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Thought I’d offer this additional reply because it seems relevant. I may have told this story before here, but I think it bears repeating (and speaks ever so well of my lovely wife that she did something I’m not sure I would have done or thought to do had the situation been reversed):

We agreed that I wouldn’t dress in front of the kids (they were roughly 5 and 6 at the time I started). So when she and the kids would leave the house and I had Stephanie time, the rule was always that she would call me until she reached me before coming back into the house so as to give me time to change.

One day she forgot…uh oh…and I heard them walk in. No woman has ever raced faster in 3” heels to get up a flight of stairs and into the bedroom. I got around the corner and had almost made it through the door when my daughter shouted, ”why is daddy wearing a dress??!!” Oh my…what to do? I had no idea what to do. I changed my clothes quickly and then went into my son’s room where both the kids were, and I sat down to try to explain myself. This is hard enough to explain to people with complete vocabularies! Lol.

Just then, my wife walked into the bedroom wearing one of my suits, a dress shirt and tie, and my dress shoes. She said to the kids that what people wear on the outside doesn’t matter but what God cares about is what’s on the inside. My jaw dropped to the floor. It was PERFECT in every way. It was selfless and kind and gracious and loving and supporting, and oh so brilliant. I don’t think it’s possible for someone to love another person as much as I loved her right in that moment

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