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Hello girls, how are you? I hope so and here is my opinion, because unlike the others, I do not agree with your post, in fact I think it may even disrespect the freedom that all of us here have to show ourselves as we want, I specifically do not have on this site a photo with faceapp, but in one of my social networks I show myself with these helps, and you asked the reasons, because I am going to list them for you so that you understand my point of view and perhaps that of many of us too, 1. the Realities are different for each one, that means that although many here can dress and make up and photograph themselves to their liking, not all of us have those advantages, some of us simply cannot do it with total freedom, nor can we buy wigs or many dresses or even to be able to use them as frequently as we would like and less to be able to take photos and put on makeup, for some of us the only way to express our feminine identity is through these technological aids, which, They do not necessarily make us be false people, the reality dear is that your reality is not the same as mine, maybe you have that freedom to do it but I on the contrary must wait in the applications to be able to live my feminine identity without risk of hurting my beloved ones.

2. in second place for many of us, love is first than our own pleasure and personal right as people, because we live with loved ones who would get hurt if they see us walking in a dress and much more if we put on makeup, not my dear, for me it is first love and then my pleasure.

3. thirdly, for many of us, not even all the makeup could soften the features of our body and face, as masculine as they are, that not even our feminine identity feels reflected in our real photos, according to you, that’s why many of we take photos with technological aids such as faceapp and other aids, because our feminine identity tells us that this is the way we want to see each other, because even if I put all my makeup on, it would not be more than a man with bad makeup because Nor have I been able to learn makeup, because I cannot practice it as surely you can, the realities of many are very different and for that reason alone, we cannot enter to judge and determine that a person who uses an app is a false person or a liar when what you want is to see yourself as your spirit really wants to look, and you feel that you should look, it is the psychological effect, more than anything, not to fool anyone but to be who we cannot be in real life.

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