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Wow.  Reading thru the replies here it seems like some have missed the point.  This isnt really about ethics, ego, artwork, or how cameras render pictures.  All red herring arguments.  Instead, this is about acceptance!!

Please let me try to help y’all out.  The first thing you need to understand is that CDH isn’t meant to be “just any” c/d site.  Instead, this is a support site.  To help you grow & move forward with your life.  You dont see a therapist to stay in the same place, so…?

If you’re happy & comfortable in the closet more power to ya.  Although it can be a lonesome place.  I was there once too.  We want you to be comfortable & accept yourselves, and be out & proud!  Or at least I do, and I think BillieJay wants the same thing for ya too.  As “the whole you”.  Your feminine side is truly a beautiful thing, a gift, and a part of you, or else you wouldnt be here, right??  But apparently some are in denial, & to me that’s sad…

It takes nothing to conquer in fantasy.  No one said this would be easy, if they did they lied to you!  That’s why we’re here, to help you on your journey…

Fake pix do nothing to further that goal.  Conquering in reality is inspirational!  We don’t actually care if you have a beard, or look like Fred Flintstone in drag.  Instead, we care about you being real.   CDH isnt here to provide a place to share fake pix & fake stories, but to celebrate our victories.  Let’s celebrate our victories, and help others move forward!!

One last thing I’ll say (for now, lol)… recently, one kind soul here complimented me on one of my pix, and asked if it was real.  I’ve never been asked that before, and I suspect I wouldn’t have been if fake pix weren’t a thing.  Sisters, if I could show you a pic of myself from a few years ago you’d probably say, holy ish lol!!  I’ve invested a lot into myself & my life.  This is a source of pride & happiness for me…not ego, but pride & happiness.  And it can be for you too!!  Invest in yourselves…I’m willing to help you if I can ❤

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