of necessity for those who want to protect their identity.  Perhaps the guidelines on the page where photos are posted can be modified to include the suggestion that girls should note when images have been digitally altered, based on their own judgement.  I add that qualifier because I don’t think removing the odd blemish or under-eye circles needs to be a big deal (guilty as charged, your honor).

But digital alterations made with FaceApp and other AI software can be quite extensive and therefore a disclaimer may be warranted.  I say provide some guidance and leave it to the individual to decide on how transparent they’d like to be.  Let’s remember that this site is not intended to be a competitive beauty contest.   Posting digitally manipulated photos without notification might be somewhat disingenuous but I wouldn’t view it as cheating.

Final suggestion: how about adding a photo category called “Digital Fantasy” (or something like that) to the drop down menu that appears on the upload page.  This would allow each digitally-enhanced photo to be automatically tagged with a “disclaimer” that the poster would otherwise add to the image caption/comment sections.  Of course, this relies on being honest but I think most of us here are.  Otherwise, liars always gonna lie, etc.


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